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Before choosing an online practice test source, you want to make sure you read this Exam Edge review. Exam Edge has plenty to offer and covers several industries when it comes to online practice tests. If you’re preparing for an exam, the right studying and practice tests can make a huge difference.

Tests and exams are often filled with stress and can make a person rather anxious. However, if you take the time to prepare correctly, you won’t have as much to worry about. With less worry comes less test anxiety. Read through our Exam Edge review, and you might find the right solution to help you prepare for your next big exam.

Exam Edge Review

What is Exam Edge?

Known as one of the leading online test preparation websites, Exam Edge offers practice tests for all types of important exams. In addition, they offer online testing to help you prepare and sharpen your skills for the big, upcoming test you need to pass.

As an industry leader in practice exams, Exam Edge works with several intuitional partners to provide a large selection of options. So when you have an exam to take, and you need to pass it, Exam Edge offers a great way to prepare.

Since 2006 Exam Edge has been providing practice tests online for those seeking help. They offer timed exams to help you learn to manage your time better, along with an easy way to evaluate your mistakes. With practice tests, you’ll have a better chance to pass the real exam. More than 2.5 million people have trusted Exam Edge to get them ready for their big test, and the company has received rave reviews.

What Does Exam Edge Offer?

Exam Edge offers several practice exams fitting multiple industries. They offer exams for Accounting, Business, College Placement, Dental, Financial, Fitness, Government, Healthcare, High School, Medical, Nursing, Nutrition, Pharmaceutical, Service Industry, Teaching, and Veterinarian.

They even offer some Canadian and international practice exams.

When you choose Exam Edge for your practice tests, you gain access 24/7. Unlimited test access means you can take the practice tests when you want without worrying about your account expiring.

The testing and review process offers you options for timed and no time-limit testing. You can work on your skills and receive an explanation when you miss a question, as well. The process is tailored to help students do better on standardized tests by preparing them with practice tests, explanations for wrong answers, and timed tests to help them better manage their time.

While it might seem like practice tests are just a set of questions, they are so much more. With Exam Edge online practice tests, you’ll be better prepared to perform under pressure during the real test. In addition, since you’ll be familiar with the questions, you’ll experience less test anxiety on the day of your exam.

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Why Choose Exam Edge?

One of the main reasons so many students choose Exam Edge is the features they provide. With exams offered with no time limit and a time limit, you can test your knowledge under pressure and your time management skills. In addition, many of the users found the explanations to be the best part as it helped them better prepared for the next practice exam and, ultimately, for their certification exams.

They are fully BBB accredited and offer a cost-effective way to prepare for your certification exams. In addition, you gain unlimited access, and since they are a web-based option, there’s nothing to print, and you don’t have to buy any books.

For most people preparing for upcoming certification exams, Exam Edge offers a great online practice test option. In addition, the bundles they offer are often cheaper than the cost to take your real exam. So if you’re ready to prepare for your upcoming exam, choosing the right online practice tests from Exam Edge will give you the edge you need.

Pros & Cons of Exam Edge

Exam Edge, just like any other online practice test provider, has plenty of pros and a few cons. However, they offer several benefits for those getting ready to take big, life-changing tests. In this Exam Edge review, it’s important to understand the pros and cons listed below.



Most of those customers providing a review for Exam Edge have found it very helpful and the right choice for them. Only a few customers didn’t care for the online practice tests provided by Exam Edge.

Cost of Online Practice Tests from Exam Edge

The cost of online practice tests from Exam Edge ranges quite a bit depending on the industry and the practice test package you choose. You can take a free practice test through their website to try it out.

They also offer bundle pricing for some of the practice tests to help you save money. For example, if you need to get practice tests for the AICPA AUD exam, you can get one practice test for $21.95 or 5 for $56.75 with the multi-test value pack bundle.

Most single practice tests will be around $21.95, while the bundles can range from bundles of five tests around $56.75 and bundles of 10 practice tests around $96.50. It just depends on the industry and the test package you choose. Some industries will even offer practice test bundles with 20 or 25 exams.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Exam Edge

Can I take each exam more than once?

Yes. With Exam Edge, you get to take the practice exams up to four times. However, once you’ve finished the practice exam, you will gain unlimited access to the review page.

What if I have to stop in the middle of an exam?

The Exam Edge system will save your place and allow you to pick up where you left off. It’s best to complete the exams in one sitting, though.

What will I see on the review page after completing a practice exam?

The review page will show a step-by-step explanation for all the questions on the exam. You will be able to see which ones you got correct and which questions you missed. This page will also provide a score for the practice test.

What is the 100% pass guarantee?

Exam Edge offers a 100% pass guarantee. If you took your exam within two months of completing a practice exam from Exam Edge, you are eligible for this. You must have ordered a bundle of at least five practice tests and completed all of them with a score of at least 80% to qualify.

After failing your exam, you must provide the failing score to Exam Edge within 90 days. If you meet the qualifications, Exam Edge will open up your practice tests and let you take them up to 10 more times.

Note: The 100% pass guarantee is not a money-back guarantee and doesn’t offer a refund if you fail your exam. However, if you put in the work and still fail, you’ll be able to use the practice tests online again to prepare better to retake your exam.

How long can I take and review my practice exams after my purchase?

There is no time limit for when you can take and review your practice exams. So take them whenever you want as they never expire, and you will gain unlimited access to the review page after each exam.

What type of software do I need to download to use the Exam Edge practice exams?

You won’t need any software. The entire Exam Edge system is web-based so that you can access it from any device connected to the internet 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Exam Edge Review Last Words

Overall, Exam Edge offers a great tool for preparing for many industry tests. They offer various options, and the practice test bundles can help you study and save money. They also offer a free practice test for you to try out, which is a nice feature.

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We may earn a small commission if you use this link at no additional cost to you.

With so many online practice test industry choices, it’s hard to know which one to choose. Exam Edge offers plenty of testing options and is one of the top options in the online practice test industry. If you’re preparing for any standardized industry test, you’ll want to check out Exam Edge before choosing the right practice test provider for your needs.

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