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Formerly known as 2400 Expert, Prep Expert is known as one of the best SAT Prep options available. It was developed by Shaan Patel, who scored perfectly on the SAT. The program was originally developed to help other students score higher on the SAT.

With a feature spot on the TV show Shark Tank and investment from Mark Cuban, Prep Expert has partnered with the Cranes Institute to offer some of the best SAT prep courses online and through their app. They also provide in-person classroom courses and live online classes for those seeking the classroom experience.

Patel has a goal of helping millions of students score higher on the SAT and improve their scores. In addition, he wants to help them get into the universities they have been dreaming of attending and give students more opportunities.

This Prep Expert Review will look at the different courses offered and what Prep Expert is all about. So, let’s dive in and see if Prep Expert is the right option for your SAT preparation.

Prep Expert Review

What does Prep Expert Offer?

Prep Expert offers SAT courses, ACT courses, and AP courses for students preparing for important exams. They provide students with a score improvement guarantee, which varies a bit depending on the course you choose. If you’re looking for the right SAT, ACT, or AP prep courses, Prep Expert might be the right choice for your needs.

SAT Courses from Prep Expert

There are five SAT courses offered by Prep Expert with some in-person and online options, along with a PSAT option and self-paced courses. The course options include:

Courses range in price from $299 to $1,299, depending on the instructor and the actual course.

ACT Courses from Prep Expert

If you’re looking to score high on the ACT, one of the three prep courses offered by Prep Expert can help you achieve your goals. The three courses offered for the ACT include:

The cost for the ACT courses ranges from $299 to $799.

MasterClasses from Prep Expert

The AP courses from Prep Expert are called MasterClasses. They are designed for those not in college yet and those in college and graduate school. These courses provide a way to stay ahead of the curve and test into more AP courses. So if you want your children to be at the top of the list of the highly sought-after universities, these MasterClasses give you the tools you need.

MasterClasses are offered in many subjects for students from K-12 with graduate-level exams, time management courses, study strategies, and more. Courses are offered for the following levels:

Courses cover a wide range of areas, including AP Calculus, AP Biology, Time Management improvement, Productivity, Effective Studying, How to Succeed, the GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test), and more. In addition, there are many AP courses offered by Prep Expert, and they range in price from $199 and up.

Prep Expert Tutoring

Since Prep Expert takes education seriously and wants to make sure you have everything necessary to succeed, they offer excellent tutoring options. Prep Expert has options for as low as $59 per hour if you learn better with one-on-one tutoring. You can choose the tutor that fits your needs and provides the type of tutoring you need.

From tutors with high SAT scores to those able to help you with foreign languages, there are plenty of options offered by Prep Expert. So whether you need a little help or someone to meet with you weekly, you can find great tutoring options and increase your knowledge by studying in a one-on-one environment with Prep Expert.

Academic Coaching

During these uncertain times, Prep Expert has expanded to offer academic coaching for high schoolers. This can help keep your high school student from falling behind as they learn from home instead of in the classroom. Even if your student isn’t falling behind, academic coaching can help prepare them for college in an even better way.

Academic coaching from Prep Expert is $99 per month and provides an easy way to help your students learn better and become prepared for college. Academic coaching offers the solution when you don’t think they are getting enough from Zoom classes or high school in general.

Coaching can help your student with:

If you think your child would benefit from an academic coach, Prep Expert offers options to help your student succeed.

Admission Consulting

Along with everything else, Prep Expert provides admission consulting with expert planning for grades 7 to 12. With the consulting option from Prep Expert, you can find out how to build the right transcript for specific colleges and universities. This option also offers guidance with applications and college admissions.

Students and families often need help to find out how they can become admitted to top-tier schools. With Prep Expert admission counseling, students have a better plan to get into one of their top choice colleges and win scholarship money.

College admission consulting services include:

You can start with a free consultation and see how Prep Expert can help your student.

Customer Reviews of Prep Expert

According to the Prep Expert website, they have received a total of 4.66 stars out of 5 stars from nearly 3,000 reviews. Most of the reviews about their SAT and ACT programs are incredible, and many students have achieved perfect SAT scores. It’s a common thing to find reviews about Prep Expert showing acceptance to top-tier colleges, along with high SAT scores.

Prep Expert also shows how they have improved SAT scores of several of their students with improvements as high as 680 points. In addition, many students using the SAT prep courses from Prep Expert have achieved scores above 1500 with several perfect scores from their students. Overall, the customer reviews are glowing about Prep Expert, and the positive reviews keep on coming.

Final Review of Prep Expert

Prep Expert offers plenty of helpful tools, tutors, and coaches for students and parents preparing for the SAT, ACT, or the college admission process. It’s a proven company featuring top teachers and instructors that have achieved success themselves. So if you want to score higher on the SAT or ACT, Prep Expert offers the tools you need and so much more.

Even during these trying times when students may not be able to be in the classroom or get the instruction they need, Prep Expert is helping. With academic coaching and tutors available locally or online, students of all ages can get the help they need when struggling with virtual classes or a specific subject.

Any student planning to go to college should consider Prep Expert. It’s one of the top choices online for SAT and ACT prep. However, they offer so much more, and the customer reviews of Prep Expert are glowing.

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