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When you’re preparing to take the DAT (Dental Admissions Test), you want to make sure you pass. DAT prep courses online offer a great tool to help ensure you can pass the test the first time. However, if you don’t pass the DAT the first time, you could be delaying your admission to dental school as you will have to wait to retake the test.

There will be nothing to worry about with the right DAT prep course for you. You can pass the DAT and get started on your path to becoming a dentist!

DAT Test Prep Courses

Which DAT Prep Courses are the Best?

Choosing the right prep course isn’t easy, and the top choice might not be right for everybody. However, there are several good options. Let’s look at the top five options to consider when preparing for the DAT.

Top DAT Prep Courses

DAT Bootcamp

A newer choice in the test prep space, DAT Bootcamp offers self-paced studying. It’s a great option for the Dental Admission Test with a high-tech approach and a 100% online-based platform. Gain access to a user-friendly option with plenty of features to help you prepare.

With DAT Bootcamp, you will pay about $500 for the Pro Version. This version offers 60 practice tests and nearly 90,000 practice questions. You will also gain access to many videos for the test’s chemistry, PAT (Perceptual Ability Test), and RC (Reading Comprehension) sections.

DAT Bootcamp offers an app you can use on iOS or Android to help you study anywhere you have a connection. With easy access to the platform and great support, it’s one of the top DAT prep courses available today.

The practice tests are timed, making preparing for the real test easier. Since you will have to answer questions with a time limit, this feature allows you to work on your time management and helps you get used to the stress and pressure of a timed test.

While DAT Bootcamp doesn’t offer the same structure as a live-online course, it does give you a proven study schedule to follow. It’s a great option for those with the discipline to study independently, but you only get access to the course for 90 days with the pro version. After that, you can upgrade for extra materials and a longer time to study.

DAT Bootcamp offers a compressive option with hundreds of videos and thousands of practice questions. It’s the best option for those preferring to study at their own pace and on their own.

The Princeton Review

It’s a more expensive DAT prep course option, but The Princeton Review choice is a great option for those preferring live instruction. You can choose from two live online DAT prep course options from $1,199 to $1,399. If you need private tutoring, it’s available for $167 an hour.

The DAT prep course from The Princeton Review offers a live online format and provides twice-a-week courses for about 2.5 months. You get a total of 55 hours of live online instruction with four practice exams and study materials.

While it’s a more expensive option, if you’re a student in need of live instruction or tutoring, the DAT prep course from The Princeton Review is a great option.

Kaplan Test Prep

Another good option from a recognizable name is from Kaplan. This DAT prep course offers a comprehensive option with practice exams very close to reality. They offer more than 3,500 practice questions with five full-length practice exams to take. Kaplan also gives you smart reports, which will help you see your weaknesses and strengths to help with studying in the future.

The Kaplan DAT prep course offers options to fit different learning styles. For example, you can choose a self-paced on-demand option or a live online option. They even offer private tutoring.

The cost of this prep course will range from $900 to as much as $5000 with private tutoring. There are several options found between these prices to choose from. They also have a self-study bundle with four months of unlimited access for $200.


Another highly-rated DAT prep course to consider is the option from TopScore Pro called TopScoreDAT. This course offers a 12-week online program to allow you to get fully prepared with a live instructor for the DAT. They also offer a 12-week on-demand program that provides access to your mentor.

If you prefer to work with an instructor, this is a great option as it will offer 20 hours of private tutoring, a DAT generator, more than 130 hours of practice, over 3,500 practice questions, a test simulator, and more. TopScore Pro even provides live assistance when you need it.

The personalized scheduling feature helps you choose the right study schedule and keeps you on track. This feature will provide you with the ability to maximize your learning and make sure you’re fully prepared for the DAT exam.

Choose from multiple content formats, including video options, lectures, practice tests, and study guides. You can even contribute to the conversation through student interactions and gain access to a private forum to help get your questions answered.

TopScoreDAT has an on-demand online course for $750 and a live online course for $950. Both of which give access to the 12-week program. However, the on-demand membership does not include private tutoring, live assistant access, end-of-course evaluation, or cycle application assistance. However, it does provide direct communication with your mentor.

