Learn2Serve Review – Food & Alcohol Certifications: 360Training Brand

Information Last Verified: March 30, 2021 by Jordan Fabel

Learn2Serve offers a very convenient way to get the food and alcohol certifications you need to start serving. Whether you’re looking to become a food handler or an alcohol seller/server, Learn2Serve offers an excellent option with state-approved, mobile-friendly training you can complete online.

This comprehensive set of training courses from 360training.com. It’s the perfect solution for anybody looking to enter the food and beverage industry as a server, bartender, or food handler. The courses are approved in the United States and many corporate chains in the hospitality industry use Learn2Serve for their employee training.

About Learn2Serve

Coming from 360training.com, Learn2Serve provides the necessary training and certification exams, which are recognized nationally. 360Training.com is known as one of the top companies for training with more than 5,000 total courses. They specialize in courses for the hospitality industry, along with several other industries.

Learn2Serve offers TABC training courses for servers online in many different states. They have become a leader in the industry and provide some of the best server training courses online today.

With more than two decades of experience providing online regulatory training, Learn2Serve provides plenty of experience within the industry. They offer OSHA training, food safety training, and HR compliance. Learn2Serve is known as one of the largest providers of food manager, food handler, and alcohol seller/server training.

Key Features of Learn2Serve

Great for many types of companies including:

They provide a 100% online training format at a very competitive price. Learn2Serve is ANSI-CFP Accredited and offers Enterprise Support and Solutions, as well.

Some of the courses offered include:

With a wide variety of courses offered, it comes as no surprise that Learn2Serve has received some of the highest reviews online.

When the student has completed a course with Learn2Serve, they will have achieved specific course objectives. The courses are designed to make it easier to pass the certification exams and become a certified food handler or alcohol seller.

Learn2Serve for Employers

While Learn2Serve can certainly be used by employees to become certified, they also offer great options for employers. If you’re looking for some of the best enterprise solutions, Learn2Serve has plenty to offer including:

Learn2Serve offers everything you need for your employees when certifications are necessary.

Why Choose Learn2Serve Online Training?

This Learn2Serve review should help provide the necessary information you need to make a wise decision about the Learn2Serve online training. With plenty of courses offered across many states, Learn2Serve has become one of the leaders in the online training industry.

While some of the certification classes may not be mandatory, they will help to ensure your employees know how to properly handle food and alcohol. Even if certifications aren’t required, the training offered by Learn2Serve can be very useful for your employees.

Not only will employees gain the necessary knowledge to handle food safely, but they will also understand food allergies better. The courses offered by Learn2Serve are accessible online, which means they are easy for employees to complete on their own schedule. Other programs require employees to show up and train in a classroom at a set time and date.

New Food Delivery and Safety Training Courses

With the world-changing, it’s more important than ever for food delivery employees to be properly trained. Their new food delivery and safety training courses for this exact purpose.

Called HASSA Training or Health and Sanitation Safety Awareness training, the food delivery and safety training courses offer an excellent way to ensure your employees are trained to provide better safety and sanitation when delivering food.

Three courses are available from Learn2Serve:

  1. Manager – Food and Beverage Takeout, Pickup, and Delivery
  2. Employee – Food and Beverage Takeout, Pickup, and Delivery
  3. Consumer – Food and Beverage Takeout, Pickup, and Delivery

The consumer class is actually free and allows consumers to learn what they should know about food delivery when ordering food to go or for pickup. The Manager and Employee classes allow your team to become HASSA certified to ensure your customers gain access to safe food delivery and takeout options.

As a business, you can become HASSA certified using the Manager course. Completion of this course allows you to display a sign in your store window letting everybody know you’re now HASSA certified.

You can also allow your employees to achieve individual certifications through the employee course. They will learn several important things about proper food delivery, pickup, and takeout, such as:

The course will cover everything necessary to ensure your staff of food handlers uses the best practices to ensure safety and adherence to the proper health guidelines.

Final Thoughts

This review provides the information you need to make the right decision about your food safety training. Thousands of students have already used Learn2Serve and have provided positive reviews of the training courses.

If you run a restaurant, bar, grocery store, or any other business involving food or alcohol, the right training will make a difference. Learn2Serve offers the top food safety training courses online to meet local regulations and ensure your staff is fully trained.

When you need to gain certification for your business or your employees, Learn2Serve makes it easy with 100% online courses. They provide all the support you need as a business or as an employee. If you’re seeking a convenient way to certify your employees, look no further than Learn2Serve.