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It’s rather exciting to get behind the wheel of a car and gain the freedom of being able to go where you want when you want. With the right Arizona driver’s ed program, you can get your driver’s license and gain the freedom you desire.

Arizona Drivers Ed

When you’re not familiar with the traffic laws or how to handle unexpected situations on the road, you could be at risk of getting into an accident. With an Arizona driver’s education program, you can learn everything you need to drive safely on the roads in Arizona. Whether you’re a teenager or an adult, getting your driver’s license in Arizona starts with the right driver’s education course.

Requirements to Get a Driver’s Permit in Arizona

When you turn 15 years and six months old, you will be able to begin the process of gaining your Arizona driver’s license. You will be able to apply for a driver’s permit at this age. You will need to pass a vision test and a driving permit test to get your permit.

It’s not required to take an Arizona driver’s ed course before taking the test for your permit. When you pass the permit test, you will be able to practice driving with a licensed adult over the age of 21.

Getting Your Class G Driver’s License or GDL in Arizona

After getting your driver’s permit, the next step is to get your GDL or Graduated Driver’s License in Arizona. You must be over the age of 16 but under 18 to apply for an Arizona GDL. It’s also necessary to have held a driver’s permit for at least six months, and you will need to submit proof that you’ve completed an Arizona driver’s ed course or you have fulfilled the behind-the-wheel requirements.

The behind-the-wheel requirements include 30 hours of supervised driving with 10 hours done at night. It’s necessary to have a parent or guardian certify these hours before applying for your GDL in Arizona. With a driver’s education course, you won’t need to worry about the supervised driving portion, as it will be completed within the course.

Types of Drivers Education Courses in Arizona

There are multiple types of driver’s education courses in Arizona, which can be used for different reasons. The most common types of Arizona driver’s ed courses are meant for teenage drivers. You can take driver’s education from a professional driver education school, a certified public high school driver education program, or even from an online Arizona driver’s ed course.

The online driver’s education course in Arizona will be the least expensive and will allow you to work at your own pace. You can prepare for the MVD test to earn your license by using one of the online driver’s education courses approved in the state of Arizona. Most online courses also include practice permit tests to ensure you’re prepared to pass your exam the first time.

While it’s not required to take an online Arizona driver’s education course, this type, of course, can help you to learn the necessary information more quickly. Through multimedia teaching techniques, you can better learn and retain the information necessary to pass the written exam the first time. Since you only have three attempts to pass the exam in 12 months before you have to pay another application fee, you want to make sure you pass the test the first time.

Adult driver’s ed courses in Arizona are another option for those looking to drive safely and get a discount on their insurance. With this type of course, you will learn the rules of the road and defensive driving techniques to help you become a safer driver.

An online Arizona driver’s ed course for adults can offer a very cheap way to ensure you get the right education to earn your license or become a better driver. Whether you’re an adult trying to earn your license for the first time or you want to earn an insurance discount by becoming a better driver, this type of online driver’s education course in Arizona is a great option.

Top 4 Benefits of an Arizona Driver’s Ed Course

1. Learn Important Safe Driving Skills

Teenage drivers need to learn the most important driving skills to remain safe on the roads. When you take an Arizona driver’s ed course, you can learn the right skills to avoid unsafe driving situations, along with the necessary information to become a safer driver.

2. Learn from Qualified, Experienced Instructors

Even with an online driver’s education course in Arizona, you will learn from the most qualified and experienced instructors you can find. There are plenty of great online Arizona driver’s ed courses to choose from, and they all offer experienced instructors ready to teach teenage drivers safety on the road.

3. Earn your Graduated Driver’s License

If you want to earn your GDL in Arizona, you will need to take an Arizona driver’s ed course. This is a great way to fulfill the requirement to get your GDL and gain the freedom that comes with it.

4. Convenience with an Online Course

Taking an online defensive driving course has the benefit of logging in and out at your convenience, allowing your progress to be saved until you decide to continue the lessons. Once you complete the course, your certificate will be sent by the online school to the state to dismiss your ticket.

Traffic School in Arizona vs. Arizona Driver’s Ed

Traffic school and Arizona driver’s ed are not the same things. Driver’s education is meant for new drivers, while traffic school in Arizona is used to remove points from one’s driver’s license after a traffic violation. With driver’s education in Arizona, you will be preparing for the necessary tests to gain your driver’s license.

Frequently Asked Questions About Arizona Driver’s Ed

Who can take an Arizona driver’s ed course?

The state of Arizona doesn’t make driver’s education mandatory. It’s an optional choice as a part of the graduated driver’s license program or GDL program. If you wish to apply for a GDL, you’ll need to take an Arizona driver’s education course.

What does an Arizona driver’s education course teach you?

When you complete an approved driver’s education program in Arizona, you will learn all of the following:

An Arizona driver’s ed course can also be used for personal driving improvement. However, if you’re trying to gain a GDL, make sure to choose a state-approved course.

How much does a driver’s education course in Arizona cost?

When you start looking for an Arizona driver’s ed program, you will find several different prices. Some courses are offered online and may come at a lower cost but might not offer any type of driving instruction in an actual vehicle. The cost for driver’s education in Arizona can range from about $200 to $600 for in-person classes.

Some online courses are more affordable and even offer free online practice tests and prep for the written exam.

Do I need to attend Arizona driver’s education if you just moved to Arizona?

If you moved from another state and you already have a driver’s license issued in that state, you don’t need to attend Arizona driver’s ed to get a license in Arizona. However, if you need to go to one of the proper locations within the state to get your new driver’s license, you will need to complete the eye test.

How do you enroll in a driver’s education course in Arizona?

There are several ways to enroll in an Arizona driver’s ed course. If you plan to take it online, you can enroll in just a few minutes. You can also enroll through a teen driving class offered at a local public high school. The final option includes enrolling through a private driving school within the state.

How long will my Arizona driver’s ed course take?

The classroom version of Arizona’s driver’s education course requires 30 hours in a classroom and six hours behind-the-wheel instruction. Online courses can vary a bit with most about 15 hours long to prepare you for the written test.

When you’re ready to earn your Arizona driver’s license, there are several paths you can take. An online course offers allows you to work at your pace as you prepare for the exam. Getting your GDL doesn’t have to be so difficult, and you don’t have to feel like sitting in a classroom is your option.

There are several good online Arizona driver’s ed courses you can choose from. With the right course, you can work at your own pace from anywhere.

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