DAT Secrets: DAT Destroyer

Maybe you want a little bit of supplemental help, and you want more of a DIY option for studying for the DAT. If so, you can choose the DAT Destroyer program, which isn’t a DAT prep course. Instead, it’s a set of books with what are being called DAT Secrets for those trying to improve their score.

Dr. Jim Romano created this set of books with the main book called DAT Destroyer. It’s $150 for the book, which will provide information about chemistry, biology, quantitative reasoning, and more. You can get the combo packs for another $100 to $150 more, which will give you even more material to help you prepare. The ultimate bundle with all four volumes is $399.

With the set of books, you will have more than 960 practice questions and the explanations to go with them. You can also get additional materials for the math and chemistry sections. DAT Destroyer has received many high reviews online, and it’s an affordable option for those looking to supplement their DIY study materials.

More DAT Prep Courses

A few more honorable mentions for good DAT prep courses include:

There are many great DAT Prep Courses out there. Choosing the right one depends on studying, your budget, and the most needed features.

Why Do You Need a DAT Prep Course?

Most students will need a DAT prep course to prepare for the DAT fully. You must pass the DAT to enroll in dental school once you have completed your undergraduate degree. Without a prep course, you could go into the DAT unprepared and struggle to pass it.

DAT prep courses help give you the study materials you need to pass on the first try. After that, finding the right one for you will make a difference, and each course will be a bit different.

Before choosing the right DAT prep course for you, consider how you learn and study. Do you work at your own pace, and are you better off studying by yourself? Maybe you need an instructor to provide motivation and feedback. There’s an option for any student, but you want to ensure you get the right one for your needs.

Top Features to Look for in DAT Prep Courses

All DAT prep courses are similar but also different. Therefore, you want to consider the features they offer and look for those that match your learning style.

If you prefer to work with an instructor, make sure you choose a prep course offering live online instruction. However, if you prefer to work independently, a self-paced course will probably fit you best.

It’s important to make sure you get practice tests that simulate the real test, too. With the right practice tests, you’ll be in far better shape when you take the DAT.

For most students, making sure the prep course they choose is comprehensive is the most important feature. You don’t want to feel like you have to spend more money to get the supplemental materials you’ll need to study. For example, if you prefer a physical book, choose a course offering a book for you to study from. If you don’t need a book, a course with a PDF or an app might be just fine for you.

It’s also important to make sure the course you choose offers plenty of practice tests and questions. You want to make sure you can see the improvement in your score and pinpoint the areas where you are weak. This will help you to better study and prepare for the DAT.

Of course, getting the right DAT prep course for your budget matters, too. You can find plenty of courses from about $300 to $500. If you prefer live-online courses, you can expect to pay around $1,000 or more. Self-paced options are going to be more budget-friendly.

Frequently Asked Questions About DAT Prep Courses

Is the DAT difficult?

Yes, but the right DAT prep course can make it much easier. The DAT covers a large amount of content, but you can pass the DAT on your first try with the right preparation.

Can I retake the DAT if I fail?

Yes, you get up to three attempts to pass the DAT. You will need to wait 90 days in between attempts, however. If you fail the DAT three times, you will need to get approval from the American Dental Association to take it again.

Make sure you pass the DAT the first time by choosing the right DAT Prep Course. Then, you won’t have to worry about retesting if you’re properly prepared for the test.

How should I study for the DAT?

There are many ways to study for the DAT, but the best option is an online DAT prep course. With this type of prep course, you will study at your pace and find out your weakest areas.

Is a DAT prep course worth it?

For most students, DAT prep courses are well worth every penny spent. It’s a difficult test, and proper preparation makes a big difference. Not only will the right DAT prep course improve your score, but it can also help relieve some of your test anxiety.

When is the best time to take the DAT?

Depending on your schedule and your ability to prepare for the DAT exams, before submitting your dental school application, the best time to take it. It should fit into your schedule, but you will need your DAT score when applying for dental school. Ensure you check with the school you plan to attend and find out when they start accepting applications.

What’s the difference between the PAT and the DAT?

The PAT (Perceptual Ability Test) is a part of the DAT. It’s the second section and often the most challenging for students. The PAT will test your spatial visualization skills, including the ability to interpret both 2D and 3D objects. It’s necessary to answer all 90 questions in this section in one hour or less.

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