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Approved Course is reader-supported. If you buy through links on our site, we may earn a small commission. is a provider of online driver’s education and defensive driving courses for teens and adults. The company also offers in-person driving lessons. If you need driver’s education, learning more about is possibly a good idea. Reviews

Researching revealed the company merged with I Drive Safely in 2015. and I Drive Safely were then combined to form another company called eDriving LLC. is now an eDriving brand.

There was very little information when searching the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for information about But that’s because now lists complaints, ratings, and reviews with I Drive Safely. It makes researching a bit difficult but not impossible.

What Offers is a provider of online driver’s education courses, with behind-the-wheel driving lessons in some states. The online course uses text, videos, animations, and quizzes to provide a practical learning experience. was founded in 1997. Since then, more than 11 million people have enrolled in their courses.

Most of their courses are designed to prepare drivers for the written portion of the driver’s test. When you take one of these courses, you receive a certificate to show that you passed the course.

What former students like about

Courses are available on smartphones, computers, and tablets. These devices are popular, and just about everyone either has one or has access to one. That means the courses are easily accessible for most people.

Courses sync between devices. It’s not necessary to use the same device each time you access a course. You might start the course on your laptop but find yourself somewhere with nothing but your iPad. No problem. You can access the course on your iPad and pick up where you left off.

Students can complete courses at their own pace—no need to work on anyone else’s time. Take the course first thing in the morning, during your lunch, or late at night while sitting in bed. You decide when and where to access your course.

Courses are certified and approved in several states.

Courses use engaging media, such as videos and animations, to remain educational and engaging. knows that no one enjoys being bored. That’s why they use several types of media to keep students alert and awake.

Courses include quizzes that allow students to test what they’ve learned. The quizzes help students prepare for the final exam. Also, quizzes help students do a better job of retaining information.

Teen Driver’s Ed has courses for teens and adults. Each state has its own rules and regulations about online driver’s courses.

Since the options and course aren’t the same for every state, it’s important to choose the correct state. Otherwise, you could end up taking a course for which you won’t receive credit.

Here are three examples of teen driver’s education courses that illustrate state differences.

Ohio Driver’s Ed Online

The Ohio course is for teens between the ages of 15 and 18 who want an Ohio learner’s permit. This state-approved course helps young drivers fulfill the driver’s education requirements set by Ohio.

Once students pass the course, sends a Certificate of Completion to present to the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

The Ohio course focuses on rules of the road, vehicle safety, Ohio traffic laws, and more. Ohio teens must also have at least 8 hours of driving experience before taking the road test.

When students enroll in the Ohio course, they receive a certificate of enrollment. Students can then take this certificate to any licensed Ohio driving school.

Students should expect to spend at least 24 hours completing the course. However, students can work at their own pace. The course also includes unlimited practice tests.

Georgia’s Driver’s Ed Online

The Georgia course is for teens between the ages of 15 to 17 years old. This course meets the 30 hours requirement set by Georgia’s Joshua Law. Joshua’s Law states that new drivers between the ages of 16 to 18 must complete a driver’s education course that’s at least 30 hours long.

The Georgia course is approved by the state of Georgia and the Department of Driver Services. Students can fulfill the total of 30 hours online.

Colorado Online Driver’s Ed

The Colorado course is for teen drivers between the ages of 15 to 17 years old. Teen drivers can apply for a Driver’s Education Permit after completing a driver’s education course and receiving a Completion Certificate. Colorado teens can take the course online and receive the required Certificate of Completion.

This course includes 50 updated Colorado permit practice tests. Practice tests help students become familiar with the style of Colorado’s written test. Practice tests also help students see in which areas they need more study.

Teens who take this course can expect to spend 30 hours completing the course. The 30 hours is a requirement for Colorado driver’s education courses. For the Colorado course, electronically reports the Certificate of Completion to the DMV. However, students also receive a copy via email.

As the examples show, not all states have the same driver’s education requirements.

It’s pretty easy to see if has approved courses for your state. Visit the website and click the Select State link at the top of the homepage. Choose your state. You’ll then see a selection of courses that are available in the chosen state.

That about covers what’s available for teen drivers. Next, here’s a look at what adult drivers can expect.

Adult Driver Education Courses has adult driver’s education courses for first-time drivers older than 18 years old.

States such as Ohio, Texas and Illinois now require new adult drivers to take an adult driver’s education course. Adult drivers in this situation can possibly find the courses they need on

Another reason an adult might need driver’s education is to earn an insurance discount. Several auto insurance companies offer insurance discounts to drivers who enroll in driver’s education courses. If you’re interested in this option, check with your insurance company to see if you qualify. offers basic driver’s education courses for adult drivers. New drivers learn the rules of the road, safe driving skills, and local traffic laws. Existing drivers will already know much of the information, but the courses help them review what they’ve learned.

Adult driver’s education courses are taught the same as the courses for teens. uses videos, animations, and other media to keep the courses interesting and educational. Adults also have access to practice tests and receive a Certificate of Completion.

