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A division of Pearson VUE, MindHub provides various online resources for IT experts and other industry professionals.

The platform partners with publishers to provide virtual study materials, practice exams, and special offers to customers. The goal is to deliver best-of-breed guides for experts seeking IT, professional, or regulatory certifications.

Our MindHub.com review breaks down what the site includes, the features you can expect, and the options you can select.

mindhub Review

What Is MindHub.com?

Pearson first launched MindHub in 2010. Since then, it has been renowned as a leading certification marketplace.

Professionals can browse the site to find official, verified study materials for a wide range of exams and certifications. Key publishing partners include:

Certain online practice tests, such as the MeasureUp Practice Test, come with a special Test-Pass Guarantee.

If customers follow MindHub’s certification preparation method and fail the vendor exam twice within 90 days, then they’ll receive a full refund on the money spent to purchase the practice test.

Now that we’ve covered a brief background of the platform let’s launch into our review of MindHub.com!

What Does MindHub Cover?

MindHub is set up on a per-purchase basis. This means there isn’t a subscription model. Instead, professionals can search for the exam they need to take and access tailored materials from there.

On the site, there are three primary test categories to choose from. These include:

Each category is broken into individual, vendor-specific tests in the drop-down sub-menus. Here are the different ones you can select.

IT Certifications

MindHub allows you to access test prep materials for various IT software vendors. Some of the top ones include:

With these materials, you can grow your skill set, learn more about each exam, and gauge the type of questions that you can expect.

Professional Certifications

In addition to software-specific vendor certifications, customers can also access a variety of industry-related professional certifications. This list is much shorter and includes:

These materials can be books, videos, or digital exam guides.

Regulatory Certifications

Some industries require employees to attend continuing education or fulfill professional development hours (PDF) to maintain their position and standing.

Then, others require a passing grade on regulatory exams. The insurance industry is one of them.

You can prepare for these tests at MindHub, with study materials that cover:

What Do You Get With MindHub?

Once you’ve chosen the sector that applies to you, what type of materials can you expect to receive from MindHub?

In short, the answer depends on how much you want to spend. There are many different types of content available through the platform, including:

Why use MindHub.com? Let’s look at each of the content types in greater detail, so you know what to expect.

Textbooks and E-Books

Textbooks and e-books tend to be similarly priced on MindHub. Textbooks are physical products, while e-books are only digital downloads. These can help future students learn more about the given subject and prepare for the common themes of each exam.

For instance, customers seeking to learn more about Adobe Acrobat X Pro can purchase the basic instructor’s edition textbook on this platform. Within those pages, they’ll discover important information, including:

Practice Tests

Conversely, practice tests appear to be more comprehensive. Unfortunately, they’re also slightly more expensive and usually geared exclusively toward exam prep.

Take the Adobe illustrator Exam practice test, for instance.

Within this program, customers will find many different resources geared toward helping them pass the 9A0-333: Adobe Illustrator CS6 ACE exam and the 9A0-358: Adobe Illustrator CC ACE exam.

These materials include more than 150 online exam prep questions that simulate the real exam.


Research shows that around 65% of people are visual learners. So if you’d rather watch someone explain a concept than read about it, then this applies to you.

MindHub offers the option to purchase instructional videos that explain key concepts covered during professional exams.

For example, the video for the Windows 10 Exam MD-100 includes eight hours of video instruction. In addition, this exam is one of a few that are required to achieve the Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate certification.

Each self-paced video on the platform is engaging and informative, led by certified trainers and experts in the space.

Online Courses

Would you rather participate in an online course than browse through disparate study materials?

While these courses can be much more pricey than study guides or practice tests, they also offer an in-depth look at the information you need to know.

For instance, if you’re training to become an Oracle Database SQL Expert, then MindHub has an online course just for you. Like the videos, these courses are also self-paced, led by certified experts in their field.

Special Offers

MindHub knows that customers need access to high-quality, relevant study materials to pursue their professional certifications.

However, they also understand the value of being budget-conscious. As such, there’s an entire section in the left side menu that only displays sale items, calling them “Special Offers.”

Here, you’ll find discounts off the list price. These offers cover a range of categories, including e-books, textbooks, and e-learning practice tests.

Exam Vouchers

Professional exams might be a requisite, but there’s no denying that they can be hard on your pockets. This is especially the case if you’re still searching for a solid test prep site, like MindHub.

If you’re looking to save a little money off the list price of an exam, then this platform is a smart place to start. The site also offers exam vouchers, often at less than you’d pay up-front at a testing center.

A great example is MindHub’s Microsoft Exam Replay.

This package includes one Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) certification exam voucher for one low price. The price also covers one test retake, if necessary.

All test vouchers are non-transferable and non-refundable. They all expire 12 months after your purchase. You can use them at any Pearson VUE Authorized Test Center in your county, or you can use them to cover an online-proctored exam.

Price-Match Guarantee

One standout feature of MindHub is the platform’s advertised Price Match Guarantee.

Put simply, this means that if you find a lower price on any study/exam prep material that MindHub offers, then they will match that deal. This covers both online websites as well as in-person retail stores.

Once you initiate a price-match request, you’ll need to prove that the lower price is still effective. Then, note that you want MindHub to meet that price and submit the claim!

From there, a customer service representative will review the request. If they verify it, you’ll be refunded the difference (including tax) shortly after.

Online Reviews

Technical features aside, how is MindHub.com, and which parts do users like the most?

To check out what other people were saying about MindHub, we went right to the source: MindHub’s Google My Business profile. Though there were only a few commentators, it was easy to discern a common theme.

A few of the features that past customers appreciate the most about the MindHub platform include:

While online reviews are personal, they can shed light on what a company does right, as well as what it doesn’t. Recent research shows that 84% of people trust virtual feedback as much as personal recommendations from friends and family members.

Take the time to read these reviews and make sure they align with your expectations.

MindHub.com Review: The Final Synopsis

In a sea of professional resources, it can be difficult to find exam prep material you can trust.

After a thorough MindHub.com review, it appears as though this platform fits the bill. However, its credibility lies in the fact that it does not publish or provide its own set of proprietary study materials.

Rather, it partners with industry-leading publishers to give customers access to high-quality, vetted practice tests, e-learning courses, physical textbooks, and more.

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