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Launched as a one-on-one SAT/ACT tutoring platform in 2021, Preply has become a top choice for language learning and more. Many students have posted their Preply review to ensure other potential customers understand what to expect. Whether you’re considering becoming a teacher for Preply or a student, the following review of Preply will help you better understand what you’re getting into. Review

How Preply Works for Students

A platform created to provide one-on-one tutoring and lessons for students needing this type of attention, Preply offers plenty of options. You can search the platform by price, topic, where the tutor is from, and the tutor’s availability. Your search can even go more specific, making it easy to narrow down the type of tutor you want.

Preply offers language learning for students in many different forms. You can learn conversational language, get a tutor for beginners, learn business language and even get the right test prep materials to help. For example, if you want to learn English, you can choose from:

You can even get a tutor based on the type of English accent, such as British English or American English.

Maybe you’re trying to prepare for one of the many tests, such as the ESOL, IELTS, or the TOEFL. Tutors on Preply offer one-on-one help when you’re preparing for this type of test. They even offer tutoring for those with learning disabilities.

As you search for the right tutor, you can find a native speaker of the language using the right checkbox. This means you’ll get someone that speaks the language as their first language instead of someone that may have learned it in school.

When it comes to the Preply review of the search functions for the student, the platform is very user-friendly and makes it very easy to narrow down your search. It’s a very good option for students, and finding the right tutor for your specific needs is rather easy.

Preply Language Learning & Test Prep

Over 100k students each month choose Preply. Now it's your turn to achieve your learning goals! Learn online with the perfect tutor for you.

  • 49,000+ Expert Tutors
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Review the Tutor Profiles

After you’ve completed your search, you’ll want to check out the profile of the tutor you’re considering. Each profile will include the following information:

An about section for the tutor, which may give you information about the tutor and their expertise.

It’s possible to book a trial lesson from any of the tutors after you’ve reviewed the profile.

Overall, the tutor profiles are a great tool for students to choose the right tutor for their needs. Once you find a tutor you’re interested in working with, you can book a trial lesson for a small fee and pay with a major credit card or with PayPal.

Tutors Available on Preply

Preply offer tutors for many different languages, including:

Preply offers tutors for 24 languages currently, and many of the different categories offer more than 1,000 tutors to choose from.

Preply tutors are experts with verified profiles, and they offer affordable pricing options. You can learn a new language to advance your career, travel, or for any other reason.

Along with finding a tutor on Preply, you can also place a request for a tutor and let them find you. This request can fit a specific language, and you can list your requirements, along with the price range you are willing to pay.

Preply Language Learning & Test Prep

Over 100k students each month choose Preply. Now it's your turn to achieve your learning goals! Learn online with the perfect tutor for you.

  • 49,000+ Expert Tutors
  • 24 Languages
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
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How Preply Works for Tutors

Maybe you’re interested in helping students learn a new language, and you’re an expert in your native language. If so, you can find new students and grow your tutoring business with Preply. Some of the information you will need to provide includes:

After you go through the verification process, you can wait for students to find you or you can look for students requesting a tutor in your language category. For tutors, Preply works very well to give you another way to find students. It may be a great choice to add to your business and give you a way to connect with students rather easily.

Preply for Tutors

Comparing Preply with Italki & Other Platforms

Preply isn’t the only language learning platform available. This is a pretty competitive space, and another top choice is called Italki. Comparing the two, it’s easy to see the main difference is the cost.

The cost won’t be much different for students, but you will always give up the small fee for the first trial lesson booked by a student for tutors. Then, the commissions are based on the number of hours you’ve put in and end up as low as 18% once you put in 400+ hours of tutoring. It can be as high a 33% if you have less than 20 hours of tutoring done with Preply.

Italki, on the other hand, takes a 15% commission, no matter the number of hours. Another platform called Verbling also takes a 15% flat commission.

Preply is still a good option for tutors as they are a larger platform with more students joining than other platforms offer. Students won’t get much of a different experience from one platform to another. However, Preply does seem to have more tutors for some languages than other platforms offer.

Top Benefits of Using Preply

The benefits found in any Preply review will depend on whether the review is from a student or a tutor. Let’s look at the benefits of each.

Benefits for Tutors

Benefits for Students

Of course, not everything about Preply is perfect. There are cons for students and teachers, as well. For students, you have to buy a bulk package instead of one class at a time, and your credits will disappear if you don’t use them within a year.

Tutors will lose the entire trial lesson, which is an hour you won’t be paid for. The commission structure is also higher than others, and you may need to market yourself some to gain students on Preply.

Frequently Asked Questions About Preply

Does Preply offer more than language learning?

While Preply specializes in language learning, they also offer tutors for Math, Algebra, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and other subjects.

How hard is it to learn a new language?

The difficulty of learning a new language depends on what type of language you’re learning and how new you are to the language. It will take 600 to 750 hours of lessons and practice to become fluent in a new language for most students. This doesn’t mean you need hundreds of tutoring hours, but you do need a combination of an online tutor and self-practice hours if you want to become fluent.

How much does it cost to hire a tutor from Preply?

The cost of hiring a tutor on Preply will depend on the language you want to learn, along with the actual tutor. The average cost for a one-hour English lesson is $16, while the top tutors will charge as much as $80 per hour. Some tutors charge as little as $2 per hour on Preply.

What time of the day and which days of the week are tutors available on Preply?

Tutors set their schedule on Preply. It’s possible to find a tutor any day of the week and any time of the day. Some tutors may be in a different time zone than you, and you should always check the schedule of your chosen tutor to make sure it will work for you.

The Final Verdict About Preply

When you start looking at Preply reviews from students, they tend to be very happy with the platform. Of course, the tutors have their reviews, which vary from one tutor or another. Reviews from tutors are mostly good, but not all tutors have been happy working with Preply.

When you’re looking for a great option to learn a new language, whether for work, traveling, or any other reason, Preply is a great option. The platform is very user-friendly and offers many benefits for both students and tutors.

Preply Language Learning & Test Prep

Over 100k students each month choose Preply. Now it's your turn to achieve your learning goals! Learn online with the perfect tutor for you.

  • 49,000+ Expert Tutors
  • 24 Languages
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
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