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Approved Course is reader-supported. If you buy through links on our site, we may earn a small commission. is a source of educational resources for grades pre-K through 5. There are more than 25,000 educational games, worksheets, and coloring pages available. The website also offers free and paid membership options.

A parent, teacher, or home school teacher may find the website useful. Here’s a look at what has to offer. Review

1. Thousands of Fun and Exciting Printable Worksheets has almost an endless supply of worksheet printables. There are currently thousands of sheets on the website – and new offerings become available often.

Some parents, teachers, and home school teachers spend hours at a time searching Google or Pinterest for printables. saves tons of time because all of the sheets are conveniently on the website.

Downloading a sheet from is simple: visit the website, find the sheet of your choice, and download a PDF copy. You can then print as many copies as you want. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re teaching one child at home or a classroom full of children – you can print as many pages as you need.

You can search the printable sheets by grade, subject, topic, or standard.

Current Grades: Preschool, Kindergarten, and 1st through 5th

Current Subjects: Foreign Language, Math, Social Studies, Reading and Writing, Science, Typing, and Social-Emotional

Current Topics: Coloring, Holidays, Arts and Crafts, Events and Pop Culture, and Seasonal

Finding the Best Printables

You can sort the printables by popularity, highest rated, most recent, title, and relevance. This makes it even easier to find a printable suitable for your situation.

For example, say you’re trying to help your 4-year old recognize numbers. And you want a printable that’s highly rated by other users.

First, you’d select preschool as the grade. Then you’d select math as the subject. Then choose to sort by highest rated. Your results will highlight the highest-rated math printables for preschool-aged children.

If you’re unhappy with the selection, you can re-sort the results using different criteria. Instead of sorting by highest rated, you can choose something like most recent.

Once you’ve found the perfect printable, click download to access a PDF copy. It’s that simple.

Do you have an original idea for a printable? has an option for creating your own printable files. Worksheets, puzzles, and mazes are examples of the type of documents you can create.

2. Professional Lesson Plans offers lesson plans created by teachers. This saves you the time of creating your plans from scratch. Schedule your teaching around an existing plan or use one of the existing plans as a starting point for your own.

The lesson plans are organized almost exactly like the printables. An exception is that lesson plans offer an English Learner option. provides detailed information about each lesson plan. After choosing a plan, you’re given the option to download a fact sheet that details the plan.

Lesson Plan Example

For example, “All About Nouns” is a popular third-grade lesson plan. It explains what nouns are and gives students practice with recognizing nouns in various sentences.

The “All About Nouns” information download informs you that the lesson plan’s objective is to help students learn all about nouns. You also learn that there’s a chart included that defines a noun and several examples.

There are also talking points that give you an idea of how to discuss the subject with your student. For example, the lesson plan suggests starting the lesson by explaining what nouns are and why they’re important.

This particular plan also suggests telling students to look around the room. Tell them to name an object that’s in the room. At that point, explain that the objects are nouns. And that nouns are words used to describe things, people, and places.

The lesson plan also suggests incorporating music into the lesson. For example, play a song that’s all about nouns. Tell the students to raise a hand when they hear a noun mentioned in the song.

Another suggestion is to demonstrate the role nouns play in sentences. Explain that nouns help you know what or who a sentence is talking about. Nouns can also tell where an event takes place.

The lesson plan suggests presenting students with an incomplete sentence. For example, write “runs into the yard.” on the board. Then ask your students what’s wrong with the sentence.

Explain that the sentence is incomplete because it doesn’t say who or what runs into the yard. Explain that the noun is missing and provide examples of nouns that can clarify the meaning of the sentence.

This is an example of the type of detail you can expect from an lesson plan. You don’t have to follow the plan exactly as written, but it’s a good guide.

3. Educational Games offers interactive games that are fun and educational. The interactive content isn’t downloadable but played directly on the website.

