Lambda School Review

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When you start looking for a coding school, you might read many Lambda School reviews. This school is known as an online coding bootcamp. They are also a tech education provider with a few very good programs.

The one big difference between Lambda School and other coding schools is the way they charge you. you don’t pay tuition until you land a job with a salary of at least $50K per year. While this might sound great, it’s necessary to read our Lambda School review before you make a decision on a coding school.

Lambda School Review

Pros & Cons of Lambda School Reviewed

With any school, there are pros and cons to the Lambda School. If you’re considering this school as your coding option, look at these pros and cons first.



While the school certainly isn’t perfect, for many students, the pros will outweigh the cons.

A Review of the Lambda School Courses

Lambda offers several different courses to choose from. Many are very intensive but can be well worth it when you finish. Here’s our review of the Lambda school courses.

Data Science

This course is an intensive six-month course held online. It’s a great option if you want a career in predictive modeling and applied statistics. Some of the topics you will study in the data science course include:

You will start with the Lambda Launce & Precourse Work, which is a required orientation. Once this is done, you will go through the following curriculum:

After you complete the program, you will go into searching for a job with ongoing support from a career coach. A total of 77% of the data science graduate in 2019 were hired with 94% hired within 180 days of graduation.

The class schedule for this program is rather intense. You will spend about 40 hours a week working on projects and receiving instruction. Daily projects will be due at midnight PST, along with daily warm-ups due at 9am PST.

Full Stack Web Development

If you’re interested in becoming a web developer, the full stack web development program offers a great option for you. Throughout this six-month program, you will study the following:

Your program will also include learning how to develop webs servers and understanding the fundamentals of computer science.

The curriculum for the Full Stack Web Development program includes:

After graduating, you will receive one-on-one mentorship from a career coach. This will help you land a job faster and easier as a web developer.

Backend Development

Becoming a backend developer will allow you to work in software engineering. The backend development course is a nine-month online course. It’s one of the most rigorous you will find and you will study the following:

You will also go through interview preparation within this program. The curriculum includes:

The final section, Labs, will have you participating in the in-house apprenticeship program. This will give you the ability to build a real-world project working on a small team.

Intro to HTML & CSS (Free Course)

You can get started with Lambda School with this free course. It’s a very basic course, but a great way to see if you’re interested in a career as a web developer. The Intro to HTML & CSS course includes an overview module, along with seven modules for HTML and seven for CSS. You will complete this free course with a personal website project.

Enjoy guided video lectures and a few questions with each module to help make sure you understood the lesson.

Web3 Development (Coming Soon)

Maybe you want to go into a career in blockchain. This is one of the fastest-growing areas with the explosion of cryptocurrency. Becoming a Web3 Developer might be the perfect option for you. While the Lambda School doesn’t offer this program yet, it’s coming very soon.

This program, when released, will teach you the following:

The program design is being finalized. Lambda School expects to release this program in late 2021 or early in 2022.

How Tuition Works with Lambda School

This is one of the biggest differences compared to other coding bootcamps and schools. Lambda School uses deferred tuition. This means you don’t have to pay a dime until you have a job. Your tuition is also based on your starting salary and capped at $30K.

The tuition is based on 17% of your monthly income, once you land a job. It’s known as an Income Shared Agreement and you will make a total of 24 monthly payments.

For example, if you graduate and your starting salary will be $65K per year, you pay $921 per month towards your tuition for 24 months. This will put you at a total of $22,100 in tuition.

You can also pay upfront tuition if you prefer. Full tuition paid upfront in California, Washington D.C., Texas, and Georgia is $30,000. All other states and international students will pay $15,000 in tuition, upfront. Along with paying upfront, you can choose to pay in three installments.

Career Resources Offered by Lambda School

Another thing that makes Lambda very unique is the resources they provide to help you get hired. If you defer tuition, they have quite a bit at stake when it comes to helping you find a great career.

Lambda offers three main resources to help you find the right job including:

These career resources help Lambda achieve a very high placement rate.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Lambda School

Is it difficult to get into the Lambda School?

Yes, the admission process is rather rigorous. You will need to meet the following requirements before you apply:

Along with these basic requirements, you will also need to complete an application and pass the entrance test. The entrance tests include the Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test (CCAT) and a Skills Challenge for your program.

Once you’re accepted, you will need to complete orientation and any precourse work before your program begins.

Will I earn a degree with Lambda School?

No, Lambda School is not accredited and doesn’t provide a degree when you graduate. You will also have no credits you can transfer to another school.

However, the courses will focus on providing you with the skills you need for your career. You will learn real-world skills you can use immediately after graduation.

Lambda School gives you an alternative to paying for a four-year degree. You can pay less and take up less time training to get into a career compared to getting an associate or bachelor’s degree.

Will I be a good fit for Lambda School?

The best type of students for Lambda School are those with the ability to fully commit to the curriculum. It’s an intensive type of training and can be difficult for some types of students. However, if you have a commitment to learning, it’s a great way to gain the skills you need faster than traditional schooling.

Lambda School offers plenty of benefits for the right students. If you’re looking to enter a career as a web developer or in data science, it might be the perfect choice for you.

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