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Known as one of the top choices for preparing for standardized tests, career tests, and admittance tests, The Princeton Review offers some of the best test prep courses found online. So if you’re looking for a top option to help you better prepare for any major tests, The Princeton Review offers just what you’re after.

They provide prep courses with high score guarantees and several options, including self-study, live online classes, and even in-person classes. For example, with a test prep course from The Princeton Review, you can score higher on your upcoming test.

Brand Review: The Princeton Review

What Test Prep Materials Does The Princeton Review Offer?

As you review the website for The Princeton Review, you will notice they offer test prep materials for just about any type of test or exam you can find. The Princeton Review has test prep materials for all of the following:

They offer materials for different grade levels, including Grades 6 to 8, Grades 9 to 12, Graduate, and Professional. So whether you’re looking for a grammar course for your sixth-grader or you need a test prep course for the MCAT, The Princeton Review has an option for you.

Education Options for Grades 6 to 8

The Princeton Review website splits the materials they offer into four categories, with Grades 6 to 8 being one of the categories. Within this category, they offer many options, including Academic, SSAT, ISEE, SHSAT, Homework Help, and TEST-SUCCESS.

The Academic options come from what they call The Academy by Princeton Review. All of the courses within this category offer the A-guaranteed course, and they are designed for admittance into one of the top 200 schools.

The Academy by Princeton Review is known as the top choice to get students into top colleges. They have seen more than 95% of students improve their grades and have provided nearly 600K accumulated hours of online instruction to students.

Parents can choose from multiple courses for Grades 6 to 8 with both live online and in-person options. In addition, courses in Grammar, Algebra, and Geometry are available for students needing help in these areas or just looking to sharpen their skills.

The Academy by Princeton Review offers 32 hours of focused class time, materials access for a full year, the TEST-SUCCESS courses, 1.5 hours of live online orientation, textbooks, and the guaranteed grade A. The cost for this program is $999, and it’s available as a live online course or with the in-person option.

The Princeton Review also offers several other courses for Grades 6 to 8, including:

When your student in Grades 6 to 8 needs help or wants to achieve the best possible results, The Princeton Review offers the right options to help prepare them for testing and academic excellence.

Grades 9 to 12 Test Prep & Education Options from The Princeton Review

The next step in the journey to college and a rewarding career is the high school grades. The Princeton Review offers plenty of test prep and supportive services for Grades 9 to 12 to ensure your student is well on their way to getting into the right college.

The most popular programs offered by The Princeton Review for this level are the SAT and ACT prep courses. These are two of the best choices to ensure your student scores higher on the right tests and gets accepted into the right college.

SAT Prep Course

Choose from several different SAT prep courses, including the 1400+ guaranteed option. The Princeton Review offers courses available both online and in-person with the ability for students to master the essentials necessary to score higher on the SAT. With the 1400+ test prep course, you’re guaranteed to achieve a 1400 or higher score in 2 months!

If you want to ensure your high school student gets an even higher SAT score, the SAT 1500+ tutoring option is also available from The Princeton Review. This program will guarantee your student scores in the 99th percentile on the SAT and has the score they need to gain access to the top colleges and universities in the world.

No matter the SAT prep course you choose, the right materials from The Princeton Review will likely make a difference. Not only will you know what to expect, but you’ll go into the SAT exam more relaxed with less test anxiety.

ACT Prep Course

Choose from several levels of ACT prep courses from The Princeton Review available both online and in-person. If you want to ensure you achieve a high score, the ACT 31+ prep course is the right option for you. It comes with a guarantee that you will score a 31 or higher within two months on the ACT.

The Princeton Review also offers ACT 34+ tutoring for those looking to score in the 99th percentile on the ACT. If you’re trying to ensure admittance into a top school, this is the right option for your needs.

Along with these two prep courses, The Princeton Review offers all of the following for high school students:

Whether your high school student needs help improving their grades or ensuring they gain a high GPA, The Princeton Review has the right options for their specific needs. With the right help, your high school student can ensure they get accepted to a top-tier university or college.

Graduate Test Prep Courses from The Princeton Review

After your student gets into a top college, it’s time to prepare for the necessary test to get into the right graduate school. The Princeton Review offers many options to fit the needs of any student looking to get accepted into a top graduate program.

MCAT Prep Courses

Getting into medical school means you need to score high enough on the MCAT exam to be accepted. However, every school is slightly different regarding the score they want to see and how much weight they place on the MCATs.

The Princeton Review offers MCAT test prep courses for all types of students. So whether you prefer to work at your own pace or you need live tutoring to help you score better, they offer the right prep course for your needs.

The Self-Paced option is the least expensive and allows you to study from anywhere at your own pace. If you prefer a more one-on-one type of approach or you need live instructors, The Princeton Review also offers the MCAT 510+ course and the MCAT 515+ Immersion course. These courses come with score guarantees and offer a more intense option to prepare you to score very high on the MCAT exam.

The Princeton Review also offers private tutoring, MCAT Topic Focus group sessions, and a Comprehensive Admission Counseling Program.

