American Safety Council Review

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When it comes to workplace safety, the American Safety Council is one of the top providers for online courses. They offer many different courses for workplace safety, driver safety, professional services, and continuing education. Let’s look at the different courses and a complete review of the American Safety Council.

American Safety Council Review


Reviewing the Workplace Safety Courses

With many large employers partnering with the ASC (American Safety Council), there are plenty of workplace safety courses to consider. In addition, the courses from the ASC offer exactly what employers need to keep their employees trained on safety. So when you’re looking for the right online training solutions, the American Safety Council offers the right option.

Alcohol Server Training

One of the top courses offered by the ASC is their alcohol server training. This course is required for employees working a job where they will be selling and serving alcoholic beverages. In many states, it’s mandatory. However, even when it’s not mandatory, the course is a good idea for restaurant and bar owners.

Alcohol server training courses are meant for bartenders, waiters, cashiers, and other employees handling alcohol. The courses will cover preventing underage drinking, serving alcohol responsibly, and how to avoid alcohol-related accidents.

OSHA Outreach Training

Another type of workplace safety course is the OSHA outreach training. Construction workers can take the online OSHA-authorized Outreach training courses. These courses will allow employees to earn the official OSHA 10 or OSHA 30 card. This card comes from the U.S. Department of Labor.

American Safety Council also offers the HAZWOPER courses. These courses are eight hours, 24-hours, and 40-hours long. They help to teach workers how to respond to emergencies and avoid exposure to hazardous materials.

Along with these workplace safety courses, the ASC offers many other topic-specific certificate courses. The courses are 30 or 60 minutes long and provide good courses for refresher training and initial training.

The American Safety Council has partnered with national brands, such as and the OSHA Education Center, to provide the top courses.

Alternatives to the American Safety Council Workplace Safety Courses

When you’re looking for the right workplace safety courses, you have plenty of options. While the American Safety Council offers plenty of great options, there are other alternatives, including:

These alternatives offer choices you can use to train your employees and keep them safe. There are plenty of options when it comes to online workplace safety courses. Check out the online reviews before choosing the right course for your needs.

Traffic School and Drivers Education Course Review

The American Safety Council also offers many driver education and traffic school courses. These are affordable, state-approved, and completely online. You can choose from the following options:

The American Safety Council has partnered with several national brands to offer the right driver training courses. They work with,,, and

Alternatives to the American Safety Council Traffic School Courses

While you can certainly use the American Safety Council for your traffic school courses, there are many alternatives. Therefore, it’s always smart to read several reviews of the ASC and any alternative course you’re considering. Some of the top alternative traffic school courses include:

There are many alternatives to the American Safety Council traffic school courses. After reading a few customer reviews, you’ll be able to make the right decision for your specific needs.

Review of the Professional Services Course from the ASC

The American Safety Council also offers many courses for those in professional fields. With a large number of pre-licensing courses, the ASC offers some of the best choices online. In addition, they provide courses for becoming a notary public, cosmetology, insurance, and more.

If you want to become a barber or work in insurance, you can take one of the highly-reviewed courses from the American Safety Council. They work with top brands, such as Notary of America and CosmetologyToGo, to provide the right online course options.

Alternatives to the Professional Services Courses Offered By the ASC

While you can certainly take one of the many courses offered by the American Safety Council, there are also alternative brands to consider. Whether you want to become a notary public, work in insurance, or go into cosmetology, you’ll need the right pre-licensing courses.

Some of the top alternatives to the American Safety Council include:

When you want to gain the right professional services courses, you have plenty of options. However, choosing the right one isn’t always easy. So make sure you read plenty of online reviews before choosing.

Continuing Education Courses from the American Safety Council

After the initial training, you may need CE (Continuing Education) courses. There are several professions where CE courses are necessary. Some of the courses offered by the American Safety Council for continuing education include:

When you need to renew your license, or you need the continuing education courses necessary to keep your license, the American Safety Council offers plenty of options. The ASC works with several national brands to provide the right courses, including the OSHA Education Center, Notary of America,, and CosmetologyToGo.

Continuing Education Alternatives

There are many choices to consider when it comes to continuing education courses. Many of the top choices for online courses include:

There are several alternatives for your continuing education needs. Always read the reviews of each course before you choose the CE courses you need. Renewing your professional license is important. Make sure you get the right courses to keep your license.

Overall Review of the American Safety Council

When you’re looking for the right courses for your specific needs, the American Safety Council might be the right option. They serve more than 2 million customers each year with over 300 online courses. In addition, the ASC is accredited by the IACET (International Accreditors for Continuing Education and Training) and has won several awards over the years.

Many reviews of the American Safety Council are very positive. If you’re looking for the right training for your employees or yourself, they offer great options. There are also several alternatives to choose from. Comparing a few options will help you choose the right courses for your specific needs.

Many of the top employers across the nation use the ASC for training. Whether you need workplace safety, driver safety, or professional services courses, the American Safety Council offers great options. Please choose from the many options they offer or choose one of the alternatives to get the training you need. You can get some or all of it online. The best online courses for your professional career make a difference. The American Safety Council offers many great courses. You can also choose an alternative option and gain the training you need.

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