Best Online Real Estate Schools in Georgia

by Jordan Fabel | Last Updated: October 2, 2021

Getting your real estate license in Georgia requires the right online real estate school. Luckily, there are many options to choose from. Whether you’re trying to work at your own pace or the comfort of your home, this is a great option.

Before you choose one of the online real estate schools in Georgia, you’ll want to know what to look for. Let’s look at a few tips to help you choose the right option, along with some of the top choices.

Best Online Real Estate Schools in Georgia

Top 5 Georgia Online Real Estate Schools

1. Real Estate Express

One of the first online real estate schools in Georgia, Real Estate Express offers plenty of benefits. You get the 75-hour approved curriculum you need to get your real estate license, and so much more. They offer four different online packages to choose from, at different price points.

The Basics

This package is the cheapest at $269. It’s the right option for the self-starter looking for just the basics to get their real estate license. You will get the pre-license course, three real estate eBooks, and instructor support.

Exam Preparation

Coming in at $329, you get everything The Basics offers, along with exam prep. You will even get a pass or don’t pay guarantee when it comes to your real estate license exam.

Exam Preparation Plus

At a cost of $419, you get plenty of extra benefits with this package. It gives you everything the Exam Preparation package offers, along with a 25-hour post-license course. You will also get access to an instructor Q&A, real estate dictionary, and even the live exam crammer series.

Ultimate Learning

The most expensive of the online package, the Ultimate Learning comes in at $499. You will get everything the Exam Preparation Plus program offers, along with a one-year professional development membership and a printed course textbook.

Real Estate Express Real Estate Express

Real Estate Express has earned a reputation as the top real estate school online. With nearly 50,000 online reviews from past students, it’s known as the right choice for those seeking a real estate license.

  • Get My License
  • Upgrade My License
  • Continuing Education
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Real Estate Express also offers real estate LiveStream packages. They provide options for different days of the week and this package costs $569. All of the live stream courses offer the pre-licensing course, real estate eBooks, exam prep, and much more.

Often, you can score a nice discount and get any of these packages for a significantly lower cost.

2. Aceable Agent

Another excellent option for an online real estate school in Georgia is Aceable Agent. This course offers plenty of benefits including excellent interactive courses. The pass rate is very high at about 82% of students passing the real estate exam on the first try. They even offer some packages with a guarantee to pass the exam.

You can choose from three options with Aceable Agent including:

AceableAgent AceableAgent

Industry-leading exam pass rates from a team of the best from NASA, Harvard, and MIT, AceableAgent is Legit!

  • Pre-Licensing Courses
  • Continuing Education
  • Real Estate Training Courses

Aceable is a leader in online education.

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All three of these packages offer everything you need and much more. If you time it right, you can get a discount of around 20% on these packages, as well.

3. RealEstateU

An online real estate school that has been around since 2013, RealEstateU offers a good option for your pre-licensing education. They have helped over 40,000 agents get their licenses across the United States. They offer one of the best budget-friendly options for those trying to get their real estate license in Georgia.

For $125, you get the online audio courses you need, all the necessary documents to help you learn, infographics, and more. This option will allow you to fulfill the necessary 75-hour pre-license requirement for your Georgia real estate license.

You can add test prep to your package for $49. This will give you the cliff notes you need, along with sample exams to help you prepare.

For the person on a tighter budget, RealEstateU is a great option.

4. The CE Shop

If you’re looking for a Georgia real estate school that offers plenty of options, The CE Shop is a great option. They have good online reviews and offer everything you need to get your license. The four packages offered by The CE Shop include:

All four packages offer digital flashcards and a study schedule. You can often find the package for about a 30% discount.

5. Kaplan

A very well-known name, Kaplan offers a good choice in Georgia. This online real estate school offers the pre-licensing package for $299, along with many other options. You can get the Career Launcher Package for $538 or the Modern Real Estate Practice with Exam Prep for $338.

They also offer post-licensing options, along with contusing education options. Kaplan is known as a top option, but they don’t cater to new real estate agents in the same way some of the other options on the list do.

How to Choose an Online Real Estate School

One of the main keys to choosing a Georgia online real estate school is the type of program they offer. Some will provide self-paced options, while others will provide live video classes for you to take. Choose the right program for you based on what you prefer for learning the information.

You should also look at the reputation of the school. Some will have a great online reputation, while others might not be so great. It’s necessary to read online reviews to see how good or bad a real estate school is, based on what past students say.

What they offer you is also important. Some online real estate schools in Georgia will offer just pre-licensing classes. Others offer options for contusing education, marketing your business, becoming a successful agent, and even getting your broker license. Choose the right program to fit your specific needs.

One final thing to consider when you look at the Georgia real estate schools found online is the cost. It needs to fit your budget. If you cannot afford the school, it might not be the right choice for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Real Estate Schools in Georgia

What are the requirements to get my Georgia real estate license?

you will need to be at least 18 years of age with a high school education. It’s also necessary to pass a criminal background check from the Georgia Crime Information Center (GCIC).

The 75-hour pre-licensing salesperson course is required, as well. Once you complete the course, you will need to pass the 152-question licensing exam to get your real estate license.

How long will it take me to complete my real estate pre-licensing course?

The 75-hour course usually takes most students about three or four months to complete. You can complete it faster, however. Some students complete the course in just a few weeks and others will take longer than a few months.

What are the costs I will need to pay to get my real estate license in Georgia?

You will need to pay a few costs to complete the courses, exam, and application for your license. The costs include:

You will spend around $641 to get your real estate license in Georgia. Of course, you can choose a more budget-friendly option for the pre-licensing course to save money.

How much can I make as a real estate agent in Georgia?

The average annual income for a real estate agent in Georgia is about $41K, according to With more experience, you can earn more money, of course.

Can I complete the pre-licensing courses online?

Yes, the pre-licensing courses in Georgia are available online. Just make sure you choose a GREC-approved real estate school for your courses. Online classes tend to be cheaper than in-person courses and offer many other benefits.

If you want to become a real estate agent in Georgia, finding one of the best online real estate schools is the first step. The right school will give you everything you need to get your real estate license.

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