Alphabet Balloon Pop: B E G” is one of the most popular interactive selections in the preschool category. Young children practice recognizing the letters B, E, and G. It’s a fast-paced activity in the style of a balloon-pop game.

During gameplay, balloons float out of the windows of a building. The student must pop any B, E, or G that they see. The overall purpose of gameplay is to teach students to recognize the letters. But for the child, the goal of gameplay is to help a character named Floyd to get a hot air balloon ride.

“Alphabet Balloon Pop: B E G” is just one example of the interactive selections on There are hundreds of interactive gameplay activities available for students in preschool through 5th grade. Brainzy is another interactive offering.

Brainzy is a math and reading program best suited for preschool through first grade. The program presents students with several learning opportunities.

For example, “I’ve Got Your Number” allows students to learn counting in several different ways. They might have to count by tens, twos, etc.… And “Kindergarten Reading World” gives students the option to choose from several subjects. Sight words, lowercase letters, and silent e are examples of subjects available for students to explore in “Kindergarten Reading World.”

Premium members have access to progress reports that track student progress. Although Brainzy is its own program, it’s accessible via the website.

4. Guided Workbooks

Guided workbooks are activity books created for specific weeks of learning.

For example, a “Week 1” workbook is for use during the first week of lessons. Each workbook has 5 days worth of activities that cover subjects for the appropriate grade level.

A workbook for first graders would include math, reading, and writing. But a workbook for preschoolers might include recognizing colors, writing alphabets, and learning to count.

It’s important to note that workbooks aren’t free. They are available for purchase individually or as part of a monthly subscription fee. If you choose the subscription, you can download as many workbooks as you like for the one subscription fee.

5. Science Fair Ideas has hundreds of project ideas good for science fairs and exploring science in general.

Popular projects include exploring how light affects plant growth, learning how yeast makes bread rise and determining which seeds germinate the fastest. does include a disclaimer and safety advisory with each science project.

The website states that science project ideas are for informational purposes only. The website doesn’t guarantee that projects will work. also assumes no responsibility for any damage or loss caused directly or indirectly by any of the website’s projects.

When you access any science projects, you waive your right to make any claims against or the website. It also states that anyone participating in any science projects is responsible for correctly following the directions.

Pricing and Membership Details has two levels of membership: basic and premium.

Basic membership is free. This level of membership gives you access to three free items per month. You can select from any of the free content on the website – excluding workbooks because they aren’t free.

In all, with the basic membership, you can access 36 free items over the course of a year. But you can purchase as many individual workbooks as you want.

When searching for content, keep in mind that choosing to open a printable will count as one of your selections. Some people do this to get a glimpse of what’s contained in the PDF. They are then surprised to learn that it counted as one of their free selections, although they didn’t download the worksheet.

Once you’ve used your three free selections for the month, you have two options. One, you can wait until next month to choose three more free resources. Two, you can upgrade to a premium membership. The premium membership offers unlimited access to most resources on

Paid membership includes access to more than 20,000 educational resources covering math, writing, social studies, and reading. You also gain unlimited access to interactive content on and the option to track each student’s progress.

A monthly membership is currently $15.99 per month, but the first month is $8.00. An annual membership is currently $119.88 per year, but the first year is $59.94.

A school license is also available for individual teachers. This allows a school to purchase access for its teachers. The teachers can then use resources in the classroom.

The current license price per teacher is $150.00 per year for up to four teachers. The current license price per teacher is $120.00 per year for five to 19 teachers. And the current license price per teacher is $100.00 per year for 20 or more teachers.

Membership automatically renews every month or every year – depending on your membership plan. You can cancel your membership by choosing “cancel subscription” under your settings.

Prices are subject to change.

Making Education Fun is worth considering if you’re a parent, teacher, or home school teacher in charge of a child’s education. You’ll have access to several educational resources, all conveniently located on the website.

The free membership gives you limited access, but it could also meet your needs. However, a person with several students might benefit from a paid membership.


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