Driving Lessons says it offers in-car driving lessons in some states. The company forms partnerships with driving schools in different states. When a student needs driving lessons, they simply check to see what’s available in their state.

However, it seems that driving lessons are currently only available in Georgia, Texas, and California. With such limited options, most students won’t find driving lessons in their state. If you need driving lessons anywhere other than the three states mentioned earlier, isn’t the place for you.

However, if you are located in Georgia, Texas, or California, you can schedule driving lessons via The catch is that you must also live within a certain zip code.

Parent-Taught Driver’s Education

For some states, offers parent-taught driver’s lessons. This option allows teens to take the driver’s education courses online, and a parent is officially responsible for the teen’s behind-the-wheel training. Take Texas, for example.

Texas is one state that participates in parent-taught driver’s lessons. The parent-taught course is approved by the Texas Department of Public Safety and licensed by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.

For the Texas course, the teen student must complete at least 32 hours of coursework in the online course. Those 32 hours must include learning about traffic safety, rules of the road, and driver safety.

As for the parent-taught driving lessons, at least 34 hours of in-car driving lessons are required. Ten of those hours must take place at night.

To enroll in the parent-taught driving lessons, Texas students must receive a Parent-Taught Drivers Education Program Guide. This guide is available from the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.

Technically, a parent doesn’t have to teach the driving lessons. A parent is fine, but a step-parent, grandparent, foster parent, or legal guardian can teach the lesson, too.

“Teacher” Requirements with Parent-Taught

However, the person teaching the driving lessons must meet the following requirements:

1. A valid Texas driver’s license is required. And the driver must have been licensed for at least three years. They must have a valid license from their permanent state of residence or last duty station for active military personnel.

2. The driver must have no more than 6 points on their driving record.

3. The driver can’t have any convictions for homicide or driving under the influence.

4. The driver can’t have any traffic-related violations that resulted in a revoked or suspended license within the past 3 years.

5. The driver must demonstrate mental competence.

The instructor needs to check their criminal and driving history for the Texas parent-taught driving lessons. The state doesn’t check the instructor’s background until the student applies for the learner’s permit.

If it’s determined that the instructor doesn’t meet all the requirements, then the student will have their learner’s permit application denied. The student will also lose any credit they received for the course.

The online course fulfills all the educational requirements for the Texas Parent-Taught Driver’s Education Program. The online course is the equivalent to in-class education.

Traffic School also has traffic school options for some states. However, the traffic school courses are taught by I Drive Safely.

When you select a state to see if traffic school is available, a pop-up appears letting you know you’re being re-directed to I Drive Safely. and I Drive Safely are partners in offering online courses for drivers. 

A Word on Customer Support and Student Experiences

Most students have positive things to say about Student reviews on TrustPilot are primarily positive. Several comments about the ease of enrolling, the usefulness of the content, and how simple it is to obtain the Certificate of Completion.

Based on comments left by former students, the number one complaint is that customer support is difficult to reach. A few students even claim the customer support number doesn’t work at all. And email is the only way to reach customer support.

Other complaints include having difficulty receiving refunds, having courses canceled after payment has been accepted, and failing to receive the Certificate of Completion.

There were also some complaints about the in-person driving instructors. However, it’s important to remember the driving instructors don’t work for Driving instructors work for driving schools that partner with to provide driving lessons.

There’s no way to tell if these complaints are valid or if the company rectified these situations. But it’s necessary to report the good along with the bad, just so you’re aware of the potential pitfalls. Course Pricing

There’s no short and sweet answer when it comes to pricing. Course prices vary based on state requirements, the amount of coursework, and the length of the course. Courses for some states might cost the same, but it’s more common to see several different price points.

But even with several different prices, courses are relatively inexpensive. And probably within reach for most people. For example, the Kansas Online Driver’s Ed course is currently $19.95. And the Colorado Online Driver’s Ed course is currently $49.50.

DriversEd.Com Refund Policy

If you’re not satisfied with your course, the company will refund your money under certain circumstances. As long as the course isn’t completely or partially completed, you’ll receive a full refund within 30 days of purchase. No refunds are given for courses that are completely or partially completed. And it takes around 30 days to receive the refund. Recap

This review has covered a ton of information. Here’s a quick recap to close out the review. provides driver’s courses for adults and teens. The courses are approved in several states. Note that it says several, not all. A course that’s available in one state isn’t necessarily available in another state.

As for courses, accessing the course material is simple. courses work on most devices, including computers, tablets, and smartphones. All you need is an internet connection and you’re all set.

It’s also possible to access your course from different devices. As long as you have your password and username, you can log into your account.

What Former Students Like about

  1. The courses are online. And online courses are more convenient than traveling to a classroom.
  2. The courses are certified by several state DMVs.
  3. Course material does a good job of preparing students for the written exam.
  4. In-person driving courses are available in some states. (Note that partners with various driving schools. doesn’t have its own instructors).
  5. Courses are more affordable than those taught in the classroom.
  6. Students can complete courses at their own pace.
  7. Course content is engaging, fun, and educational. This keeps the course from becoming boring.
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