LSAT Prep Courses

Are you trying to get accepted into law school?  A high score on the LSAT will help open up more doors and ensure you get into the law school you prefer. With the right LSAT test prep course from The Princeton Review, you will be well on your way to success.

Choose the Self-paced option with access online and the lowest price to study at your own pace. The Princeton Review also offers a Fundamentals level with online and in-person options, including 30 hours of classroom time. If you want to make sure you score high, the LSAT 165+ is the right option with online and in-person options and the 165+ score guarantee.

You can also take advantage of private LSAT tutoring from experts ready to provide one-on-one help with a personal approach.

GRE Prep Courses

A high score on the GRE can ensure you get into the program you desire. The Princeton Review offers multiple test prep courses for the GRE, including:

The Princeton Review also offers GRE 162+ tutoring if you need a more personal approach to your prep materials.

GMAT Prep Courses

If you want to get accepted into a top business school, a high score on the GMAT is a requirement. The Princeton Review offers many options with plenty of adaptive drills, practice tests, and video lessons to help you achieve success.

Those who prefer to study independently will like the Self-Paced option, which includes some one-on-one instruction. The Fundamentals option provides even more with 27 hours of classroom time, but the GMAT 700+ is the most popular option from The Princeton Review. With this option, you’re guaranteed to score 700 or higher on the GMAT, and it’s available in-person or online.

The Princeton Review also offers private tutoring if you need more one-on-one help preparing for the GMAT.

DAT Prep Courses

Preparing for the DAT is a big deal, and when you need to pass this exam to take the next step, you need the right prep course. You can start by taking a free DAT practice test from The Princeton Review to see where you stand. Then, once you realize you will need help preparing, choose from two options to help you get ready for the DAT exam.

The Fundamentals option offers an at-home practice option with 30 hours of in-class instruction and three practice tests. If you choose the Ultimate package, you will gain access to 60 hours of in-class instruction, four practice tests, 3-5 subject expert instructors, and The Princeton Review Guarantee.

Those seeking one-on-one help to prepare for the DAT exam can use the private tutoring program to get the personalized help needed.

OAT Prep Course

Offering a personalized approach with expert tutors specifically matched to fit your goals, the OAT prep course from The Princeton Review guarantees you will score higher on the OAT exam. With in-person tutoring, you can get the help you need in a one-on-one environment.

You’ll also gain access to exclusive printed materials from The Princeton Review, a custom-built app, and a custom student dashboard to make things even easier as you prepare for the OAT.

No matter the type of test prep materials you need, The Princeton Review offers them. Many prep courses come with multiple practice tests, tons of video lessons, and a customized study plan to help you prepare for your big exam.

The Princeton Review also offers the following options for the graduate-level student:

When you want to make sure you get accepted into a top graduate-level program, The Princeton Review offers all the necessary materials to help you.

Professional-Level Test Prep Options from The Princeton Review

While the focus of The Princeton Review is the test prep for students, they do offer some professional test prep options. So if you’re planning to take the CFA or the USMLE, The Princeton Review has the right test prep materials for you.

CFA Test Prep Courses

The CFA is split into level I and level II. The Princeton Review offers test prep courses for both with an Essential option for a lower cost with on-demand courses and the ability to study at your own pace. The Ultimate package offers a more intense choice with expert instruction and guaranteed success with the Level I CFA exam if you need live online instruction. The Essential test prep course is the only available option for the Level II CFA exam and provides everything you need to pass the exam.


With the CFA Essentials package, you get:

When you choose the Ultimate CFA Level I test prep course, you will get everything from the Essentials package, along with 24 hours of live online instruction and professor 1-on-1 Q&A access. This can make a big difference for those needing classroom time and one-on-one help when studying for a big exam.

USMLE Test Prep Pack

Another option offered by The Princeton Review is the USMLE Test Pack. When you’re preparing for the USMLE, this test prep course offers just what you need.

The exam-like questions will help relieve your test anxiety as you will be more prepared with the 560 questions you will gain access to. This test prep course also offers comprehensive concept coverage in the following areas:

When you’re trying to prepare for the USMLE, the test prep materials from The Princeton Review will also help with topics such as genetics, aging, and nutrition.

You’ll gain 180 days of access to the full-length practice exams with full answer explanations provided.

The Princeton Review’s Support Reviewed

One of the biggest challenges when choosing the right test prep course or tutoring is your support as a student. The Princeton Review is known as one of the best education and test prep options due to its incredible student support. In addition, they offer a phone number and an online chat option for support.

Even if you don’t need to contact them directly for support, you can access many resources, including articles, videos, webinars, college advice, and more right on their website. The Princeton Review even provides college rankings to help students choose the right option for their needs.

Final Review of The Princeton Review

While the test prep courses and other materials from The Princeton Review are not the cheapest you will find, they do offer one of the top choices. If you can afford the test prep course you need from The Princeton Review; you will have some of the best up-to-date materials and expert instructors to help you prepare for any upcoming exam.

With the materials offered by The Princeton Review, any student can gain access to exactly what they need to get into top schools at any level. Start early with the Grade 6 to 8 materials and work through all the different levels to ensure your student has the best chance of achieving success.

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