Bar Prep Hero Review: Real Bar Prep with Real NCBE© Exam Questions!

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Passing the bar exam isn’t easy. If you want to avoid retaking the bar exam in six months, find the right prep course. For either the Multistate Bar Exam (MBE) or the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE), Bar Prep Hero Premium may be the key. Our Bar Prep Hero review breaks down one of the top-rated courses for bar exam prep. Review

What is Bar Prep Hero?

Bar Prep Hero started in 2012 as a free online MBE practice test platform. As the program grew, it expanded into a full bar prep program with plenty of materials to help soon-to-be lawyers prepare for the MBE and the UBE.

The Bar Prep Hero staff includes many attorneys. These attorneys have helped design the prep materials to ensure you have the best program to pass your bar exam.

More than 300,000 professionals have used Bar Prep Hero before taking the bar exam. Several options are available in 35 different states and the District of Columbia. Most students preparing to take the bar exam will benefit from the extensive library of content they offer.

What Do You Get with Bar Prep Hero?

Premium offers plenty of tools to help you prepare. Here are the materials you will get when you choose this program.

NCBE Licensed Questions

The NCBE or National Conference of Bar Examiners creates questions for bar exams. When you choose the Bar Prep Hero program, you will gain access to test questions created by the NCBE. This unique insight gives you an excellent option for preparing for the bar exam.

Simulated MBE Questions

Along with the NCBE questions, you will also get hundreds of simulated MBE questions. Legal experts write these questions to help provide a more authentic test experience. Each question also includes a detailed reason for the answer, along with hints.

Essay Analysis

While Bar Prep Hero offers plenty of questions to help you with preparation, the program will also help with essay writing. You will receive essay questions from previous exams, along with an analysis. This gives you plenty of essay discussion and answers to use for preparation.

Custom Exam Simulations

The practice exams are easily customizable to fit what you need. Whether you’re struggling with one specific area or you need to study multiple areas, the tests can be customized to suit your study needs.

As you go through the exams provided, any questions you miss will be added to your challenge bank. This helps to sharpen your knowledge in areas where you’re struggling.

What’s Included in the UBE Premium Course?

For a bit of a better understanding of what you get with Premium, let’s review what you get with the UBE Premium Course:

The UBE Premium Course covers all seven of the MBE topics including:

You will be able to complete realistic practice tests and gain instant feedback. Once you feel confident, you can take the MBE exam simulated test and determine your passing probability before registering for the real bar exam.

Who is Bar Prep Hero For?

Just about anybody preparing for the bar exam will love the Bar Prep Hero courses. You probably know how you study best since you went through law school. If you prefer to choose your study pace and time, Bar Prep Hero is an excellent choice for you. However, if you like the classroom setting, it probably isn’t the right option for you.

Students looking to gain control and use officially licensed content will enjoy using Bar Prep Hero. It’s a great option for those seeking to customize study materials to fit their specific needs. Independent learners will get the most out of Bar Prep Hero, but even students that prefer to study in groups can find this preparation course helpful.

Those seeking a program providing plenty of practice questions and repetition will like Bar Prep Hero.

Bar Prep Hero is for anybody in a UBE jurisdiction planning to take the bar exam. It’s also for those seeking to study with MBE prep for a state-specific exam.

Bar Prep Hero Review: Pros & Cons

If you’re still unsure if Bar Prep Hero is for you, a review of the pros and cons might help.



While there are a few cons, most students will love using Bar Prep Hero. It’s available to be used online with a computer or mobile device, making it possible to study anywhere you get an internet connection.

Bar Prep Hero Review of Pricing

There are three different programs you can use for Bar Prep Hero.

The Sim MBE – $99

If you just have a few days to prepare, this is the right course for you. It includes the following:

You gain access to this program for one year and it will help you create a solid foundation before taking the bar exam.

The Full MBE – $299

Covering all the 2,225 MBE questions, The Full MBE provides the right tool for preparing for the MBE only. You will receive all of the following with this course:

This course comes with lifetime access and a pass guarantee.

The Full Bar – $449

Bar Prep Hero’s best course, the full bar provides everything you need for the MBE, MPT, and MEE. You get all of the following:

The Full Bar course comes with lifetime access and the pass guarantee, too.

All three courses include voiceover mode, night mode, the challenge bank, realistic exam room ambient sound effects, and answer popularity.

When compared to other programs, Bar Prep Hero is much more affordable. Some bar exam prep courses cost thousands of dollars and don’t even include real MBE practice questions.

