Rosetta Stone Review

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Rosetta Stone has been known as one of the top choices in language learning for a long time. It has seen plenty of competition lately, however. Before you decide which language learning option is right for you, read our Rosetta Stone review.

Rosetta Stone Review

What is Rosetta Stone?

Dating back to 1992, Rosetta Stone is a language learning software. It was way ahead of its’ time. The program became very successful, very fast and Rosetta Stone turned into a rather huge company. However, when it was first released, there wasn’t any other competition.

Today, there are many language learning options to choose from. Rosetta Stone is still one of the top options, but is it the right one for you? Let’s move on to the rest of our Rosetta Stone review to find out.

Pros & Cons Reviewed for Rosetta Stone



While there are a few cons, Rosetta Stone is still a very highly rated option for language learning.

Languages Offered by Rosetta Stone

There are a total of 25 languages offered by Rosetta Stone. The languages offered through this platform include:

You can use Rosetta Stone to learn any of these different languages. The immersive experience makes it much easier to learn the language of your choice.

A Review of the Features Offered by Rosetta Stone

No matter the language you choose to learn, you get the same features, which include:

These features make Rosetta Stone a unique option when you want to learn a new language. It’s a world-famous platform with an immersive experience.

Rosetta Stone for Homeschoolers

Maybe you homeschool your children and you want them to learn a second language. You can fit the program into any curriculum for homeschooling.

It’s a very effective way to bring one of the 25 foreign languages into the home. Rosetta Stone offers long-term retention and gives your children lifelong language skills. The program is trusted around the world for all ages for many reasons including:

There are many good reasons to choose Rosetta Stone for your homeschoolers. If you have multiple kids and you want them to get an immersive foreign language learning experience, choose the lifetime option. For $149, you can choose a language they can work on learning for many years with unlimited access for life.

Rosetta Stone Review of the Cost

If you want to learn a new language, you should understand the cost. Rosetta Stone is rather affordable and offers three different individual plans including:

Along with the individual plan, Rosetta Stone has a plan for schools and for enterprises. These plans are on a quoted basis based on the size of your company or school. You can request a quote based on your specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rosetta Stone

Will it actually work for me?

The top question asked in any Rosetta Stone review is will it work for me? Yes, it will work for you, if you put in the work. You will gain access to the Dynamic Immersion technology that has been proven to work. If you want to learn a second language, this is one of the best options for you.

How quickly can I learn a new language?

It depends on how much of the language you need to learn, how fast it will go. You might have a trip coming up win two weeks to a new country. Rosetta Stone can still help you learn enough to get by. You can start with the Phrasebook and even finish a few units while you’re on the plane.

If you want to fully learn a new language, it will take longer than two weeks, of course. However, you can cram and learn the things you need for a trip rather quickly.

Can I switch between the app and the desktop version?

Yes, your progress will be saved and synced automatically across all devices. Just sign in and you can pick up where you stopped on the other device.

Do I get offline access with Rosetta Stone?

Yes, after you open a unit, while online, you can click the “use offline” option to work offline. This allows you access anywhere without internet access. If you need to study on a long flight or somewhere you won’t have internet access, this is helpful.

What is the recommended amount of studying to learn a new language?

Rosetta Stone recommends you work on your new language five days a week for 30 minutes per day. However, you can choose any pace you prefer.

Does Rosetta Stone offer a free trial?

Yes. The free trial gives you full access and they might even extend it if you never had a chance to properly test it out. You can enjoy a three-day free trial before you buy.

Will I be able to become fluent with Rosetta Stone?

With some languages, you might be able to become fluent. However, most languages from Rosetta Stone don’t offer actual fluency. You can learn the basics and what you need to travel or conduct business in a foreign language with this language learning program, however.

You won’t be able to replace real-life lessons with any type of software. While you might not be able to reach the level of a native speaker with Rosetta Stone, you can hold a conversation and read the text in the language. It will provide an excellent foundation for any language you choose to learn.

How does Rosetta Stone stack up with other language learning programs?

Other options, such as Babbel or Duolingo also offer options for learning a foreign language. Some might think Babbel is better than Rosetta Stone because it’s more comprehensive. It’s also possible some might find Duolingo to be better because of the way they present the information.

The truth is, the right option is the best one for you. Rosetta Stone is right for many students, but for some, another program might fit better. It’s best to look at a few options and choose the one that fits your needs the best.

Are all languages offered by Rosetta Stone as good as each other?

According to the online reviews, not all languages are as good as others. Some offer more content and better content than others. Make sure to read the online reviews specific to the language you want to learn before choosing Rosetta Stone as your language learning program.

Rosetta Stone isn’t the only language learning option available. However, they have provided learning materials for millions of individuals worldwide. They have also provided materials for 12K+ corporations and 9K+ public and non-profit organizations.

The name is trusted because it works. Many students have used Rosetta Stone to learn a new language. If you want to learn one of the 25 languages offered by Rosetta Stone, you can start today.

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