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Teachable is a platform offering courses online. Its software assists creators and businesses in launching online courses and other products for customers. The platform supports videos, quizzes, and lectures.

Known as the most advanced online course platform available, Teachable is a great choice. Before you choose, however, it’s necessary to read our Teachable review. Let’s look closer at what this platform offers and why it might be perfect for you.

Teachable Review

Teachable Review of the Pros & Cons

With any platform, there are pros and cons. Teachable is no different. Here’s our review of the main pros and cons for Teachable.



While Teachable has some cons, it’s still one of the top platforms for courses.

Cost Review of Teachable

If you want to use Teachable to create and share your courses, you can do so with four different plans. Let’s look at each plan and what it offers.


The free plan allows you to have unlimited students. You will pay $1 + a 10% transaction fee with this plan. Instant payouts are available, and you can post unlimited courses and coaching services. It’s even possible to create product bundles and basic quizzes with this plan.

Some third-party integrations are available, and you do get product support. In addition, this package offers one admin-level user account.

Basic – $29 per month billed annually or $39 monthly

The transaction fee goes down to 5% with the Basic package. With this plan, you can also create a members-only community and course creator training. If you want to use coupon codes and trip course content, this is the plan for you.

You get two admin-level users with the Basic plan and integrated email marketing, too. Even a private student community is available with this plan.

Pro – $99 per month billed annually or $119 monthly

Upgrading to the Pro level, you gain access to no transaction fees and priority product support. You will also create graded quizzes and gain access to five admin-level users.

The Pro level includes advanced reports, course completion certificates, course compliance, and integrated affiliate marketing. This level even offers group coaching calls.

Business – $249 per month billed annually or $299 monthly

The Business plan offers no transaction fees with 20 admin-level users. It comes with manual student imports, build student enrollments, custom user roles, and advanced theme customization. You will also get group coaching calls and priority product support at this level.

All plans will include the following:

If you’re looking for the right platform to use for your courses, Teachable might be the best choice for you.

Top 4 Features Offered by Teachable

1. Unlimited Everything

You won’t be limited on the size or number of courses you can create. If you have 100 courses, you can put them all up with Teachable. With unlimited video bandwidth, unlimited courses, and unlimited students, you can grow as large as you want.

2. Live Speaking with Students

You can provide one-on-one sessions to help build your student base. In addition, call hosting makes it easy to coach your students even further.

3. Create Quizzes

You can create multiple-choice quizzes to help your students. Add as many potential answers as you want, or use a single answer. Quizzes can even be graded, and you can view the scores in your reporting section.

4. Multiple Integrations

You can integrate Teachable with many different platforms, including:

Upgrading is required to get all integrations, but some are available with the free plan.

Teachable vs. Kajabi

Two similar platforms for online courses, Teachable and Kajabi, differ. Both will allow you to customize your design, but Kajabi offers more customization options. You will also get a marketplace feature with Kajabi for exposure. Teachable doesn’t offer this feature or do any marketing for you.

Kajabi doesn’t take any transaction fee, either. The free and basic plans from Teachable do. However, Teachable plans are far more affordable than Kajabi.

Teachable vs. Thinkific

You can choose between Teachable and Thinkific after reading the right reviews. Both offer similar features, including:

However, with Thinkific, you don’t get nearly as many design options as Teachable. Another difference is the slightly lower cost of Teachable compared to Thinkific.

Teachable vs. Udemy

Two very popular platforms to help you sell courses, you can choose between Teachable and Udemy. Teachable allows you to create the course and sell it within the platform. However, with Udemny, you can only upload and sell your courses.

Teachable also allows you to use your custom domain name. With Udemy, you can only list your courses on the platform. This means you can only get a custom look for your online school with Teachable, not Udemy.

Udemy does proactively promote your courses to their users, however. This isn’t something you get with Teachable. Instead, you will be in charge of your marketing.

The restrictions with Teachable are none, and you can charge whatever you want. You will also be able to set discounts with Teachable. Choosing Udemy means you will have to price your course between $20 to $200. Your courses will also be discounted automatically, and Udemy will take 50% of your revenue from any organic sales.

Frequently Asked Questions About Teachable

Are there any transaction fees with Teachable?

Yes, with Teachable, you will pay $1 + 10% if you choose the free plan and a 5% transaction fee with the basic plan. However, they offer upgraded plans that don’t have any transaction fees.

Can I integrate my email marketing platform with Teachable?

You can integrate Teachable with Mailchimp and ConvertKit. These are the only email marketing platforms that can be integrated with Teachable. However, Teachable does offer its own email marketing platform you can use to send emails to students.

Will I be able to work with affiliates with Teachable?

If you choose the Pro plan, you will work with affiliates. You will even get to use one of the highest commission payouts at 30%. Teachable also offers conversion-optimized funnels to help boost sales, along with A/B tested funnels.

What is my earning potential when using Teachable?

Your earning potential depends on you. It’s possible to charge $99 or more per course. You can also offer online coaching and use affiliates to help drive more sales.

Some course creators using Teachable have learned how to earn well over $100K per year.

How does Teachable compare to alternatives, such as Thinkific?

Both pricing plans for Teachable and Thinkific are similar. However, Thinkific does offer more customizations than Teachable. If you choose Teachable, you will get a more user-friendly option. Comparing these plans doesn’t provide one platform that is better than another. It’s more about what will fit your specific needs.

Can I start with Teachable for free?

Yes, you will be able to start with Teachable for free. They offer a free plan with a $1 + 10% transaction fee. Some don’t consider this a free plan, but it won’t cost you anything unless you sell a course.

Will I be able to create a membership site through Teachable?

Yes, you will be able to create a membership site through Teachable. However, you will need to upgrade to the basic plan to access this feature.

Is Teachable the right platform for me?

It all depends on what you’re looking for in an online course platform. If you want to create and sell courses online, Teachable is a great choice. More than 100,000 creators and over a quarter-million courses are hosted on Teachable.

Creating your online school or selling a few courses can be done with Teachable. This review sheds some light on what you get and compares it to alternatives. Of course, there are many options out there, but Teachable offers some features you won’t get with other online course platforms.

If you’re ready to start selling courses or coaching services online, Teachable might be the platform for you. Getting the best platform for you requires reading reviews like this and deciding what fits best for you.

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