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When a PMP or CAPM certification is something you desire, Brain Sensei might be the right answer for you. With a very high passing rate for their students, you might want to consider reading our Brain Sensei review before making your final choice.

Brain Sensei offers PMP and CAPM courses you can use to gain these certifications. When you plan to go into project management or you want to advance your career, these are the two main certifications you will want to achieve. With the help of Brain Sensei, you can gain these certifications in a much easier way.

Brain Sensei Review

Whether you’re looking to get the CAPM certification or PMP certification, the Brain Sensei prep courses can help make this much easier. Before you decide to use Brain Sensei, let’s review the pros & cons, look at what they offer, and review the costs of these programs.

Brain Sensei Review of the Pros & Cons



There are plenty of pros and a few cons of Brain Sensei. It might not be right for everybody, but most people will find Brain Sensei to be very helpful when preparing for the CAPM or PMP exams.

CAPM Courses from Brain Sensei

The CAPM course from Brain Sensei is a self-paced, online option. It will help you prepare you to earn the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) certification exam. This certification comes from Project Management Institute and offers an entry-level option for project managers.

With this course, you get all the materials you need to pass the most recent CAPM exam. You will even get the new offline video walkthrough of the learning modules.

Features of this Course

While other courses might help you prepare, the Brain Sensei course goes further. It will help to identify your weakest areas so you can increase your knowledge. The CAPM course will include:

You will also earn 23 contact hours/PDUs and gain access to a 100% refund guarantee, and a 100% pass guarantee. This makes using the Brain Sensei CAPM prep course risk-free.

PMP Courses from Brain Sensei

If you’re planning to prepare for the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification exam, you can choose a self-paced or live virtual instructor option from Brain Sensei. This prep course will give you everything you need to pass the most recent PMP exam, including the offline video walkthrough of the modules.

PMP Self-Paced Course

When you choose the self-paced course, you will get the predictive and adaptive project management options to help you prepare. The features of this course include:

You will gain 35 contact hours/PDUs with this course. It will also come with a 100% refund guarantee and a 100% pass guarantee.

PMP Live Virtual Instructor Exam

The PMP Exam Prep Complete Course gives you an online option led by a virtual instructor. If you need an instructor to help lead your preparations, this is a great choice. The course structure will help you gain the practical knowledge you need to use the information in the real world, while also preparing you for the exam.

This course comes with:

You will gain 35 contact hours/PDUs and you will get a 100% pass guarantee with this course. It will also give you incredibly fast customer support.

You will need to choose a schedule that works for you. This course is typically offered two weeknights per week for five weeks from 6 pm to 9:30 pm.

Brain Sensei Review of the Costs

Of course, one of the most important factors for any test prep course is the cost. Brain Sensei offers the following costs for the CAPM and PMP prep courses:

The live virtual instructor course fills up very fast and you will need to choose specific dates.

Who is Brain Sensei Best For?

The ideal user is someone that needs a prep course to help keep them engaged while studying for the CAPM or PMP certification exams. Brain Sensei allows you to learn the necessary concepts while telling you an exciting story that will keep you engaged. If storytelling is part of how you learn better, this is a great choice for you.

Can I try Brain Sensei for Free?

Yes, they do offer a free trial that allows you to see what’s in the course before paying anything upfront. This trial will help to give you a sense of what’s offered, but you cannot really gain full access with this trial.

The limited free trial gives you full access to the first module of the PMP exam prep or the CAPM exam prep. This gives you the option to test things out before buying.

What makes Brain Sensei different?

There are several things that set Brain Sensei apart from other prep courses. First, they use a Spaced repetition System, which is a scientific memory learning process. This process helps to improve retention in a significant way.

Second, Brain Sensei offers some of the best support you will find. They have a great support team with fast response times. You also gain access to a community for support, too.

Finally, the engaging and interactive elements of Brain Sensei set it apart from the competition. You will remain engaged while learning the principles of project management from highly-skilled experts.

What types of Companies have Used Brain Sensei?

Many big-name companies have used Brain Sensei to better train and prepare their workers. The U.S. Army, Microsoft, Uber, MIT, Johns Hopkins University, HP, and even Disney have used the prep courses from Brain Sensei.

What does the CAPM Course Cover?

The CAPM prep course focuses mainly on exam prep. However, it will also cover some practical knowledge of terms and concepts used in the real world. Some of the things covered in this course include:

You will get everything you need to properly assess your knowledge and gain the knowledge you need to pass the CAPM exam the first time.

What does the PMP Course Cover?

The PMP course will cover everything you need, including:

These subjects are all covered in both the self-paced and the instructor-led options.

If you’re looking for the best CAPM or PMP prep course, Brain Sensei is a great option. It’s highly reviewed by many past students and used by several massive corporations.

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