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ICA (Inspection Certification Associates) is a top home inspection training school. They provide all the education options you need to become a home inspector. So when you’re looking for the right school for home inspectors, ICA might be just what you need.

Our full Inspection Certification Associates review will help you make the right decision. We will look at an overview of ICA, what they offer, and more. But, first, let’s get into the ICA review.

ICA Reviews

Overview of Inspection Certification Associates

For more than two decades, ICA has been a leader in home inspection education in the United States. They provide a high-quality education to prepare students to become home inspectors.

Not only do Inspection Verification Associates help prepare future home inspectors, but they also help keep current inspectors up-to-date. ICA instructors provide over 125 years of combined experience and have written over 100K inspection reports.

Inspection Certification Associates Review of the Courses

The courses offered by ICA come in two different formats: Online and Classroom. In addition, they offer state licensing courses for all 50 states. So if you want to become a home inspector, ICA is one of the best options.

Compared to competitors, they offer many benefits you won’t find with other options, including:

The course is also updated for 2022, and ICA is BBB Accredited.

Training from Inspection Certification Associates is all-inclusive. You get everything you need to become a home inspector, including the radon and mold instruction. In addition, the Real Estate Inspection Certification Program from ICA will train students to ASTM (American Society of Testing and Materials) Standards.

Since ICA offers additional instruction for their students, they will be able to conduct both residential and commercial inspections after graduating.

The Online Course

While both courses will offer everything you need to become a home inspector, you can choose to take the entire course online for $795.

With this course, you gain 24/7 unlimited access and instructor support. You will also get the radon and mold certification courses. The online course will fulfill all home inspection training requirements, too. You will also get an inspector reporting app and a one-month InterNACHI membership.

The Classroom Course

If you prefer to take the home inspection course in the classroom, the cost is $1,695. You will also have to make sure the course is offered in your state. ICA offers classroom courses in the following states:

Courses last one week when you take the classroom course. You will also get access to the online course with this option.

Features of the ICA Home Inspection Course

You gain many valuable features when you choose to use Inspection Certification Associates. The features you gain include:

All of these features come with the course from ICA. They offer everything you need and much more, whether you choose the online or the classroom option.

A Review of the Bonus Courses from ICA

When you enroll with ICA, you will gain access to several bonus courses. These courses are available with both classroom and online home inspection courses.

Marketing for Home Inspectors

Discover the best ways to market your services as a home inspector. You will learn some of the foundational marketing strategies and advanced techniques to help you grow your business faster and easier.

Commercial Property Inspection

After completing the Inspection Certification Associates home inspection training course, you can complete the commercial property inspection course. This course will train and certify you to the ASTM standards.

Home Inspector Exam Prep Course

This course offers everything you need to prepare for your National Home Inspectors Exam. In addition, you will gain access to 700 practice questions with this online course.

Radon Inspection

If you want to offer radon inspection services, this course will allow you to do just that. It’s a self-paced and user-friendly option with four modules. The Radon Inspection Course teaches you all you need to know for residential and commercial radon inspections.

Mold Inspection

Home inspectors can use the Mold Inspection Course to add another service to their business. This course will teach you everything necessary to perform mold inspections for commercial and residential properties.

Pool and Spa Inspection

Some homes include pools and spas. You may need to inspect these, and you need the right training to do so. The Swimming Pool & Spa Inspection course will teach you all the vital components of the swimming pool, along with the safety standards. You will be able to offer this type of inspection after completing this course.

Mobile, Manufactured, Tiny, & Log Home Inspections

Not all homes are the same. If you want to perform home inspections on mobile homes, manufactured homes, tiny homes, and log homes, this is the course for you. With more than 25 million Americans choosing to live in this type of home, it’s a growing market.

Wood Destroying Organisms

Learn about the different wood destroying organisms with this course. It will teach you how to perform a typical home inspection, along with looking for signs of wood-destroying organisms. In addition, you will learn all the potential remediations and how to find evidence of these organisms when inspecting.

Smart Home Inspection

This online course will learn how to inspect smart home technology. In addition, ICA offers this bonus course to help you stay up-to-date on where the home inspection industry is going.

Septic Inspection

The Septic Inspection Course from Inspection Certification Associates will give you the knowledge you need to inspect septic systems. This is a very common need in rural areas but may be needed in other areas. Home inspectors can offer this service by completing this online course.

Thermal Imaging

Another bonus course that can help you learn how to perform a better home inspection is the thermal imaging course will teach you about this technology. You will learn how to use standalone devices, plug-in infrared devices, and more.

Asbestos Inspection

The Asbestos Inspection Course from ICA will provide you with the necessary information to perform a property Asbestos inspection. While performing a home inspection, you will identify Asbestos and learn how the mitigation procedures work.

Irrigation and Sprinkler System Inspection

This course will allow you to learn what’s necessary to inspect lawn irrigation and sprinkler system. This is an important service as many homes have irrigation and sprinkler systems.

Lead Paint Inspection

This course will teach you how to look for lead paint during a home inspection. In addition, it can help you identify this type of paint and report these issues.

Well Water Testing and Inspection Course

When you complete this online course, you will provide well-water testing services for your clients. You can detect the presence of pollutants and bacteria in the water.

Building a Multi-Inspector Business

If you want to build your business and have more than one inspector working for you, this is the course for you. It will help you go from a one-person show to a local or regional company with multiple inspectors on the payroll.

Reviewing the Pros & Cons of Inspection Certification Associates



Overall, Inspection Certification Associates offers one of the best options for home inspection training. If you want to become a licensed home inspector, ICA is a great option. The online course offers one of the best prices you will find for what you get. It’s packed with features and affordably priced.

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