Highest-Paying Jobs in Real Estate

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Are you interested in one of the highest-paying jobs in real estate? Do you know what you want to do in real estate, but you’re not sure what it might pay? Before you decide to go into real estate, you should know what to expect and which jobs pay the best.

Top 10 Highest-Paying Jobs in Real Estate

1. Mortgage Loan Officer

While this is one of the highest-paying jobs in real estate, it’s on the financial side of things. As a mortgage loan officer, you will guide buyers through the pre-approval and approval process to buy a home. Your job will include finding the best loan possible for each borrower.

Mortgage loan officers make an average salary of about $209K per year. This salary can even be higher with top employers. Some earn as much as $300K per year, depending on where they work, how they get paid, and how good they are at their job.

You will need to gain a state license and national accreditation to become a mortgage loan officer. However, this position doesn’t require a college degree.

2. Real Estate Attorney

If you go to school long enough to earn a law degree, you can become a real estate attorney. This high-paying job in real estate has an average salary of about $88K per year. However, the top real estate attorneys can earn well over $150K per year.

You will need a great understanding of real estate law and a license to practice law in your state. This type of job in real estate will allow you to assist with property transactions and the closing process for these transactions.

3. Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent is paid 100% on commissions. You will help buyers and sellers with transactions on the residential or commercial side of real estate. Of course, the correct training is necessary, which varies from one state to another.

As a real estate agent, you will work for a sponsoring broker. The average pay per year for an agent is about $104K per year. This can be higher or lower, depending on your specialty and how good you are at your job.

This is one of the most common careers found in the real estate industry. You will start as a real estate agent if you want to become a Realtor or a real estate broker, too. This is the entry-level option, and you won’t need a college degree.

Training to become a real estate agent can be completed online. There will be pre-licensing education, which ranges from one state to another. You may also have to complete post-licensing and continuing education courses after you become an agent.

While it’s an entry-level job, an experienced agent can earn a six-figure salary each year. It’s one of the highest-paying jobs in real estate today.

4. Compliance Specialist

When you decide to become a compliance specialist, you may be called a compliance officer. This professional will work with a commercial business or a developer. You will need to be an expert in local regulations to perform this job well.

As a compliance specialist, you can earn an average salary of about $82K per year. It’s common to complete audits if a company is under investigation and deal with making sure transactions are legal in this career.

5. Realtor

It can be confusing to see both real estate agents and realtors on the list of the highest-paying jobs in real estate. They are very similar, but a Realtor has earned a special designation by joining the National Association of Realtors. They have also agreed to work within the NAR code of ethics, which is incredibly strict.

As a Realtor, you can earn an average yearly salary of about $97K. This salary can be much higher if you are very good at your job, especially if you work with vacation homes. Some of the top employers of Realtors will pay nearly $200K per year in commissions.

After becoming a real estate agent in your state, you will need to join the NAR to become a Realtor. This includes taking an exam, paying dues, and conforming to the code of ethics from the NAR.

6. Real Estate Broker

A step above a real estate agent is the job of a real estate broker. There are a few different types of brokers that might pay different amounts each year. The average amount a real estate broker will earn is $73K per year.

However, if you’re a very good and experienced broker, you can earn quite a bit more. Brokers earn a percentage of the commission earned by the agents they sponsor. They can also earn money through desk fees and their own client commissions.

As a real estate broker, you can certainly earn well over $250K per year if you’re good at what you do. Of course, the size of your team will also make a difference. Good brokers will build their team of agents and earn a commission split with each one for all transactions.

7. Property Accountant

If you want to work on the financial side of real estate, becoming a property accountant is a good option. This position will pay around $65K per year, on average. You will need to understand real estate transactions, including rentals and leases.

Property accountants often work for property management companies. They will help to make sure the books are in order and will help to manage the budget and reconcile accounts. Some property accountants will meet with those involved in construction, along with politicians and lawyers.

8. Real Estate Investment Consultant

Those seeking a career in real estate on the investment side can work as a real estate investment consultant. This type of person will help to advise clients when it comes to real estate investments. They will help by doing research on potential construction projects and purchases. When you become a real estate investment consultant, you will analyze potential transactions and help your clients make good investment decisions.

The average salary for this high-paying job in real estate is about $63K per year. You can certainly earn more if you are good at your job, as well.

9. Real Estate Appraiser

It takes the right training to become a real estate appraiser. This type of career will have you inspecting and assessing the value of a property, either residential or commercial. As a real estate appraiser, you can earn an average annual salary of about $58K per year.

Commercial appraisers earn nearly twice as much as residential appraisers. However, you can earn a nice salary in either of these positions in the real estate industry

Training will include coursework and working under the supervision of an experienced appraiser. You will need to meet the state requirements to gain your license and work independently as an appraiser.

10. Escrow Officer

Those working in the real estate industry as escrow officers will be responsible for processing transactions. They will work to make sure the paperwork is properly completed, and all the legal requirements are met. You will also explain the real estate purchasing process if you become an escrow officer.

It’s common for escrow officers to make about $60K per year. They earn a percentage of the final sales price. This does mean that the pay can vary from one location to another quite a bit. Some locations may have higher average property sales prices, which means you can earn more as an escrow officer.

Many of the highest-paying jobs in real estate include commissions as some or all of the pay. When this is the case, the higher the sales price of the properties in your location, the more you can make per year. While these are average salaries for the highest-paying jobs in real estate, they can vary quite a bit across the country.

If you’re considering a career in the real estate industry, you don’t have to just become a real estate agent. There are many great options, and these are some of the highest-paying jobs in real estate. Of course, you can become an agent or a broker and make a very nice salary every single year.

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