Champions School of Real Estate Review

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Known as one of the oldest real estate schools, Champions School of Real Estate is a go-to choice. This real estate school offers the first step for many different careers in real estate. So if you’re considering a career in real estate, you can take the right courses with this excellent school.

When you read the reviews about Champions School of Real Estate, you’ll find out how well students are doing. This is often one of the most trusted schools by those pursuing a real estate career. So let’s look a bit closer at this real estate school and what they offer.

Champions Real Estate Review

Pros and Cons of Champions School of Real Estate

If you want to get your Texas real estate license, Champions School of Real Estate is a great choice. They offer seven campuses throughout Texas, including locations in Dallas, Houston, Austin, Fort Worth, and San Antonio.

While it’s a great choice for real estate education, Champions School of Real Estate has pros and cons. Several reviews will point out some of the biggest benefits and drawbacks, as well.



Real Estate Courses Offered by Champions

If you want to get your real estate license, you can choose from four different programs. Each program is slightly different, but all will give you what you need to get your Texas real estate license. All programs can be delivered through a virtual classroom, online interactive, Champion’s advantage, online correspondence, or blended classroom option. The Champions advantage allows you to try all the different delivery options.

Six Course Licensing Program – $980

The least expensive option, the basic licensing program, gives you the six qualifying education courses, state exam prep course, and the 180 TREC credit hours. You will also get free prep retakes for a year, free exam proctoring, and free printed or PDF books.

Six Course Licensing Program + Business Etiquette – $1,080

You will receive everything from the basic licensing program, along with a two-day business etiquette course with this program. This package gives you everything you need and a little bit more.

Nine Course Licensing and Renewal Program – $1,445

Everything you get in the basic licensing program is included in this program, too. You will also get 3 SAE renewal courses and the TREC Legal Update I & II. This program includes 278 TREC credit hours instead of just 180.

Eleven Course Licensing and Renewal Program + Success Tools – $1,624

The most comprehensive program, you get everything found in the 9-course program and more. This program includes the 2-day Business Etiquette Course, the 30 Days to Success Coaching Videos, and the “Successful Tendencies of Real Estate Champions” Book.

You can also choose different continuing education course programs. When you need to renew your real estate license in Texas, you can choose from the following packages:

Champions also offers Broker License programs you can use to get your Texas Real Estate Broker License. There’s a 150-hour and a 300-hour option for the aspiring real estate broker.

More than Just Real Estate Courses at Champions

Champions School of Real Estate is known for Texas real estate pre-licensing courses. However, they offer more than just real estate courses. You can also attend loan originator school, appraiser school, or home inspector school through Champions.

Loan Originator School

If you want to become a loan originator, you can take the necessary courses through Champions. They have been training loan originators for over two decades. All loan courses are approved by the Nationwide Multistate Licensing System, too.

Choose from the following programs for loan originators:

Each program offers all the necessary materials and coursework to become a loan originator. The cost ranges from $485 to $719. You can choose between classroom, virtual classroom, or the Champions advantage delivery method.

Appraiser School

If you want to become a real estate appraiser in Texas, you can take the necessary course from Champions School of Real Estate. You can prepare for a career in the appraisal industry with these courses. Award-winning instructors teach courses with up-to-date information.

Choose from three different levels to become an appraiser, including:

All courses are delivered online through a 3rd party provider. The cost ranges from $879 to $2,098.

Home Inspector School

You can also get the necessary education to become a home inspector from Champions School of Real Estate. Enjoy convenient study formats and all the necessary courses with up-to-date information.

Choose from two different programs, including:

These programs are $2,324 and $2,699. Before you can use these programs, you will need to complete the 90-hour National Course Modules or the 110-Hour National Course Modules.

Other Designations and Certifications

Champions School of Real Estate also offers many other designations and certifications, including:

They also offer many destinations and certifications for online real estate tools.

Experienced Instructors from Champions

One of the big advantages you get when you choose Champions School of Real Estate is the experience of the instructors. Each instructor will have at least five years of experience within the field they are teaching. The teachers are also available during regular business hours to help answer questions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Champions School of Real Estate

Can I use a payment plan with Champions?

No. There isn’t a payment plan with Champions. However, you can purchase courses independently, or you can choose a package. You must pay in full at the time of enrollment.

What do I do after I finish all my classes?

After completing your six required real estate courses, you will need to submit your application, complete with the fee and class completion certificates. This needs to be sent to the TREC and can be submitted through the TREC website.

Will I have to do Exam Prep to get my license?

No. Exam Prep is not a required course for getting your license. However, it can be very helpful if you pass your state licensing exam on the first try.

Can I get a Texas Real Estate License if I have a criminal record?

When you apply for your license, you will go through a criminal background check. Criminal offenses and unpaid judgments will be taken into account by the TREC. If you have a criminal background, you may want to file a Fitness Determination with the TREC before enrolling in real estate courses. This will ensure you know if you will be able to get a license or not.

What happens if I fail my state/national exam three times?

If you don’t pass the state or national exam after three tries, you will need to take the 30-hour Qualifying Education course again. This can be taken through Champions.

Can I retake a course from Champions before taking the exam?

Yes. You can take any of the courses again for a $25 audit fee per day.

How often do I need to renew my real estate license in Texas?

Every two years, you will need to renew your license. You will need to complete 98-hours of SAE and the six-hour Broker responsibility course for the first renewal. The second renewal requires 18 hours of continuing education and the six-hour Broker Responsibility course.

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