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An innovative test prep company, Target Test Prep offers one of the top GMAT courses online today. When you want to score better on this specific test, you need the right study materials. Our Target Test Prep review will help you decide if this is the right course for you.

You already know the GMAT is going to be a huge challenge. Scoring higher than the average score of 565 can help you in many ways. With the right test prep course, you can score higher on the GMAT. Target Test Prep might be the right option for you.

Before we get into the meat of this Target Test Prep review, a quick introduction is necessary.

Target Test Prep Review

What is Target Test Prep, Exactly?

Target Test Prep provides a top online course to help you prepare for the Graduate Management Admission Test. When you’re preparing for graduate school, the GMAT is the test you need to take.

Target Test Prep was founded in 2008. It’s aimed to help students prepare for this very difficult and important test. The GMAT test prep materials from Target Test Prep have a heavy emphasis on quantitative reasoning and math.

The Target Test Prep website states that customers have seen positive results, overall. The average score for their customers is 730 with 92% of their customers scoring above 700. Customers have also shown an average GMAT quant score of Q48.

Target Test Prep Review: The Features

Target Test Prep offers plenty of excellent features within their course. Within the GMAT test prep course, you will gain access to the following features:

Along with these basic features, the Target Test Prep course will offer help for each section.

GMAT Verbal Test Prep

You get a comprehensive set of verbal lessons with over 400 HD videos from top instructors. This part of the prep course will also give you realistic questions to cover all the skill levels and topics.

The verbal test prep also includes more than 1,000 questions to help you master all the necessary skills. These questions can be targeted to hit your weaknesses and help develop your strengths.

GMAT Quant Test Prep

With the test prep for the Quant section, you won’t have to worry about getting caught off guard on test day. With over 800 HD videos from top instructors, you can be very well-prepared for this section. You will also get plenty of tips, tricks, and example questions you can use to help you prepare.

You’ll get more than 3,000 quant practice questions to help you prepare, as well. These questions will help you gain the knowledge and skills you need to take the GMAT with success.

A Review of the Cost of Target Test Prep

When you choose to prepare for the GMAT with Target Test Prep, you can start with a five-day free trial for just $1. This trial can help introduce you to the materials and how the system works. Once you decide to go further with your test prep, you can choose from a few different Target Test Prep plans including:

All of the package options come with the same access. You will gain access to all of the following:

You will also get the 110-point score improvement guarantee with any plan from Target Test Prep.

Target Test Prep Review: The Pros & Cons

Before choosing any test prep option, you should look a bit closer at the pros and cons offered. Target Test Prep is one of the top options. Let’s look at the pros and cons of this GMAT test prep option.



There used to be more cons for Target Test Prep, but they have made their prep materials even better than before. With this GMAT test prep option, you can truly get prepared for the test and score much higher.

Frequently Asked Questions About Target Test Prep

Can I use Target Test Prep if I am not a native English speaker?

Yes, the Target Test Prep GMAT course is great for anybody. Whether you are a native English speaker or not, if you complete this course, you will improve your GMAT score.

Will I get both the Quant and Verbal courses with all plans?

Yes, you will get both the GMAT Quant and GMAT Verbal courses with any plan from Target Test Prep. This ensures you can properly prepare for the GMAT without worry.

Are the practice questions from Target Test Prep similar to real GMAT questions?

Yes, they are very similar and created to help test the same skills the GMAT will test. When you choose to prep with Target Test Prep, you will get the questions you need to truly practice for the test.

Can I use Target Test Prep on all my devices?

Yes, you can use the GMAT test prep program from Target Test Prep on your smartphone, computer, or tablet.

What is considered a good score on the GMAT?

A good score on the GMAT is a bit subjective. There isn’t one answer to this question. The best way to determine what a good score will be is to look at the range of scores for your MBA program. For example, some programs will accept you if you score between 550 and 600. However, other programs may look for students with a higher score.

The total score will range from 200 to 800 with the average score at about 565. Target Test Prep boasts 157 points above average test score for their students with a very high percentage scoring above 700.

Is there anything I should know before I take the GMAT?

Yes, there are many things you should know before taking the GMAT. Some of the best tips for taking this test include:

These quick tips will help you when it’s time to take the GMAT.

Do I really need to study for the GMAT?

Yes, even if you think you know the material well enough to score high, chances are, you won’t. If you want to get into a top MBA program, you need a high score on the GMAT. With the average score falling around 565, you want to make sure you study to score higher.

With Target Test Prep, if you use the materials properly, you have a great chance of scoring much higher. A score above 700 will certainly help you stand out. Make sure you prepare for the GMAT or you might be retaking it before getting into your MBA program.

There are many good reasons to choose Target Test Prep for your GMAT studying. If you want to use one of the most highly reviewed and recommended online options, Target Test Prep is the right choice for you.

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