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When you think about careers in real estate, you might think about agents and brokers. However, there are many other careers in real estate you can consider, also.

While a residential real estate agent is the most common career found in the industry, it’s not the only one. There are many career options in real estate within the residential side of things and the commercial side.

If you’re considering getting your real estate license or you’re looking to advance your real estate career, you might want to consider these common and unique career choices in real estate below.

Real Estate Careers

21 Top Careers in Real Estate

Residential Real Estate Agent

Becoming a residential real estate agent is the most common career path in real estate. This is a sales position and does require a real estate salesperson license from your state. You will have to complete pre-licensing courses and pass an exam before you can work as a residential real estate agent.

Commercial Real Estate Agent

Another common real estate career is the position as a commercial real estate agent. You will work with those seeking to buy, sell, or lease commercial properties, such as storefronts, office buildings, or restaurant spaces.

Residential Real Estate Appraiser

Maybe you’re not interested in a real estate career that includes sales. As a residential real estate appraiser, you will work with lenders, home buyers, home sellers, and real estate agents when they need an appraisal done for the property. This is known as a private appraiser.

You can also work as a public appraiser and provide an appraised value for a home for tax purposes. This type of appraiser will work for the government.

Commercial Real Estate Appraiser

Another common career in commercial real estate is becoming a commercial appraiser. Like the residential real estate appraiser, the commercial appraiser will provide an assessed value for a property. Typically, you will spend quite a bit of time working with an established appraiser to learn the trade.

Real Estate Broker

A real estate broker is the second level for most entering the residential or commercial sectors of real estate. Most brokers start as agents, and after they get some experience, they become brokers.

A broker will employ agents and build a team of their own. You can become an associate broker working under another broker or a managing broker with your own real estate offices.

Real Estate Clerks

If you’re looking for a common career in real estate that doesn’t require a license, you might be interested in becoming a real estate clerk. You will maintain records and help with the paperwork within a real estate brokerage. You may also handle other administrative duties.

Property Manager

It doesn’t always get included with a list of careers in real estate, but you can enter the industry as a property manager. This position requires you to manage the investment properties of someone else and take care of their investment. In addition, you will collect rent payments, handle maintenance requests, screen tenants, and handle other duties of a landlord.

Real Estate Investor

Some may not consider this a career, but many make a very nice living investing in real estate. Often, real estate investors will get a real estate license to make it easier to flip houses or other types of properties. Sometimes, you will simply be the money behind the deal and let others handle the transaction.

Foreclosure Specialist

A unique position in the real estate industry is a foreclosure specialist. You can help a homeowner restructure their loan when the bank has reclaimed the property due to non-payment. You might also help buyers work through the purchasing process when they want to buy a foreclosed home.

Real Estate Wholesaler

If you’re looking for a career in real estate, giving you the opportunity to make quite a bit of money, you can become a real estate wholesaler. This type of position requires you to wholesale real estate properties, which means you will do the following:

  1. Locate a distressed property with a motivated seller looking to sell fast
  2. Get the property owner to sign your contract and sell the property
  3. Assess the renovation needs of the property and establish an ARV (after-repair value)
  4. Find someone to buy the property

This is not a fix-and-flip strategy. Instead, you are working as the middleman between the owner of the property and the buyer. This is a common option for those without the financial means to get into real estate as an investor. You will need good negotiating skills and the ability to spot distressed properties.

Home Inspector

You can become a licensed home inspector and enter into a career in real estate. Instead of helping people buy or sell a home, you will help them protect their potential purchase by inspecting the home for any issues.

Real Estate Marketing Specialist

Maybe you prefer a career in marketing, but you’re fascinated with the world of real estate. You can become a real estate marketing specialist and help agents and brokers market properties they have for sale. This could include creating digital content, SEO, social media marketing, and more.

A real estate marketing specialist will help make a broker or agent look better and get them plenty of leads. In addition, you will handle all the necessary marketing tasks and strategies for the real estate agent or broker.

Urban Planning

You can work with cities and counties as an urban planner to help improve the environment and the quality of life for people within the area. You will propose changes to accommodate growth within a city and help to offer advice when the city has building projects needing approval.

Corporate Real Estate Manager

Some companies have so much real estate they need someone to manage it. Larger brands with office space or commercial space to lease often higher corporate real estate managers. This is a rather unique career in real estate and not easy to get into, considering there aren’t often many open positions.

Real Estate Developer

If you prefer to buy land and build properties, you might want to become a real estate developer. There are many types of developers out there, including those building neighborhoods, condo buildings, office buildings, and multi-use properties.

You will work with engineers, construction teams, architects, contractors, lawyers, real estate agents, and other professionals when developing properties.

Real Estate Attorney

Those seeking a law degree and looking to work in real estate can become real estate attorneys. You’ll deal with the legal side of real estate, including titles, transfers, documentation, and other legal disputes.

Real Estate Assistant

You won’t need any formal training to become a real estate assistant, making it a good entry-level career for those looking for a career in real estate. Your job will include answering phone calls, helping list properties, handling day-to-day tasks, and more. In addition, brokers and agents rely on assistants to keep their business running smoothly.

Closing Agent

You can work as a licensed closing agent or closing coordinator to handle the financial transaction involved with buying or selling a home. You’ll work to ensure the paperwork has been properly signed and will provide escrow instructions.

Real Estate Consultant

Another career in real estate you can consider is one as a real estate consultant. You will provide advice for investors and companies looking to buy properties. You can get paid quite well for your ability to predict the future of the market and help investors and companies choose good properties to buy.

Loan Officer

As a real estate loan officer, you will be helping buyers get the financing they need when buying a home. You will likely work for a lender or a bank to pre-approve buyers and, ultimately, approve them for the mortgage they need for the home they plan to purchase.

Land Broker

Maybe you prefer working with land, and you want to help buyers find the right land for a home, farm, or another reason. You’ll work to help those seeking rural land find and buy it. You may help find commercial properties or residential properties for buyers, as well.

Is a Career in Real Estate Right for You?

No matter the type of career in real estate you prefer, there are plenty of options. Some careers will require specific training and licensing, while others may not have any requirements whatsoever.

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