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Lorman Education Services (Lorman) provides online courses for compliance resource purposes and continuing education. Since Lorman’s establishment in 1987, they has helped over 1.4 million people remain compliant and earn continuing education credits.

Lorman Review

Lorman: Continuing Education Credits

Some professionals are required to earn continuing education credits to remain licensed or certified.

For example, a licensed real estate agent in Alabama needs 15 hours of continuing education every two years. License renewal is possible only if the continuing education requirement is met. That’s where a course provider such as Lorman enters the picture.

Lorman offers courses that provide several types of continuing education credit. The type of credit needed depends on the industry.

Below are some of the continuing education credits available from Lorman:

Course descriptions indicate which continuing education requirement they fulfill.

For example, the Fundamentals of Health Care Law is a course that gives credit for CLE and NALA continuing education. Another example is The Basics of HIPAA Privacy and Security, which provides AHIMA continuing education credit.

Available Course Topics from Lorman

Lorman currently offers courses on 30 topics. But keep in mind that courses and topics are continuously updated. After selecting a topic, all the courses grouped under that topic are displayed.

Take the topic legal, for example. Choosing legal as a topic currently displays 305 courses. Fundamentals of Healthcare Law, Legal Ethical Issues, and Directors and Officers Liability are examples of courses available under legal topics.

Construction is another training topic. There are currently 246 courses available under construction. All topics have several courses available, and there are hundreds of courses to choose from for each topic.

Below is an alphabetical list of current training topics:

Accounting Environmental Nursing
Administrative Assistants Estate Planning Paralegal
Banking Excel Payroll
Benefits General Business Public Works
Collections Government Purchasing
Construction Land Development Real Estate
COVID-19 Legal Sales
Customer Service Management Tax
Employment & Labor Medical Records Time Management
Engineering Nonprofit Workers Compensation

Lorman Learning Formats

Lorman courses are available in a variety of formats. Also, some courses are available in more than one format. In that instance, the student gets to choose which format is best for them.

Current course format options are:

Choosing the Best Course Format for You

Most courses are available in more than one format. When enrolling in a course, the available formats are listed. Make sure to choose the correct desired format before proceeding to payment.

For example, The Basics of HIPAA Privacy and Security course is available in three formats: on-demand, MP3 download, an all-access pass. An all-access pass is an option that provides a full year of unlimited access to courses in any format.

The on-demand and MP3 options cost the same ($219). But the all-access pass costs more ($699) because it’s a full year of unlimited access to several additional courses.

Lorman Education Services Payment Plans

There are currently three payment plans for the Lorman courses.

Course Instructors

Courses have one or more instructors. And the course description provides details about each instructor. Professionals teach courses with years of experience in the topic they teach.

For example, Lean Health Care: Without Compromising Quality Health Care is an available course currently taught by Shannon B. Stewart. The course description contains the name, photo, and credentials of the instructor.

Clicking the instructor’s photo reveals information about the instructor’s credentials. According to the description, Shannon B. Stewart has more than 30 years of experience in the health care industry, has authored a book, and is an executive coach of a consulting firm. Instructor contact information is provided as well.

Another example is the course Compliance with Medicare 60-Day Overpayment Rule. This course has two instructors, both of whom have a long list of professional accomplishments in Medicare and Medicaid.

Lorman’s Live Customer Service

Lorman’s live customer service is available Monday to Friday, 8 am to 5 pm central time. Online chat is available during the same time.

While reviewing Lorman and their available courses, we spent a few minutes talking to one of their online chat representatives. The representative was great and answered several questions we had about courses as well as available payment plans.

The only negative we could find from other users online were reports to the Better Business Bureau against Lorman concerning spam emails. However, the complaint has been marked as resolved, which in our experience often shows that the company takes care of their customers. Overall, the online comments we found about Lorman and its courses were favorable.

As always, it’s wise to research a course provider before enrolling in a course. Former students often share good and bad experiences on social media or forums. Searching online for comments by former students is a good way to learn more about a course provider.

Continuing Education with Lorman

Lorman Education Services has a good reputation as an online continuing education course provider. There are also plenty of other providers, so it’s possible to compare several services.

Some benefits associated with Lorman include:

Individuals can pay for courses on an individual basis. This option makes it possible to purchase courses whenever it’s convenient.

For example, an individual might want to take several courses, but paying for them all at once isn’t convenient. With the individual course option, it’s possible to pay for each course as time and money allow. And the all-access option is for individuals who want access to several courses all at once.

Most individuals enjoy being able to tailor courses to their individual preferences. That makes the learning experience more enjoyable and fulfilling.

When it comes to choosing a course, Lorman makes the decision as easy as possible. They anticipate possible questions and provide the answers in the course description.

Lorman Education Services

Lorman is worth considering for anyone in need of continuing education. However, it doesn’t hurt to consider additional continuing education providers. Just know that Lorman has a reputation as one of the best online continuing education course providers.

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