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If you’re looking for a top test prep option for the CPA, Becker CPA is one of the best choices you will find. This Becker CPA review will introduce you to many of the features and what you will get with their test prep course.

Before we get into what the packages include, it’s important to understand one of the most important facts. Students using the Becker CPA exam prep course passed at a rate of 94%. This is a very high pass rate for such a difficult exam.

When you start comparing CPA exam prep options, you will likely find out that Becker is known as a leader in this space. The course is endorsed by some of the top accounting firms and universities in the country. Let’s look a bit closer at what Becker has to offer when it comes to CPA exam prep.

Becker Review

A Review of the Pros & Cons of Becker CPA Exam Prep

Just like with anything, there are pros and cons to Becker. Before you make your test prep decision, you should know what you’re getting and what you might not be getting.

Becker CPA Pros

Becker CPA Cons

It’s pretty easy to see that the Becker CPA test prep course offers plenty of benefits with very few disadvantages. For most students, it will provide a top option for test prep. However, students looking for audio courses may not find what they are looking for.

Complete Becker CPA Review of the Course Details

There are three packages you can choose from with different pricing levels. Each package is a little bit different. The three packages include the following:

The Pro package gives you all you get in the Premium package, along with Virtual LiveOnline classroom scheduling options, a final review, up to five one-hour tutoring sessions, and more. This is the best package offered by Becker CPA and it’s the same price as the lowest package. The big difference is the size of the monthly payment.

If you prefer live, online classes, the Pro Package is the only option offering them. Along with the many additional benefits, you will also get the following:

You can even try this package before committing to it. Becker CPA Review offers a 14-day demo with 31 hours of lecture content, nearly 1,500 multiple choice questions, 100 TBS questions and so much more.

All packages offer customized coursework with award-winning AI technology. The Adapt2U Technology from Becker will assess your skill level and knowledge level. Then, it will personalize review sessions to ensure you get the help you need. All packages even come with unlimited and personalized practice tests.

Other Options Offered by Becker

Becker also offers many other products for the CPA exam outside of the main review packages. Let’s look at the other options you can choose from.

Becker Single Part Audit Exam Review Packages

If you don’t want to get a full Becker CPA Review package, you can get a single part Audit Exam Review instead. These exam review options all come with 24 months of access. You can choose the part of the CPA exam you need and the cost is $799 per part or as low as $66.58 per month.

Becker Final Review Courses

Becker also offers final review courses you can use. These courses are more affordable at $199 per part with 24 months of access. You can get all four final review courses for $599 or as low as $49.91 per month.

The final review courses are condensed review options you can use if time is limited or you have a smaller budget. These CPA exam prep materials are very helpful with lectures, simulations, and multiple-choice questions to help you prepare.

If you choose Becker Final Review, you will gain access to more than 38 hours of video lectures with all four parts. Those already well prepared for specific sections of the exam will likely do well with this option.

Becker Guided Simulated Exam Review Options

Another option you can choose for just $99 per part is the guided simulated exam review options. The bundle for all four parts is just $299. If you’re short on time or you just need a refresher, this is a good option before taking the CPA exam.

You will get four-hour webinars for each section. These webinars are customized based on your performance from the simulated exam.

Supplemental Multiple-Choice Question Packages

If you want just the multiple-choice questions for each section, you can get them for $199 per section. The bundle package for all four sections is $599 or as low as $49.91 per month.

You will get the multiple-choice questions for the exam sections you choose. These questions can help you prepare for the course, but they are only available for current Becker students. Current or former students can log in to purchase the supplemental multiple-choice questions.

A few other products from Becker you might want to consider for CPA exam prep include:

Whether you want to get a full Becker CPA Review package or one of the other options, you’ll be better prepared for the CPA exam. There are plenty of options to fit just about any budget and any need when preparing for the CPA exam.

Reviewing the Becker CPA Expert Instruction

Becker CPA Review offers a team of expert instructors with decades of practical experience. These experts will help to ensure you’re ready for the CPA exam. Instructors are available in three different ways with Becker:

When you choose Becker CPA Review for your CPA exam prep, you gain access to incredible experts in this area. You will have all the help you need from these three options.

High-Quality Content from Becker CPA

No matter the package you choose from Becker, you will get the highest-quality content possible. Becker has partnered with the AICPA to make sure all the content you receive is up-to-date for your exam. You will have no surprises when you take the exam due to the regularly updated content.

With Becker CPA, you get unlimited access (with two of the three packages) and you get a CPA exam blueprint. The blueprint will help you study for the exam using the best concepts approved by the AICPA.

Becker also gives you simulated exams. There are three simulated exams for all four sections. These exams mirror the actual CPA exam in time, style, functionality, and format.

Frequently Asked Questions About the CPA Exam & Becker CPA Review

What’s required to take the CPA Exam?

The requirements to take the CPA exam will vary depending on your jurisdiction. There are 55 total jurisdictions including the 50 states and five U.S. territories. These jurisdictions are from the Board of Accountancy. You will need to check with your jurisdiction to find the proper requirements before taking the CPA exam.

Can I take the CPA exam in a language other than English?

No, as of right now, the CPA exam is only available in English.

How is the CPA Exam formatted?

The format of the CPA Exam is pretty simple. It includes four sections and you get four hours to complete each section. You will take one section at a time.

Within each of the four sections, there are five smaller sections often called testlets. These testlets include multiple-choice questions and task-based simulations. The BEC section also includes written communication tasks.

Do I need computer skills to take the CPA exam?

Yes, you will need some basic computer skills to take the CPA exam. You will need to be able to use a keyboard and a mouse. It’s also necessary to work with a basic spreadsheet and with basic word processing functions.

How long will I get access to Becker CPA Review?

Two of the three packages offer unlimited access to Becker CPA Review. This means you get to use this program to prepare for the CPA exam for as long as you need. Even after you become a CPA, you can still use the content to maintain your certification status.

The Premium and Pro options give you unlimited access. If you choose the Advantage packages, you will gain access for 24 months.

Is financial assistance available with Becker CPA Review?

Yes, you can use the flexible payment plan from Becker CPA review. The plan is available for any product Becker offers priced at $500 or more. You can choose interest-free financing for three, nine, or 18 months.

Does Becker offer a mobile app?

Becker has a mobile app and it’s a very good app, too. It has a high rating in the app store and many students have used it successfully. While other exam prep options may offer an app with limited resources, the Becker app offers everything they offer, nearly. You get access to questions, flashcards, simulations, lectures, and more.

Do I get a money-back guarantee or a pass guarantee with Becker CPA Review?

No, Becker does not offer a money-back guarantee if you fail the CPA exam. However, they do offer a free repeat program for those that do not pass. If you fail all four of the CPA exam sections, you can use this program. Those choosing the Premium or Pro versions of Becker CPA Review will already have unlimited access, so there is no concern with this policy at all.

Becker CPA Review does come with a 14-trial and a full refund within 10 days of purchase if you don’t like the program. This gives you time to try it out before you commit to the exam prep course.

If you’re ready to get prepared for the CPA exam, the Becker CPA Review packages are a great choice. Make sure you have the prep materials you need and you’re fully ready before sitting for this very important exam.

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