Peterson’s Test Prep Review

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Offering several options for your test prep needs, Peterson’s is one of the top choices for college test prep, grad school test prep, career test prep, and high school test prep. They also offer search help for colleges, grad schools, and scholarships.

When you’re trying to advance your career or education, Peterson’s probably has something you need. They are known as leaders in the test prep industry and have plenty to offer for anybody looking to prepare for the next big test.

Peterson’s is one of the top options you will find with affordable pricing and a massive catalog of test prep materials, including practice tests, study guides, and so much more. So, whether you want to earn college credits, accelerate your degree, acing your certification exam, or score high on a grad school entrance exam, Peterson’s has the right test prep materials to help you.

Peterson's Test Prep Review

College Test Prep from Peterson’s

When you’re preparing for college tests, such as the ACT and SAT, the right prep course can ensure you score high. With high scores on the right tests, you can get into the college of your choice.

Peterson’s also offer Accuplacer Practice Test prep, CLEP help, and so much more. A complete list of the college test prep options from Peterson’s includes:

They have several AP practice test options and multiple language options for many tests. Whether you need to prepare for the SAT or any other college test, Peterson’s has a study program or course to help you get prepared.

Grad School Test Prep from Peterson’s

Getting into the right grad school will certainly help set you apart from the crowd. A graduate school degree moves your resume from the large stack to a smaller stack and allows you to command a higher salary when you enter the working world.

However, you might not get into the graduate school of your choice without scoring high or passing the right tests. Peterson’s offers many options for your graduate test prep needs. Whether you need to prepare for the LSAT, the MCAT, the GRE, or any other graduate school test, Peterson’s has you covered.

They offer test prep materials for several graduate school tests, all with personalized study plans and full-length practice tests. You can discover your strengths and weaknesses to better prepare and gain the knowledge you need to score high the first time.

Test prep materials from Peterson’s are available for the following:

These tests are difficult and become more difficult if you’re not prepared. Peterson’s offers a total of 12 different graduate test prep programs to choose from.

Career Prep from Peterson’s

Are you getting ready to enter your chosen career field, but do you need to pass licensing exams first? Whether you need to pass nursing exams, law enforcement exams, or any other career exam, Peterson’s has the right career test prep materials for your needs.

They offer test prep materials for law enforcement, firefighters, the NCLEX, the PRAXIS, the ASVAB, and much more. You’ll gain access to comprehensive study materials, along with practice tests and even interactive lessons. Each program is different and will include the materials you need for your specific career test.

Peterson’s has career test prep options for:

If the career you’re planning to enter into requires an exam for licensing, Peterson’s probably offers the right practice tests and study program for your needs.

High School Test Prep from Peterson’s

Maybe you need to take a high school entrance exam, or you want to take a high school equivalency exam. Peterson’s offers test prep materials for the following:

No matter the type of test prep you need to do, Peterson’s has the right option for you. The HSPT prep course, for example, includes full-length practice tests, comprehensive prep materials, and written interactive lessons with videos.

A Subscription Model to Fit All Your Needs

Maybe you need more than just one prep course for upcoming tests you must take. Or you don’t want to spend $1,000s like many other test prep sites that want to charge for the materials you need.

Peterson’s offers a subscription model to allow you to access all the expert advice and guidance you need, whether for a college test, career test, or any other test you’re preparing for.

With the six-month subscription option, you can subscribe for as little as $39 per month and gain all-inclusive access to more than 185 test prep and practice test options. You even get complimentary usage of the scholarship search and expert advice to help you with your college and career journey.

Instead of just buying one test prep program, you access ALL the test prep materials they offer when you subscribe with Peterson’s. This includes all the courses, all the practice tests, all the flashcards, all the videos, and all the quizzes.

Access is granted as long as you have a subscription and enjoy access 24/7. If you renew your subscription after the initial one-month, three-month, or six-month timeframe, you still have access to everything within their catalog.

About Peterson’s Test Prep

Peterson’s is a leading option in the educational services space and offers several helpful tools for students moving from one level of education to another or into a career. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Peterson’s offers more than 50 full-time editors, developers, instructional designers, data scientists, and educators on their staff. They serve students and parents worldwide by helping them with test prep materials for many different exams. Every year, Peterson’s delivers the right test prep materials for about a half-million students.

Peterson’s also offers a resource center to help adult learners, military students, transfer students, and international students. This resource center offers advice and tools to help students find what they need to succeed. So when you need help and you’re not sure where to turn, Peterson’s offers a great choice with a resource center filled with helpful information.

College and Grad School Search Options

Peterson’s is well-known for the test prep materials they offer, but they also offer comprehensive college and grad school search tools to help you find the right school for you. It’s easy to search all the schooling options or choose just the online ones. They also narrow it down by categories, including:

You can easily find the right programs and schools for your specific educational goals. Peterson’s even offers many articles in each category to help students figure out taking their passion and turning it into a career.

You can even use the College Discover Center and the Grad School Discovery Center to help narrow down your choice. When it’s hard to find the right college for you, Peterson’s offers the tools you need to get exactly what you want.

Peterson’s Scholarship Search

Along with the test materials and the school search options, Peterson’s takes things a step further with a huge database of scholarships you can search. Start your search with the school you will attend, the major you will enter into, or other criteria to find the right scholarship or grant for your specific needs.

Whether you’re looking for money for college or graduate school, there are plenty of scholarships to choose from, and Peterson’s has a massive database you can search through. With more than $10 billion available in scholarship money and nearly 2 million scholarships, grants, and fellowships from over 4,000 providers, there are several options out there that might just fit you perfectly.

With the Scholarship Search from Peterson’s, you can filter your search by:

It’s one of the most comprehensive options for finding the right scholarship money for your specific needs.

Final Words About Peterson’s Test Prep

When reviewing the test prep materials from Peterson’s, you’ll notice you can get far more for a very low cost than other test prep options. Sure, some programs offer more one-on-one tutoring and more live instruction, but Peterson’s will provide the right test prep materials to fit their budget for many students.

It’s hard to find such a good option at such a low price from any other company. When you’re ready to reach your education goals, Peterson’s has the right test prep materials, along with many other tools to help you reach the next level.

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