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Becoming a real estate agent means you need the right online real estate school. Aceable Agent and Real Estate Express are both very good options, but which one is right for you?

Choosing the right real estate school will help you complete your pre-licensing requirements. While these requirements may vary from one state to another, you still have to complete them. Let’s do a comparison of Aceable Real Estate vs Real Estate Express to help you choose the right school for you.

Introduction to Aceable Agent

When looking for a real estate school online, you’ll likely come across Aceable Agent. It’s seen as a rather traditional option with a modern curriculum. Aceable Agent also offers a blended learning process, which can be very helpful for some students.

If you’re looking for an option for hands-on experience learning, Aceable Agent is a great choice. This online real estate school provides hands-on learning when it comes to different types of contracts you will need to use as an agent.

Aceable Agent was the first online real estate school to provide real estate education through a mobile app and the web. They have been a leader in this area for many years. When you choose Aceable Agent, you will get a real estate school created by teachers, writers, engineers, designers, and many passionate real estate professionals.

AceableAgent AceableAgent

Industry-leading exam pass rates from a team of the best from NASA, Harvard, and MIT, Aceable Agent is Legit!

  • Pre-Licensing Courses
  • Continuing Education
  • Real Estate Training Courses

Aceable is a leader in online education.

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Pros & Cons of Aceable Agent

Aceable Agent offers many great features. This online real estate school is certainly a good choice for aspiring agents. Before making your decision, it’s important to consider the pros and cons.



While there are certainly a few cons, for most students, Aceable Agent will be a good choice. However, how does it compare to Real Estate Express?

Introduction to Real Estate Express

Known for having a very responsive staff, Real Estate Express offers another popular schooling option. This real estate school was one of the first online options and has been around since 1996. Real Estate Express has served more than a half-million real estate professionals to date.

Choosing Real Estate Express also means you will gain access to their partners. They have partnered with Colibri Real Estate, McKissock Learning, and the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing to provide an even better experience for students.

Colibri Real Estate (Formerly Real Estate Express) Colibri Real Estate (Formerly Real Estate Express)

Colibri Real Estate is the No. 1 choice real estate school for over 520,000 aspiring real estate agents and brokers. Enroll today in our flexible online and livestream courses, led by industry experts who know what it takes to succeed.

We may earn a small commission if you use this link at no additional cost to you.

Pros & Cons of Real Estate Express

When looking at the pros and cons for Real Estate Express, you will notice they are a bit different than those of Aceable Agent. These are two very good online real estate schools, but they don’t always fit best with every student. Let’s look at the pros and cons of Real Estate Express.



While Real Estate Express doesn’t give you videos or audio lessons, it can be the right choice for some learners. It has some cons, but overall, it’s one of the most trusted and most successful online real estate schools you will find.

Aceable Agent vs. Real Estate Express: The Similarities

While these are two very different online real estate schools, they do have several things in common. Both real estate schools offer pre-licensing options for aspiring real estate agents. You will also find some continuing education options from both schools.

Regardless of which of the two you choose; you will get a “Pass or Don’t Pay Guarantee” with your package. In addition, both schools are ARELLO and IDECC certified and offer a high average pass rate for real estate licensing exams.

These are about the only similarities between Aceable Agent and Real Estate Express, however.

Aceable Agent vs. Real Estate Express: The Differences

It will be much easier to decide between Aceable Agent and Real Estate Express after you see how they are different. While these two real estate schools have some similarities, they are very different. Let’s look at some of the key differences below.

States Offering Pre-Licensing Courses

Aceable Agent only offers pre-licensing courses in 13 states. Real Estate Express provides pre-licensing options in 40 total states. If you live in the following states, both schools are available for you:

Those planning to become real estate agents in any other state won’t be able to use Aceable Agent.

A TREC Sales Agent Pass Rate almost 78% in Texas is all the proof we need to know AceableAgent’s teaching methods are effective! (6,031 passed out of 7,761 taken as of 9/30/2021)

Why is this such a big deal? The biggest real estate school in Texas by exams taken is Champions Real Estate School. Their pass rate is 60.11% for Sales Agent Exams (12,894 passed out of 21,452 taken as of 9/30/2021). Makes us wonder why so many decide to settle for subpar results with something as significant as pre-licensing courses.

