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Getting Your DPS Type 3a Driver Record is Easy

We are proud to offer students of this course a quick, affordable and simple way to order their driving record. During the registration for your ticket dismissal course, you will be given the option to order a certified copy of your record by providing a few additional pieces of information. Take care of all your court requirements simply with our online course!

Check and See If a Certified Record is Required

When you get your paperwork from the court it is important to review it carefully to make sure that you fulfill all of the requirements. Most courts in Texas require that you get a certified copy of your driving record (type 3a) from the Department of Public Safety to turn in with your certificate. While this may just seem like another hoop to jump through, you want to make sure to satisfy all of the state requirements to get your ticket dismissed.

Other Ways Getting a Copy Can Be Helpful

Just like your credit report, it’s a smart idea to check your driving record from time to time to check for any inaccuracies. Any negative details about your driving history can impact several areas of your life. Insurance companies may charge you more for a policy, you could be ineligible for a new job, or possibly be turned down when attempting to rent a car on your family vacation.

Save Time and Money with a Course/Record Combo

We have made it easy to get your driving record and have even thrown in a discount with our new course/record combo. Select the bundled option you prefer to the right and you can be through registration and into your course in a few minutes.

Get Your Driving Record in as Little as 60 Minutes

Crunch time and you still need to get your driving record? We understand that sometimes life happens and tasks like completing your defensive driving get pushed to the side for more important things. If you find you need your driving record at the last minute, choose the email delivery option to have your driving record delivered to your inbox in as little as an hour.

How Does This Work? It Couldn’t Be Any Easier

The process is simple. During the registration for your online driver safety course you will be given the option of adding a copy of your driving record to the order. You will be prompted to provide a few additional pieces of information and you’ll be done. You will receive your course completion certificate and certified driving record you ordered within a few days of passing the course.

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