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MyImprov traffic school offers a driver’s education that’s completely online. The school’s courses have DMV approval in several states, and some court systems also recognize the school’s courses. Some insurance companies will also lower your insurance rate if you complete a MyImprov defensive driving course.

Improv Review

Drivers who need to reduce points on their driving record, get tickets dismissed, lower their insurance rate, or improve their driving skills should consider MyImprov traffic school. There are also courses for teenagers to learn basic driving skills. However, teenagers who take online driving courses still have to get the necessary real-world driving experience. That’s one aspect of learning to drive that no online traffic school can replace.

Here’s more info to let you know if MyImprov is right for you.

Check for State Approval Before Enrolling

MyImprov is approved by several states and court systems nationwide; however, it’s best to make sure your state approves the courses before enrolling. In addition, you want to make sure you’ll receive credit for the course with your DMV, local court, or insurance company.

The courses offered by MyImprov vary based on state requirements. An approved course in one state may not have approval in another state. MyImprov customizes courses for each state they’re approved in to avoid conflicts.

There are plenty of other online traffic schools around, but MyImprov sets itself apart with its unique approach to teaching. The program was created in partnership with an improv comedy troupe. The courses are narrated by improv comics, resulting in a fun, lighthearted, and humorous course.

A Leader in the Online Traffic School Industry

MyImprov traffic school was established more than 20 years ago, and more than 3 million students have taken their courses. In addition, adults can take defensive driving courses or court-ordered courses. As for teenagers, they can take basic driver’s education courses. But as always, the availability of the courses depends on the state.

All of the courses are online. You can complete the lesson on any electronic device with internet access when you enroll in a course. A smartphone, iPhone, computer, or tablet with a reliable internet connection is all that’s needed.

Even better, the courses are completed at your own pace. So there’s no need to struggle to fit your learning into a specific schedule. This is great if you work full-time or take classes at a college or university.

What is Improv Teaching?

Unlike other learning institutions, MyImprov traffic school approaches learning humorously. The goal is to educate and entertain simultaneously. That’s not surprising, considering the school’s name references improv comedy.

The school’s founders believe that students learn best when they’re entertained. So you can rest assured you won’t find any boring lecture videos included in any MyImprov course.

The 10 Top Benefits of MyImprov

Former students list the following features as the best benefits associated with MyImprov courses:

  1. Work at your own pace from anywhere. All it takes is an internet connection—complete courses at home or on the go. You can also fit courses into your day whenever you get a break or schedule courses at a designated time that’s most convenient.
  2. Courses are accessible from computers, tablets, and phones with internet access.
  3. MyImprov courses are available nationwide, but course offerings depend on the state. Not all states have the same courses available.
  4. The courses are DMV-approved and court-certified in several states.
  5. The courses are fun, entertaining, and informative. There is a mixture of videos, written content, short quizzes, and animations.
  6. Everything is online, which is a plus in times like these.
  7. Students receive an official certificate of completion after completing a course.
  8. Some courts approve courses to aid in having points removed from a driving record or for driving ticket dismissal.
  9. Courses are generally between 4 and 5 hours long.
  10. Customer support is available 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

How the MyImprov Process Works

Enrolling in a MyImprov course is easy. Visit the MyImprov website, select your state and the course you want to take. The courses available for your state appear in a drop-down menu. Not all states offer the same courses, so choosing the correct state is important. The school might offer anywhere from one to ten or more courses for your state.

For example, the following courses are available for Indiana: Defensive Driving, Teen Driving Education, and Insurance Discount for Drivers 55+. Choosing Indiana as your state will give you access to these courses.

However, an Alabama resident will have access to the following courses: Alabama Online Defensive Driving Course, Insurance Discount, Alabama Experienced Driver Insurance Discount, and Employee Referred/Fleet.

Course Descriptions

It’s important to read course descriptions. The descriptions tell you about the course and allow you to learn if you’re eligible or not.

For example, Alabama’s Insurance Discount course is specifically for drivers referred by their insurance company. And Indiana’s Teen Driving Education is limited to drivers under 18 studying to get their first driver’s license.

