What Happens if You Speed with a Child in the Car?

Information Last Verified: February 22, 2021 by Jordan Fabel

When it comes to speeding, so many people do it and if they do it once and get away with it – they will continue to do it. This is something that seems to be a problem throughout the world. Of course, you might not get pulled over the next time that you do it, or even the next but what if you cause an accident so bad that so many people are injured just because you thought you could handle the speed and the cars around you? This is true for so many people, and it is sad for those that have children in the car while they are doing so.

When it comes to children in the car, you’re not only putting your life in danger, but those around you and the child that is sitting right in your back seat. This is not something that is usually taken lightly with police officers that pull you over and find that you do have a child in the car. So many people are wondering – what would happen if they sped and there was a child in the car with them at the time that they were pulled over for it?

One mom is finding out the hard way when it comes to what is done to a parent that has been found to be speeding. While on the highway, she was going well over 100 mph with her daughter in the vehicle. The child was a teenager, but still underage. The police officer pulled her over and asked why she was speeding – apparently her teenage daughter had to use the bathroom and they were running out of gas to make it there, so the mother decided to speed to the destination.

This was not a good excuse to have and not one that would take the mom out of the trouble that she is now in. She was arrested for speeding and endangering the welfare of the child during the process. This is a serious crime, and it can cause parents to lose their children because of that slight decision that they made during the time.

The mother not only put herself in danger, but her teenage daughter – as well as everyone else that was driving on the same road as them during that time. This is usually not seen often, but when it is – it can be something that makes you wonder why they thought it was a good idea to drive so recklessly.

The daughter ended up being released to a friends family, but the police are going to contact the division of child welfare to get the situation taken care of. The mother is hoping she doesn’t lose her daughter, but so many people are now wondering if it is really worth it to speed, and to speed with children in the car. Would you do something like that?

Many people say no, but there are those out there that do decide to make the decision too.

Jordan Fabel

Jordan Fabel

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