RealEstateU Review: The Pros & Cons

By Jordan Fabel •  Updated: November 27, 2022  •  8 min read  •  Brand Review
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If you’re looking for an entirely online real estate school, RealEstateU might be right for you. This is one of the best-reviewed options and is trusted by many agents. In addition, with pre-licensing courses for real estate agents offered in 14 states, along with exam prep in 13, it’s a great choice if you want to get your real estate license.

RealEstateU also offers continuing education courses in a few states. You can learn about real estate investing from them, as well. All the courses are self-paced, and you can work on the coursework online anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

RealEstateU Reviews

Pros & Cons of RealEstateU

Before you make your decision for an online real estate school, it’s a good idea to look at the pros and cons. In our RealEstateU review, we break down the pros and cons so you can see what you’re getting and what might not be the best about the school.



Make sure you consider your learning style before choosing the right real estate school for you. The cost of the RealEstateU course will vary quite a bit from one state to another, as well.

Courses Offered by RealEstateU

RealEstateU offers several different courses to choose from. Let’s look at a short review of each.


The main course offered by RealEstateU is the salesperson pre-licensing course. This course is offered in 14 states, including:

You can access the course at any time, from any device. Once you sign up, you will have one year to complete the course.

The content found in the pre-licensing course is very engaging and innovative. It will include videos, a glossary of terms, a downloadable workbook, and more.

Exam Prep

If you want to prepare yourself for your real estate license exam, you can use the exam prep course from RealEstateU. This course is offered in 13 states or all states, except Wisconsin, where pre-licensing courses are offered.

You will need to purchase this course separately from the pre-licensing course. It will provide course notes, practice tests, and a review of key concepts. Each exam prep course is tailored to the specific state to help you better prepare for your exam.

Continuing Education

The final type of course offered by RealEstateU is a continuing education course. If you work in Florida or New York, this course is available.

The Florida option is $79 and includes 45 total hours of post-licensing courses. You pay the same amount in New York for 22.5 hours of continuing education courses.

Real Estate Investing Courses from RealEstateU

While these courses don’t fit with the real estate agent model, they can be very helpful. RealEstateU offers a few real estate investing courses you can consider if you plan to invest in real estate. These courses can also be helpful for agents planning to work with investors.

They offer two courses free of charge, which are shorter. ‘My Road in Real Estate Investing’ comes from Linda Pliagas of Realty411 Guide. This is a video you can watch for free and learn from. You can also enjoy the ‘9 Tips for Doing Successful Off-Market Transactions’ video for free.

Along with these two free courses, RealEstateU offers the following:

The Art of Syndication is a rather incredible option and comes with one hour of personalized coaching. The course will help you learn how to raise money for investment opportunities and the strategies used to buy large multi-family properties. In addition, there are a few sample videos you can watch before you commit to the course.

A Review of the Price for RealEstateU

The pre-licensing courses will range from $69 to $249. Exam prep courses are between $75 and $149. However, they are often on sale for around half the cost.

The cost is very competitive and often cheaper than other online real estate schools. So if you want a top real estate school with an affordable price, RealEstateU is a great option.

RealEstateU vs. Real Estate Express

Real Estate Express is likely the closest competitor for RealEstateU. When comparing the two, it’s easy to see the differences. While both schools offer courses in the same states, they don’t overlap in all states.

As an online education provider, Real Estate Express is rather well-known. It’s ARELLO (Association of Real Estate License Law Officials) and IDECC (International Distance Education Certification Center) certified and provides pre-licensing real estate courses, along with continuing education courses. In addition, they offer multiple formats, including the self-paced online option.

RealEstateU tends to be less expensive compared to Real Estate Express. However, Real Estate Express offers pre-licensing courses in 34 total states. They also offer continuing education in all 50 states. If you’re looking for a live online option, Real Estate Express has one, while RealEstateU doesn’t.

While Real Estate Express has some benefits, it’s more expensive than RealEstateU. If RealEstateU offers courses in your state, it might be a better choice for your specific needs. This is especially true if you prefer a self-paced, online class format.

Frequently Asked Questions About RealEstateU

How long has RealEstateU been in business?

The company was founded in 2013 to provide affordable real estate courses for aspiring real estate agents. They have been around for about 8 years now had have expanded several times.

Does RealEstateU offer anything for free?

Yes. They offer a couple of investment classes for free, along with the ‘How to be a Successful Real Estate Agent’ course.

RealEstateU and RealGeeks put together this specific course. It contains nine total chapters with a video in each chapter. The information is very practical, and you can use it to become a successful real estate agent.

Does RealEstateU offer any sponsoring brokers?

Yes. The website lists a few sponsoring brokers found in New York. Unfortunately, they do not, at this time, have any brokers in other states.

What type of instructors does RealEstateU use for their courses?

The instructors providing content for RealEstateU are all experienced professionals. Some are New York University professors, while others are CPAs, attorneys, insurance representatives, or mortgage brokers. All the instructors are highlighted on the website, and a bio is provided for each.

Does RealEstateU offer support?

Yes. They offer customer service; you can read through a contact form on their website. You can also search the FAQ page, which is broken down by state, to get answers to your questions. While there is no phone support, once you sign up as a student, you will be instructed on how to contact your instructors.

Does RealEstateU offer anything else?

Yes, along with the courses already outlined, they offer a blog and an AMP stories section. These two sections provide a large knowledge base with plenty of tips and helpful tricks. If you’re new to real estate, these two sections can be very helpful.

There are many reasons to consider RealEstateU. First, if they offer a course in your state, they likely offer the lowest price you will find. Plus, you can access the coursework from anywhere with an internet connection. Finally, the ARELLO certification means you will have the courses you need to become a real estate agent.

Along with the pre-licensing courses, many new agents will find some additional courses very helpful. The blog is also filled with helpful information, tips, and good advice. If you want to become a real estate agent, RealEstateU might be the right choice for you.

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