All courses contain content that meets state and court-ordered requirements. So you’re assured of learning exactly what your state and local courts think is the most important.

After completing a course, you receive a printable copy of your Certificate of Completion. It’s also possible to request a physical copy from the school.

The Certificate of Completion is important. The certificate is the only valid proof that you’ve completed the course, and you must present it to your local court, DMV, or insurance company.

After you present an official Certificate of Completion, you’ll get your insurance rate lowered, have your ticket dismissed, or have points removed from your driving record. Of course, it all depends on why you were taking the course.

If a court is involved, MyImprov will sometimes send the notification on your behalf. Inquire to see if the school will notify the court or if you need to present the certificate.

MyImprov Teaching Style

Some people might find the teaching style a bit off-putting. For example, the courses are heavy on humor, and some people might associate humor with not being serious.

Improv comedians narrate all the videos, but that doesn’t mean you will not learn anything. The comedic style holds your attention, smiles at you, and educates you simultaneously. If you’re usually bored by traditional classes, then you’ll find something different with MyImprov.

Although comedians narrate the courses, the actual course content is created by driving experts. So, don’t think that they’re not educational just because the lessons are fun.

Pricing Info

Course prices vary by state, by course, and by course length. As a result, there’s no set price for all courses across the board.

A 4-hour Florida driving school basic course is currently $19.95. But an 8-hour Florida defensive driving course is currently $59.95. Another price example is that the price is currently $39 for a driving school basic course in Kentucky.

In general, you can expect to pay between $20 and $60 for a course. Driver’s education courses are generally more expensive because more information is covered.

Good Reputation

If you search online, you’ll see that most comments about MyImprov are favorable. For example, the Business Consumer Alliance has given the school a Triple-A rating.

Several additional websites have stated that MyImprov is one of the best online driving schools available. However, you should still perform your research before enrolling.

State Requirements on Time and Difficulty

Some states put a time requirement on their courses. For example, the Florida basic driving course is 4-hours long. The time is mentioned because Florida requires at least 4-hours of course time. Anything less, and Florida will not recognize the course.

However, class duration isn’t mentioned if the state doesn’t have a time requirement. For example, California doesn’t have a specific time requirement for courses. That means a student can complete a course in as little as 30 minutes, if possible.

Overall, the courses are short and relatively easy. Most of the quizzes have no more than two questions. And you only need to get one question right to get a passing score. So that’s pretty easy if you pay attention to the lesson.

For most people, boredom is the worst thing about a traffic school. However, the lessons aren’t difficult, at least not if you pay attention. MyImprov removes the boredom, so its courses are generally enjoyable – no matter how long they are.

Just remember that not all courses are available in all states. So it’s possible that the course you need isn’t available from MyImprov. In that case, you’ll have to attend a local school or search for another online option.

Important Facts about MyImprov

MyImprov courses are as short as legally allowed:

Some states don’t have requirements about how much time a student must spend in a course. However, states have requirements that the course providers must follow regarding course length. For example, a course provider can’t offer a class that’s so short until it’s impossible to teach anything.

For example, no course provider could get away with offering a 15-minute driver’s education course. They could try, but no state would approve of it.

MyImprov is approved by most states, courts, and DMVs nationwide:

In its more than 20-year history, MyImprov has successfully educated more than 3 million students. However, it’s still advised to double-check and ensure the school’s courses are approved in your state or by your insurance provider.

Driver’s education courses still require real-time driving experience. The driver’s education course prepares students to take the driver’s license test’s written portion. A student must still get out on the road and drive before taking the driving portion of the test.

Is MyImprov Worth the Time and Money?

If you’re looking for an online alternative to a local driving school, then MyImprov is worth considering.

Honestly, nothing is exciting about driving school. Most people are there because it’s court-ordered or they want to lower their insurance rates. MyImprov takes a generally dull experience and makes it fun and exciting. That’s a plus.

Thanks to the internet, traffic school is no longer limited to the classroom. MyImprov offers something different from other online traffic schools.

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