Blueprint Prep Review: Test Prep for the LSAT and the MCAT

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When it’s time to take a big test, you need the right test prep like Blueprint Prep. There are many options available for test prep courses online. However, not all provide the best materials at an affordable price.

This Blueprint Prep review will introduce you to everything they offer. You will learn all the different things you need to know to make a wise decision. If you’re looking for test prep materials for the MCAT or LSAT, Blueprint Prep might just be the perfect option.

Blueprint Prep Review: LSAT/MCAT

What Blueprint Prep Offers

Blueprint Prep offers test prep materials for the LSAT and the MCAT. These are both very important tests and can be life-changing for students. With Blueprint Prep, you will get all of the following:

When you look at student reviews of Blueprint Prep, it’s pretty easy to see how much better the curriculum and instructors are. The platform is smarter than others. You will improve your score faster with the analytics this platform offers.

Blueprint Prep has helped more than 50,000 LSAT students and 60,000 MCAT students. They have more than 150 top instructors and tutors. So when you want a top test prep option for the MCAT or LSAT, you want Blueprint Prep.

A Review of the LSAT Test Prep from Blueprint

When you choose the LSAT test prep option from Blueprint Prep, you get an effective, entertaining, and engaging curriculum. The instructors are in the 98th percentile or higher. Blueprint also provides the best technology for your LSAT study plan.

Enjoy the most realistic test interface, top Q&A videos, and advanced analytics to help you score higher on the LSAT. Blueprint even offers a score increase guarantee.

According to their website, 98% of students using the LSAT test prep from Blueprint improved their scores. The numbers are as follows:

Compared to a regular test taker, students using Blueprint Prep are about six times more likely to score a 170 or higher on the LSAT. Overall, only about 2% of LSAT test-takers score 170 or higher.

With the LSAT prep course from Blueprint, you get access to a self-paced course, live online courses, and one-on-one tutoring.

Self-Paced LSAT Course

With the self-paced LSAT course from Blueprint, you get a personalized study plan. No other LSAT test prep program offers this type of study plan. With just three simple steps, you can use the study planner to create a personalized study calendar. It will even sync with your smartphone.

Along with the study plan, the self-paced course comes with:

You will gain access to custom practice tests perfectly customized to your needs. In addition, you get the answers and explanations as you use the practice tests and questions. This is an invaluable tool when it comes to preparing for the LSAT.

The self-paced course comes with a monthly fee. However, you can gain discounts for paying upfront for three, six, or twelve months. The cost is as follows:

Choose the right plan for you. However, they do offer monthly payments through Affirm on the more expensive plans.

Live LSAT Course

Getting the right accountability and support can make a big difference for some students. You can enjoy life classes with the flexibility of an online LSAT prep course. With two top-scoring instructors teaching you live, you can improve your score fast. Students can even take LSAT classes as many times as they need.

It’s easy to reschedule LSAT prep courses if you have last-minute changes. You can even get extra live review sessions to help you prepare. Just like the self-paced course, you get a personalized study plan. The live course also includes:

The entire program has been updated to reflect the most up-to-date LSAT test and interface. There are many benefits to choosing the live LSAT test prep course, especially for those needing accountability.

The live class costs $1,499 for 6 months access and a higher score guarantee. You will get a custom class schedule to fit your needs, and you can also use the self-paced materials through these options.

LSAT Tutoring from Blueprint Prep

You can also gain access to top LSAT tutors when you choose Blueprint Prep. They offer experienced tutors that have all scored in the 98th percentile on the LSAT. Packages for tutoring are as follows:

You can also choose any of these three levels in the Premium Packages. With the Premium Packages, you get a 98th percentile scoring tutor. The cost is $3,800 for the Crash Course, $5,600 for the Comprehensive, and $9,200 for the Intensive. So if you want a premium tutor, these packages are the best for you.

If you just need a little extra help. Blueprint Prep also offers smaller packages for tutoring, including:

You will get an expert Blueprint LSAT tutor with these packages to help you prepare.

A Review of the MCAT Test Prep from Blueprint

Get the same type of support and system as the LSAT test prep course for the MCAT. With the MCAT test prep from Blueprint, you can improve your score. The average student improves their score by 13 points. Blueprint Prep students are 3.4 times more likely to score a 517 or higher on the MCAT.

With a higher score, you improve your acceptance rate by more than 20%. For example, scoring 510 to 513 on the MCAT gives you an acceptance rate of 60.1%. With a score of 517 or higher, your acceptance rate goes up to 81.4%. Score 498 to 501, and your acceptance rate is just 19.9%.

A 13-point increase can make a huge difference. For example, about 69% of Blueprint students improved their MCAT score by 10 or more points, while 41% improved by at least 15 points.

MCAT Online Course

The online course provides access to 160 learning modules, 4,000 test questions, six revised MCAT books, a customizable study plan, and much more. In addition, it’s mobile-friendly and offers highly engaging video content to help you improve your score.

Choose from the following three options:

All three plans come with a score increase guarantee.

Live Online MCAT Course

Gain access to more than 40 hours of live class instruction from two instructors scoring 519 or higher on the MCAT. This option offers the accountability you need with unlimited class reschedules. You can choose from the 6-month plan for $2,199 or the 9-month plan for $2,499.

Both plans provide unlimited class retakes and reschedules. You will also gain access to all the Blueprint MCAT online resources and a higher score guarantee.

MCAT Tutoring from Blueprint Prep

If you need tutoring, you can select from more than 50 tutors that scored a 520 or higher on the MCAT. Tutoring for the MCAT comes with many different packages, including:

Whether you just need a little extra help or a lot, Blueprint Prep offers the right tutoring for the MCAT.

Is Blueprint Prep Right For You?

The right test prep program will make a huge difference. When you need to boost your score on the LSAT or MCAT, one of the top options is Blueprint Prep. Read the online reviews, and you’ll see why so many students trust Blueprint.

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