How does Bar Prep Hero Compare

Barbri and Kaplan Bar Review are two of the biggest competitors offering bar preparation programs. Let’s review a few categories to see how Bar Prep Hero stacks up.


With Bar Prep Hero, you get lifetime access, except with The Sim Bar. This program still gives you one-year access.

Barbri offers three months of online access for students, while Kaplan Bar Review gives students four months.

Winner: Bar Prep Hero

Real MBE Practice Questions

Bar Prep Hero is the only program of the three offering real MBE practice questions. They provide over 1,700 officially licensed MBE questions coming from past bar exams.

Winner: Bar Prep Hero

Simulated MBE Practice Questions

Bar Prep Hero offers more than 500 simulated MBE practice questions for students. Barbie offers 2,000 and Kaplan Bar Review offers 4,000. Part of the reason both of these competitors offer more simulated MBE practice questions is that neither offer any real MBE practice questions.

Winner: Kaplan Bar Review

Online Flashcards

Bar Prep Hero is the only program of the three offering online flashcards. You get more than 1,800 flashcards for studying, no matter the course you choose.

Winner: Bar Prep Hero


Bar Prep Hero courses range from $99 to $449. If you choose Barbri, you will spend $3,995, while Kaplan Bar Review costs $2,574. Bar Prep Hero also doesn’t have any additional costs like the other two programs.

Barbri charges a $250 registration fee, a $250 materials deposit, a shipping charge, and a late enrollment charge. Kaplan Law Review charges a $275 materials deposit and a shipping charge. If you want an Online MBE Exam Simulator from Kaplan Bar Review, it will cost an additional $449. Bar Prep Hero includes the simulator at no extra cost.

Winner: Bar Prep Hero

Bar Prep Hero also offers a few things neither Barbri nor Kaplan Bar Review offer including:

Money-Back Guarantee (Kaplan Bar Review does offer a money-back or free retake, and Barbri offers a free retake.)

If you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars and you’re okay with preparing for the bar exam online, Bar Prep Hero is the right choice. It comes in at a fraction of the cost and delivers more officially licensed content for those preparing to take the bar exam.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a passing guarantee with Bar Prep Hero?

Yes. A pass guarantee comes with The Full MBE and The Full Bar courses. If you have completed all the practice tests and cannot pass the bar exam, you will be issued a full refund.

How long do I get access to Bar Prep Hero?

The Sim Bar offers one-year online access, while both of the other Bar Prep Hero courses provide lifetime access to the content.

Can I use the materials on my mobile device?

Yes. You will have seamless access for both desktop and mobile. You can switch between the two without losing your progress, making it very easy to study on the go anywhere you can get an internet connection.

Will I get any accessibility features with Bar Prep Hero?

Yes. You gain access to VoiceOver, which allows you to have the questions read to you and the answers explained. If you prefer to study with someone reading to you, this feature makes it possible.

You will also get night mode, which helps to reduce eye strain when studying at night. Bar Prep Hero even gives you features to simulate what the background noise will sound like on test day. You’ll hear pencil scraping, paper rustling, and other background noise you might hear on test day.

Is Bar Prep Hero good for non-UBE Jurisdictions?

Yes. Bar Prep Hero offers materials for the MBE, which means it can be helpful in any jurisdiction. However, it’s important to note, if you’re in a non-UBE jurisdiction, you may not get materials to cover state-specific subjects for your area.

What percentage of content available from Bar Prep Hero coming from past exams?

The percentage is hard to nail down, but with Premium you have access to over 1,700 real MBE questions licensed from the NCBE. For those who don’t know, NCBE is the organization that writes every bar exam question. Students gain a unique insight into what the test will include with past questions, plus over 500 simulated MBE questions to make preparations much easier.

Bar Prep Hero Review & Final Recommendation

If you’re getting ready to take the bar exam, it’s time to prepare. This can be a daunting task, and many fail the bar exam the first time, forcing them to wait six months or longer for the next offering. Don’t fail the exam the first time.

Instead, use Bar Prep Hero to get prepared with official questions and materials. It’s worth every penny you will spend and comes in at a much lower cost than most other bar preparation courses.

If you’re looking for structured lectures in a classroom setting, Bar Prep Hero isn’t for you. However, if you’re seeking a proven course used by thousands of students to pass the bar exam on the first try, Bar Prep Hero is the answer you seek.

With the right preparation, you can go into the bar exam with confidence. You’ll be able to pass the first time, which will save you time, money, and anxiety. Get Bar Prep Hero today and start preparing the right way for the bar exam.

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