Missouri Defensive Driving

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A Defensive Driving Missouri Program Made for You

So you were rushing a bit, just trying to make up a couple of minutes because you were running late for work. Then, those pretty flashing lights came on behind you. Now those two minutes you were hoping to save are going to cost you 8 hours. Now you need to keep that ticket you got after your conversation with that nice officer off of your record. Of course. you could choose to spend those 8 mind-numbing hours sitting in a Missouri defensive driving classroom, but why would you? Our defensive driving Missouri online course allows you to keep those points off your record from the comfort of your own home on any internet-enabled device you choose.

Missouri Defensive Driving

Our Defensive Driving Course is 100% Online

This Missouri driver improvement course is 100% online allowing you to work on it anywhere, anytime. Don’t rearrange your whole life just to clear up your driving record. With 24/7 access, you can fulfill the requirements of the court without ever entering the inside of a classroom.

Missouri Court Approved Traffic School

This driver improvement course is fully approved by the Missouri Safety Center at CMSU. They set the requirements for reducing points, and we meet them all. The team at I Drive Safely has broken the course into 8 short, easy-to-understand chapters, covering subjects such as:

After each chapter, you’ll take an easy, 10-question multiple-choice quiz, designed to prep you for the final exam. At the end of the course, you’ll take a 50-question final exam. It’s multiple-choice, too, and you do have to score 80% or better to pass, and don’t worry about not passing the first time. You’ll be given unlimited retakes until you do!

Please note that online courses are not accepted by all Missouri courts, so make sure to obtain permission from your court before enrolling.

The Material is Educational and Engaging

While the scope of the course is broad, we don’t think you’ll ever be bored. A team of driver education professionals and learning theory experts worked to craft a course that’s as fun as it is educational.

No more studying hard-to-read driver manuals and too-thick textbooks. Through generous use of entertaining videos and engaging animations, you’ll stay engaged so that you can learn the information fast and retain it longer. We also offer an audio version if listening along better fits your learning style.

Get Cheaper Insurance with Missouri Defensive Driving

With a defensive driving course, not only will your insurance rates stay low, they could even go lower!  Most insurance companies offer “safe driver” discounts and one of the ways you can achieve safe driver status is to take a defensive driving course. The cash you keep from your discounted rates will pay for the course many times over. Call your insurance agent today to see how much you could be saving.

Your Certificate Of Course Completion – Fast and FREE

We understand that the point of you taking this course is to get a certificate of course completion and you probably need it ASAP. We are not about to keep you waiting! The moment you complete your final exam, we’ll get to work processing your certificate. We’ll even get it into the mail the same day if you finish before 3 PM CST. This service is free if you choose to use the US Postal Service but, if free isn’t fast enough, you may want to choose one of our expedited delivery options that can get your paperwork to you as early as 10:30 AM weekdays.

We’re Behind You All the Way

We’ve worked to make the course user-friendly, but we understand that taking a defensive driving course is not something you do every day. If you run into a question at any time, answers are just a phone call or e-mail away. No matter the time, there is someone there waiting to get you back on your way.

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