Continuing Education Courses

Along with the pre-licensing courses, both Aceable Agent and Real Estate Express offer continuing education courses. However, they don’t offer these courses in the same states. Real Estate Express only offers continuing education in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Aceable Agent offers CE courses in New York and Texas only.

If you’re hoping to gain access to CE courses, your options may be a bit limited with both. however, if you’re in one of these four states, you will be able to gain access to CE courses after your pre-licensing courses.

However, Real Estate Express has partnered with McKissock, which offers many CE courses for real estate agents. You can find many different options across several other states due to this partnership.

Post Licensing and License Upgrade Courses

Aceable Agent doesn’t offer any license upgrade courses. You will not be able to complete the requirements you need for a broker’s license through Aceable Agent. However, they do offer a few professional development courses including:

These four courses offer great options to help you advance your real estate career.

Real Estate Express offers courses to allow you to upgrade your license in many states including:

They also offer many post-licensing courses including the Texas SAE First Renewal and the Pennsylvania Residential 1st Time Renewal. With Real Estate Express, you have the option to complete your broker-required education, along with other post-license courses.

Platform and User Experience

While both Aceable Agent and Real Estate Express offer a great user experience, the platform and format are very different. With Aceable Agent, you gain access to a downloadable app with user-friendly lessons and educational videos. They also offer a progress tracker and many other helpful features.

Real Estate Express provides an interactive LMS platform with many different tools. You will do much more reading with this online real estate school. Real Estate Express also uses more practice exams for your exam prep compared to Aceable Agent.

With Aceable Agent, you can get an audio read-along option and use contract workshops to better learn what you will need as an agent. Real Estate Express offers livestream course and live Q&A options, along with a membership with McKissock as a part of some packages.

Both offer excellent choices for your real estate pre-licensing requirements. However, they fit different learning styles.

Comparing the Cost of Aceable Agent vs Real Estate Express

While the cost of both schools will vary from one state to another, we can compare one of the states to see the difference. Let’s look at the State of Florida pre-licensing course for both.

Aceable Agent Cost

The 63-hour FREC approved real estate course for aspiring agents in Florida gives you everything you need. Aceable Agent offers three packages with a 93% passing rate on the first try for the licensing exam. The three packages include:

Aceable Agent often runs specials with discounts of 20% or more. It’s common to find a pre-licensing package for the State of Florida ranging from $79 to $237. If they are priced at the regular price, expect to pay between $100 and $342.

Real Estate Express Cost

When you choose Real Estate Express, you will get the comprehensive learning solutions you need. They offer flexible options with online courses for aspiring agents. Choose from four different packages including:

Just like Aceable Agent, Real Estate Express often runs sales on their pre-licensing courses. It’s common to find these packages priced in a range from about $85 to $285. However, at the regular price, you can expect to pay between $132 and $439.

Which Online Real Estate School Offers the Best Value?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question. Both Aceable Agent and Real Estate Express offer great value with their packages. When comparing pre-licensing options in Florida, Aceable Agent is cheaper, but not by a lot.

Both options offer incredible value for the money. Choosing between the two isn’t really about which one is cheaper, but more about how you prefer to learn. Real Estate Express does offer post-licensing courses, however, which might make the two more expensive packages more valuable for you.

Making Your Final Decision Between Aceable Agent and Real Estate Express

The decision between these two online real estate schools might be very easy for you or not so easy. If you live outside the 13 states where Aceable Agent is available, you won’t have another option between the two. When this is the case, it might be helpful to compare Real Estate Express to another option, such as Mbition.

However, choosing Real Estate Express for your pre-licensing coursework will give you a top training option. They also have many very helpful partnerships and plenty of post-licensing courses.

The ultimate decision will likely come down to your location, the cost, and how you learn. Since the cost is pretty similar, you will likely want to choose between Aceable Agent and Real Estate Express based on how you prefer to learn.

Only Aceable Agent offers live online options with tutoring and webinars. If you believe this will be a huge benefit to you, the choice should likely be Aceable Agent. However, if you don’t need live help, your decision might not be so easy.

The basic packages from both Aceable Agent and Real Estate Express are designed for more independent learners. However, Aceable Agent gives you some exam prep with 200+ practice test questions. Plus, you get narrated courses.

Those preferring to read the content will like Real Estate Express. They offer eBook content for the basic package instead of a narrative version. If you need exam prep, you will have to choose the upgraded option with Real Estate Express.

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