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HomeCEUConnection changed its name to HomeCEU. Unfortunately, the name change makes researching the company tricky, as its former name appears on several websites. Therefore, when reading articles, profiles, or websites that mention HomeCEUConnection, keep in mind they’re referring to HomeCEU.

HomeCEU.com Review

What is HomeCEU?

HomeCEU provides online continuing education courses for healthcare professionals. The company has been in operation since 2005 and is based in Plano, Texas. Based on comments provided by former students, HomeCEU has a decent reputation.

The Better Business Bureau hasn’t received any complaints about the company. And the one bad review listed was a complaint about the price of a $47 course.

The Purpose of HomeCEU

HomeCEU offers an alternative to the traditional way of accessing continuing education courses. As a result, learners earn the continuing education credits they need without spending hours in a classroom. And they can easily access all courses online.

One downside is that not all states accept continuing education credits earned online. Therefore, before enrolling in a course, learners must make sure their state accepts online credits.

It’s possible that a student could earn a credit that’s not accepted by their state or profession. HomeCEU will issue a full refund or offer a replacement course of equal or lesser value.

Continuing Education for Healthcare Professionals

HomeCEU specializes in courses for healthcare professionals. In most states, licensed or certified healthcare professionals must earn continuing education credits. These credits are usually a requirement for license or certification renewal.

HomeCEU offers continuing education courses in:

State Credit

It can get confusing trying to figure out which states accept which continuing education credits and for which occupations.

For example, a state might accept online credits for physical therapy. But the same state might not accept online credits for speech therapy. So, once again, learners must confirm whether or not their state or profession accepts credits earned online.

HomeCEU simplifies the matter by grouping each profession with states that accept online credits.

For example, say someone needs nursing continuing education when that person selects the nursing option, a display shows which states accept online credits earned in nursing.

However, keep in mind that things do change. Therefore, it isn’t necessarily wise to rely on the list provided by HomeCEU solely. Instead, it’s best to verify the information.

Another good idea is to check which professional organizations approve HomeCEU as a course provider. This stamp of approval generally indicates that a company (in this case, HomeCEU) is legitimate. But, of course, it’s also possible to double-check the information.

HomeCEU has the following approvals:

HomeCEU also submits continuing education credits to CE Broker in participating states. CE Broker is a continuing education tracking system.

Some states use the CE Broker service to check a person’s continuing education credits. It shows whether or not a professional has fulfilled their continuing education requirements for license renewal or re-certification.

Finding an Appropriate Course

The first step in earning online continuing education credits is finding a course that fulfills the requirement.

The HomeCEU homepage contains a huge search box. Choose the desired state from the drop-down menu. From there, select the desired profession. Professions aren’t spelled out, so it’s important to know acronyms.

For example, the search box lists physical therapy as PT, occupational therapy as OT, and speech therapy as SLP. However, dietitians, nurse practitioners, and nutritionists are spelled out.

The next step is to choose the desired course format. HomeCEU currently has six-course format options:

Choose the desired course format and then click See Courses.

See Courses

See Courses displays all courses in a profession based on the desired course format.

Take, for example, a nutritionist who lives in California. This person wants their courses in text format. In this case, the search results return five courses.

What happens if the course format is switched from text to video? The search results now produce 31 courses. Switching to all formats produces 52 courses. Keep this in mind when searching for a specific format.

Anatomy of a Course Description

HomeCEU provides detailed course descriptions for all courses. Clicking a course name displays its description page. HomeCEU attempts to provide the most relevant information for each course.

Course descriptions include:

Unlimited CEU Option

Instead of separately paying for each course, learners can choose the Unlimited CEU subscription. An Unlimited CEU subscription provides unlimited access to online text, webinars, and video courses.

Each profession has its own Unlimited CEU subscription. Therefore, the price of the subscription depends on the profession. As of 2021, Unlimited CEU subscription prices are as follows:

Online Format and Mail Format

Although HomeCEU specializes in online courses, some courses are also available in mail format.

Online courses are available immediately after purchase. Learners can print or download course information to a tablet, computer, or smartphone. Text courses are in PDF format and are printable as well. Online video courses are on-demand and viewable at any time.

With mail courses, print copies of course materials are shipped to the learner. Text courses are in booklet form. On-demand videos are mailed in DVD-ROM format. Unfortunately, the videos require a laptop or desktop and aren’t viewable with standard DVD players.

HomeCEU ships via FedEx Ground, FedEx 2-Day, or FedEx Express Saver.

Course Time Limits

Generally, learners must complete courses before the license renewal or re-certification deadline. For example, Alabama requires physical therapists to complete continuing education hours by September 30th of every year.

If a learner isn’t trying to beat a deadline, there’s still a limit to how long courses are accessible. Learners have a year from the date of course purchase to complete the course.

Completing Exams

A final exam is required to earn continuing education credit for courses. The exam process is simple and easy to follow.

Learners access exams by going to their Current Enrollments page. Once on the Current Enrollments page, click Begin Exam. Finish the exam and select Submit Exam for Grading.

The HomeCEU system automatically grades exams. A course certificate is issued if the learner passes the exam. In the event of a failing grade, learners can retake the exam until they pass.

Course Reporting

HomeCEU may submit continuing education credit confirmation to state boards or professional associations.

Some associations and states prefer when the course provider confirms that a person has earned the required credits. In this scenario, HomeCEU is responsible for reporting individual credits. However, some associations and states require learners to submit their own information.

There are also situations in which learners don’t have to present proof of their continuing education credits. Instead, learners keep their own information but have to produce it in a course completion audit.

Course Authors

HomeCEU doesn’t allow just anyone to author a course. Course authors are professionals in their fields.

To learn more about course instructors, choose Authors from the HomeCEU homepage. There’s an extensive alphabetical list of all course authors. In addition, each course author has their own page, which contains profile information, credentials, a photo, and their courses.

Cancel a Class or File a Complaint

HomeCEU has its contact information clearly visible under the Get Help tab. Hovering over Get-Help displays the company’s email, phone number, fax, and mailing address.

HomeCEU offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They will issue a refund for any course that hasn’t been completed. If the exam has been taken, then the course is considered complete. At that point, HomeCEU will not issue a refund.

HomeCEU will also issue a refund for any course rejected by the learner’s state or board of approval. Choosing an alternative course of equal or lesser value is possible as well. For webinars, it’s necessary to cancel attendance at least 24 hours before the start time.

Creating a Course

HomeCEU works with highly qualified professionals to create continuing education courses. Anyone interested in creating a HomeCEU course is welcome to apply for consideration.

The application is located on the HomeCEU website as a form. Enter the requested information, hit Submit, and wait for a response.

HomeCEU is currently looking for new courses, especially on the following topics:

The following information is needed to apply:

HomeCEU Overall Opinion

HomeCEU is worth considering for professionals in need of continuing education credits. However, some professionals might have a harder time finding courses than others. For example, nursing courses aren’t as plentiful as courses in some other professions.

The prices are in line with most other online continuing education course providers. The option to pay separately for courses or purchase a subscription is good for people of varying economic backgrounds. A person who can’t afford a subscription can easily pay for an individual course and take additional courses when convenient.

There are other options for taking online continuing education courses. And it’s wise to research several providers before making a choice. For example, another provider might offer courses that are a better fit than those offered by HomeCEU. However, HomeCEU has a solid reputation and has been in operation since 2005.

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