iNLP Center Review: Becoming a Life Coach

By Jordan Fabel •  Updated: December 10, 2021  •  5 min read  •  Mental Health
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The iNLP Center programs are some of the top options for becoming a life coach. If you believe this is your career path, reading our iNLP Center review is a good place to start.


What is the iNLP Center Exactly?

Understanding what the iNLP Center offers is the first step in determining if it’s right for you. The iNLP Center certifies NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) practitioners and life coaches. They use grounded, real-world applications to train future life coaches in a Zoom classroom setting.

The iNLP Center was founded by Mike Bundrant and his wife, Hope Bundrant, in 2011. Mike had been a part of the NLP industry for more than a decade before opening the Center. The staff of the iNLP Center provides more than 127 years of combined experience in personal development, NLP, and life coaching.

The International Coach Federation accredits the Center. This is the highest standard for life coaching programs. It’s also approved by the International NLP Association and the International Association of Professional Life Coaches. In addition, the State of California Board of Behavioral Sciences has also approved the iNLP Center and other organizations.

Hundreds of students are trained through the iNLP Center every year. They serve more than 70 countries and have been known as one of the top options for life coaches for more than ten years.

Training Programs from the iNLP Center

The iNLP Center offers many ICF-approved (International Coach Federation) coach training programs. In addition, they also offer Approved Coach Specific Training Hours and the necessary Continuing Coach Education.

Several other programs are offered for supplementing your training, such as the Neuro-Linguistic Programming perspective. All programs provide lifetime access, and all programs are offered completely online.

It may be possible to coach clients without ICF credentials; you’ll find the credentials make it easier for clients to trust you.

Review of the ICF-Accredited Training Programs

The iNLP Center offers several ICF-accredited training programs. The programs offered include:

Courses start at $499 and go up to $3,200. Each ICF-accredited training program offers the ability to gain the knowledge you need to be a life coach.

Supplemental Training Programs Review

Choose from many of the different supplemental training programs from the iNLP Center. These programs include:

There are many training options from the iNLP Center. Many customers have provided high reviews of the iNLP Center and its many training options.

3 Top Benefits of the iNLP Center Programs

1. Convenient and Flexible

It’s easy to work through the material with all the iNLP Center programs found online. Some of the programs are even self-paced, allowing you to complete the work on your schedule. It’s very convenient to work with the iNLP Center.

Along with convenience, these training programs are flexible. You can work from anywhere with an internet connection. Most programs also include live training sessions and the materials never expire.

2. Affordable

Other online learning programs can be more expensive than the iNLP Center programs. However, since these are virtual classroom training programs, the cost is much lower than in-person programs.

3. Earn Certification

With all the training from the iNLP Center being third-party accredited, you can earn certifications. Many of the programs are also ICF compliant, which means you can apply the hours to coaching certifications upon completion.

Is the iNLP Center Right for You?

Choosing the iNLP Center for your life coaching and NLP training offers many options. Reviews of the iNLP Center are mostly positive from past students. It’s a great choice if you’re looking to become a life coach or NLP.

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