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When you need to pass a professional test for accounting, finance, business skills, or admissions, Wiley Efficient Learning might be the perfect option. You can get the right exam prep course and pass your exam the first time with Wiley.

In this Wiley Efficient Learning Review, we are going to cover everything you need to know. From the different courses offered to the cost to the many features provided. Let’s get right into the review.

A Review of the Courses from Wiley Efficient Learning

There are four different categories for the courses from Wiley Efficient Learning. You can choose from more than 20 total courses to help you pass specific exams.


CPA Exam

The CPA review course from Wiley gives you everything you need to study for the exam. You will even get a Score Predictor feature that helps you figure out how well you’re doing.

Packages range from $2,199 to $3,100 but are often on sale for a significant discount.

CMA Exam

When you need to take the CMA exam, you can get the right prep course from Wiley Efficient Learning. This course offers access until you pass with a mobile app, 24/7 support, and so much more. Packages are $1,200 and $1,500, but often discounted.

CIA Exam

The CIA exam prep from Wiley offers two courses at $375 and $750. You will get everything you need to pass the CIA exam with a state-of-the-art exam planner, insights, mock exams, and so much more.

AICPA Certificates

If you want to expand your career, Wiley Efficient Learning offers AICPA Certificates. These certificates help to validate your experience and verify your commitment to quality. There are plenty to choose from These Wiley.


CFA Exam

The CFA study materials offered by Wiley will help you pass your exam. They even state that two out of every three that have used a competitor’s exam prep course prefer Wiley’s over the competition. If you want to pass the CFA, you can choose to start a free 14-day trial with Wiley Efficient Learning.

CMT Exam

Wiley offers all three CMT exam levels. You can prepare for the CMT exam with Wiley and have a better chance of passing all three levels. Each level offers two course options at $250 and $795. You can also get just the test bank for $150.


When it’s time to pass your securities licensing exam, Wiley Efficient Learning has the right prep materials for you. With bite-sized lessons and excellent content, you can pass on your first try. They offer packages for the Series 6, Series 7, and the SIE Exam.

FMI Exam

Maybe you need to pass the Financial Modeling Exam. Wiley offers three options to help you study and pass this exam without so much trouble. Pricing ranges from $295 to $1,695.

Investment Banking

Learn from the pros that wrote the top book on investment banking with this course. It starts with a free trial to give you a chance to check it out first.


For $695, you can get the right CIMA exam prep course from Wiley. This course offers everything you need with unlimited access until you pass and plenty of resources.

CAIA Curriculum

Whether you need Level I or Level II, you can get what you need for the CAIA exam from Wiley. Both options are $175 and give you full access anytime, anywhere.

CFP Exam

The CFP review course from Wiley comes in at $545. This course offers the right materials to help you with more than 850 test bank questions and plenty of assessment questions.

Business Skills


If you want to learn about Blockchain, Wiley has courses taught by industry experts. They offer three specific courses in this section including:

Each course can help you learn more about blockchain technology.

Excel for Accountants

Learn Microsoft Excel for accountants with 27 lessons and more than 10 hours of video from Wiley Efficient Learning. This package includes 23 downloadable lesson files and comes in at $149.

Intro to Accounting

If you want to learn the basics of accounting, this is the right course for you. There are two sections with assessment and 90 minutes of videos with study guides. This course is $99.

Microsoft Power BI

This Microsoft Power BI course gives you virtual labs, seven modules, over 50 lessons, and video lectures. you even get a Digital Credly Badge once you pass.  The course is $99.


When it’s time to pass the PMP exam, Wiley has the PMP exam prep for you. Get the short lessons you need to study on the go with more than 1,200 practice questions. You can start with a free trial.

Professional Skills

Build your soft skills with this course on Professional Skills. You will get expert interview videos, roundtable videos, ask an author videos, and more for $79.

Skills Accelerator

This course gives you the ability to differentiate your degree program with a certificate for the industry. It will help you to prepare learners for the business world.


XRTerra offers AR and VR courses for business with six weeks of learning. you’ll get the knowledge you need to better understand these up-and-coming forms of technology.



If you’re trying to pass the GMAT, the Wiley prep course can help. Wiley is the official source for real GMAT questions coming from past exams. You will get everything you need with three options and an online question bank.


Score higher on the ACT with the Wiley ACT Test Prep course. Get more than 1,000 official practice questions and 400 digital flashcards to help you prepare. There are even six full-length practice tests to use with this package.

AP History

When you need to pass an AP History test the AP U.S. History prep course can help. Wiley offers an excellent choice with two full-length practice exams and many online practice questions.

What Makes Wiley Efficient Learning Different?

Wiley offers an industry-recognized platform with higher passing rates. They provide experienced instructors and have become a trusted name in education.

Some of the innovative ways Wiley Efficient Learning make it easier to study include:

Even if you don’t pass the first time, you still have access until you do. Wiley even gives you free updates to the content until you pass your exam.

A Review of the Cost of Wiley Efficient Learning Courses

The cost of a prep course from Wiley depends on the exam you’re preparing for. Each exam offers different options and some have higher costs than others. Let’s look at a few popular examples.

Cost of CPA Exam Prep

There are three options for the CPA exam prep course from Wiley. They all come in at a different cost and give you different benefits. The packages are:

These courses are often discounted and it’s not uncommon for the Platinum and Platinum + Ultimate packages to be cheaper than the Pro course.

Cost of CFA Exam Prep

It doesn’t matter if you choose Level I, Level II, or Level III, the pricing is the same. There are three options for all levels, which are:

All courses will give you access until you pass with plenty of bite-sized lessons and practice questions.

Level I and Level II also offer the 11th Hour Final Review Course. This course offers a final review mock exam and many other options to help you study for $445. It’s also included in the Platinum package.

These are just two examples of the pricing for two very popular exam prep courses. Some are going to be more expensive, while others are less expensive. It depends on what is included, but Wiley Efficient Learning offers competitive pricing for all exam prep courses.

If you’re looking for the right option to prepare you for an exam, Wiley is a good choice. Many of the online reviews are very positive. Some even state that they have tried other programs without success and used the Wiley study materials to pass their exam.

Whether you need to take the CPA exam, the CFA exam, or one of many other exams, Wiley Efficient Learning has the right review course for you.

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