AKH CME Review

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When you need continuing education accreditation as a joint provider or you need to take continuing education courses, AKH CME is a great option. They offer many courses and have several accreditations to make it easier for joint providers. Before you make your decision, continue reading our AKH CME review.

AKH Review

What is AKH CME?

AKH Inc. or Advanced Knowledge in Healthcare provides accredited continuing education courses for licensed healthcare professionals in Florida. They have a reputation for providing high-quality programs accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education  (ACCME), the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC), and the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE).

AKH CME offers continuing education for many healthcare professionals including:

They also provide courses for nurse practitioners with accreditation from the American Association of Nurse Practitioners.

When you need continuing education courses, AKH CME is the right choice for you. The high-quality programs offer just what you need to keep your license up-to-date.

AKH CME Review of the Courses Offered

There are many courses offered for different positions. Whether you’re trying to keep your license current as a physician, nurse, dietician, pharmacist, or another healthcare professional job, AKH CME offers the right course for you.

Some of the courses offered include:

You can choose individual courses for $25 or bundles, which often include all the continuing education courses you need to renew your license.

Many of the courses are offered online making it simple to renew your state license. You can learn from anywhere and on any device with the courses offered. When you complete a course with AKH CME, they will report it to the CE Broker.

A Review of the AKH Accreditations

AKH has earned many accreditations for continuing education courses. No matter the type of accreditation you need, AKH has it.

The National Accreditations AKH CME has include:

These accreditations cover a variety of different healthcare professionals.

Along with national accreditations, AKH also has many state accreditations including:

These accreditations and approvals allow AKH to offer state-level courses for continuing education.

AKH also offers several specialty board approvals for their continuing education courses including:

Along with all of these approvals and accreditations, AKH also collaborates with Joint Providers to offer even more continuing education courses through the Maintenance of Certification (MOC) program.

Breaking Down the Courses from AKH by Profession

Before you decide to use AKH for your continuing education, it’s important to see what they offer for your profession. The majority of the courses offered are for physicians, physicians assistants, and nurses. However, they have courses for other healthcare professionals, too.

Courses for Physicians

When you need the right continuing education courses as a physician, AKH offers plenty of options including:

All of these courses offer you the continuing education you need as a physician.

Courses for Physicians Assistants

There are 11 total courses for physicians’ assistants, which include:

There are several options for continuing education for physicians’ assistants.

Courses for Nurses

When you review the courses from AKH for nurses, you will find eight options including:

All of these courses offered by AKH give you the continuing education credits you need as a nurse.

Courses for Nurse Practitioners

If you need the right continuing education courses as a nurse practitioner, AKH offers the following options:

You can get a larger number of continuing education credits with the Florida nurse bundle.

Courses for Pharmacists

There are three continuing education courses this fit for pharmacists, which include:

Courses for Hematologists

There are two courses offered by AKH for hematologists, which include:

Both courses offer a half-hour and they are both free. These courses are also available for Oncologists.

When you need continuing education courses, you will likely need multiple sources. AKH offers a great option for your specific needs as a healthcare professional. They can offer some of the courses you need to fulfill the necessary requirements.

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