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After getting a ticket, you might need to take a defensive driving course to remove the points and keep your insurance rates from going up. offers a great way to dismiss tickets and has been around since 2000.

When you look at the reviews online, you will notice most are very positive. The reviews on Shopper Approved provide 4.7 out of 5 stars with more than 80,000 people giving the company a five-star rating and more than 17,000 giving it a four-star rating.

With such good reviews of, it’s easy to see why so many people turn to this website when they get a speeding ticket or another type of traffic violation. Why reviews from past customers are great, it’s also important to know what you will be getting with this program. Let’s dive a little deeper with this review to see what this website offers. Review Review of Experience

This company is BBB Accredited with an A+ Rating and offers two decades of experience. has served more than 2 million customers and has won awards for the defensive driving courses they offer.

All courses offered are state and court-approved. They are an industry leader and known as the original and most trusted option for online defensive driving courses.

How it Works

So, you’ve been issued a traffic violation and you want to use a defensive driving course to avoid points on your license and higher insurance rates. You have the option to sit in a classroom and take the course, or you can do it online with

When you choose to take your defensive driving course online, you simply go to, choose your state, register for the course, and complete the course. Once you’re done, you will receive a certificate of completion.

As the leader in the industry, offers one of the best defensive driving courses online. You can enjoy taking the course from anywhere you can get an internet connection and you can complete it at your own pace. Whether you’re taking the course for an insurance discount, to get a ticket dismissed, or to remove points from your license, taking it online will make things much easier for you.

All the defensive driving courses offer both educational and entertaining videos throughout the course. You can take it right on your computer and use the text and illustrations as you go through the course. offers courses to refresh you on the laws of the road in your state. Traffic violations happen and you can use to mitigate the damage. Instead of sitting in a local restaurant with people you don’t know, you can take your defensive driving course right online.

What States Does Offer Courses in?

Currently, offers courses in three states:

All three of these states have approved the courses for use to remove points, gain insurance discounts, and dismiss tickets.

The Texas course has dismissed more tickets than any other defensive driving course on the market. It’s TDLR Approved and they guarantee the course will dismiss your ticket.

It’s the shortest course available by law and 100% online with instant delivery of your certificate of completion. You can even take this course on your tablet or mobile device. Whether you live in Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, or El Paso, you can use the course to dismiss your traffic ticket.

With the Florida course, you get a guarantee that your ticket will be dismissed or will pay your ticket up to $250. It’s a four-hour Florida BDI Approved Course for point reduction and ticket dismissal. You can start and stop the course as needed and work at your pace.

Both video and text courses are available with instant delivery of your certificate of completion. There are no time restrictions and you can even work on the course from your mobile device.

The course in New Jersey will get your ticket dismissed. It can provide a 10% annual insurance discount and take two points off your license. This course is approved by the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission and can be completed at your own pace.

Enjoy taking the video and text courses from your mobile device with the ability to stop and start as you need. There are no time restrictions and the course is the shortest allowable by state laws.

Enjoy taking the course from your mobile device with video and text versions available. You can get back to driving without the worry of higher insurance rates or too many points on your license. Review: Is it Legit?

You might be thinking it’s a bit shady to remove points from your license or get a ticket dismissed from an online course. There’s nothing shady about it and drivers have been doing it since 2000. The course is approved by three states and has been used by more than 2 million drivers. is 100% legit and even has the highest possible rating with the Better Business Bureau. When you need to dismiss a ticket, remove points, or you want a discount on your insurance, this defensive driving course is the right option for your needs.

If you’re an older driver, the course even offers mature driver improvement throughout. It’s a great option to help boost your confidence and help you drive safer on the roads.

What the Cost of Courses?

The cost does vary a bit, but it’s very inexpensive. One of the reasons is so popular is the pricing. You don’t have to spend a large amount of cash to take a classroom course or to take a more expensive online course with gimmicks. prices their courses to be one of the most affordable choices for online defensive driving schools. The cost is:

You can choose video or text courses and they even have a sample video you can watch before you choose to take the courses from

Driver Safety Training for Businesses

While the main courses offered by are for ticket dismissal and point reduction, they also offer Business and Fleet Courses. These courses cost $15 per employee and offer a great option for those looking to mitigate risk and improve the driving of those within their business.

It’s a great option for sales representatives and technicians that need to make house calls or drive company vehicles. You can even use this course for pizza delivery drivers or any other type of driver in your company.

With the business and fleet courses, you can lower your insurance rates and help to reduce damage to company vehicles. It can also help you avoid employees becoming injured in accidents or getting traffic tickets. Whether you run a car dealership or a pizza restaurant, if you have drivers, the Business and Fleet Courses are perfect for you. FAQs

Before you finalize your decision, you might have a few questions. Here are some of the FAQs associated with

What benefits do I gain by taking my defensive driving course online?

When you need to remove points, dismiss a ticket, or gain an insurance discount, taking an online defensive driving course gives you a good alternative. It’s an option allowing you to work at your own pace, take the course in the comfort of your home, and get the same certificate of completion as you would get while sitting in a classroom with strangers.

Is the course available on mobile devices?

Yes, you can work seamlessly from your smartphone or tablet with this course. If you can get internet access, you can log in and take the course from your smart device. It will even save your place so you can go from one device to another, as needed.

How long will my defensive driving course be?

The courses offered by are the shortest allowed by state laws. If the state regulates a six-hour minimum course, the course you take will be six hours long. Depending on the state you’re in, the course will be four, six, or eight hours long.

Do I need to achieve a certain grade to pass the course?

Yes. You need to score at least 70% on the final exam to pass the course. The course has a 99.99% pass rate and you get three attempts to pass the test.

When you need to remove a ticket from your driving record, reduce points on your license, or enjoy a nice insurance discount, the courses from offer the right option. They are great for those living in Florida, New Jersey and Texas.

You don’t need to go sit in a classroom and waste an entire Saturday to get your ticket dismissed. Just use the online courses and work at your pace. Finish in one day or 30 days. Either way, you’ll get the same results!

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